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  1. This works in 9.2-rc2 also, but I also had to load the earlier version of lilo whose link was posted above. Excellent. :wink:
  2. Good tip! Here's how I loaded Mandrake 9.2-rc2 using a HD install. I didn't need to make a FAT32 partition as I already had Windows 98 installed on hda1. I installed Mandrake on my second HD. In Windows: 1) I ran md5sum.exe (googled for the Windows version) on all three cd ISOs I had downloaded into C: 2) Using "ISOBuster" (googled for it also) I extracted the first CD into a "C:mandrake" folder I created, then extracted the other two CDs and copied the "rpms2" and "rpms3" folders from the second and third CDs into the "C:mandrake" folder. Leave it all extracted, that is, you don't need to create an ISO out of the "mandrake" folder. 3) Using "rawwritewin" (googled for it) I made a boot floppy using the "hd.img" file from the "images" directory in "C:mandrake". 4) Booted the floppy. It will ask for where the install files are. Point it to "C:mandrake" Note: That last "" is important. I lost an hour when I just put in "C:mandrake"---didn't work. 5) The installer should launch and you can install as usual. 6) You can delete "C:mandrake" and the ISOs if you wish, or keep 'em in case you want to reinstall later. This worked out great, as I only had two 700mb cd/rw disks left that were good. Be sure to make a rescue floppy after mandrake is installed!
  3. How do I add colors to directories, files, etc in the bash console? Easy. Add the following code to the .bashrc file located in your home directory: alias ls='ls --color' alias sl='ls --color' An example of my .bashrc file with the above code added: /usr/games/fortune homer alias ls='ls --color' alias sl='ls --color' export PS1="[e[36;1m]u[e[32;1m]w >[e[0m]" My example loads a Homer fortune, plus a nice, simple prompt with all the different colors for directories, images, links, etc.
  4. Why do I use Linux? I know more about it than I do Windows. I enjoy trying different distros....source based, RPM base. I don't mind screwing it all up because I can do it all over again. I like tweaking it just so. I like the forums. I like reading up on new packages and downloading them and trying to get them to work. It all sounds silly to some....maybe most. But I can call Linux a hobby and you can't with Windows. And the openess of it all makes it so fresh and new....there's always something new to try, isn't there? I use it because I enjoy it.
  5. Since Nvidia came out with the unified "*.run" script, I have always had a hit and miss getting it to work. Be it RedHat, SuSe, and now Mandrake. But the good pointers I got here got it working. I've built Gentoo many times as well...funny that Mandrake (and actually some other binary distros) simply are faster for me, even with all the "make.conf" optimizations. I've read somewhere about independent tests showing that Mandrake, and even Debian were faster. Heh, they sure got a lot of hate mail from the Gentooians :lol: here's a link to a screenshot I made: http://home.valornet.com/barryww/snapshot1.png Nvidia worked without recompiling the kernel, just some editing as noted earlier.
  6. The rebooting was my many attempts to get those Nvidia drivers going :)
  7. I was able to use the kernel- as it came with the rc2 release in the install and never had a crash. I didn't notice any bootup messages, but then I didn't use the "verbose" method either. As I noted above, I had to use MCC to set the right driver for my OEM SB-Live card after installation. Similar to what you said, the audigy mixer did pop up a couple of times on reboot, but hasn't since the last 4 or 5 boots, so at least I think I'm past that. All is fine. Good for you for posting the bug.
  8. FWIW, I had the same problem with the 4496 driver on the 9.2-rc2 Mandrake release as 83mercedes on the first page. Doing the changes James posted worked for me also. Thanks....now I can get my BZflag fix......
  9. :?: Disgusted with betas.......I don't get it....hey, just don't download 9.2-rc2. Yes, it does use the KDE "Pi" version which was something that was a pleasant surprise, although I haven't played around enough with it to see the improvements. I copied the iso's to the hd to do an install and it worked very well. The start up screens are much nicer, and it all seems very stable. The only glich I had was also the wrong driver was selected for my SB-Live card, but a quick visit to the "Hardware" section under the Mandrake Control Center let me put things right quickly and easily. All the other hardware, including my HP-950 printer/copier/scanner/fax was detected properly on install. 9.2 may be a killer release.
  10. Very nice. With a monicker like that I would expect no less! I believe I will install Mandrake 9.2beta2 on that extra hard drive. Some of your tips will come in handy.
  11. Just an FYI. MDK 9.1 recognized my HP PSC 950....printer and scanner all on a clean install and it works flawlessly. Just be sure to install Foomatic and hpijs rpms which you can select on installation. It has a built in FAX and copier in the machine that works independently of the OS, so if you want an all-in-one solution, I suggest that HP model. :D
  12. Just my observations....I did a new install with the beta 3 and it works pretty much flawlessly for me. A pariah to one is a godsend to another I guess. The update sources were hosed after installation but I was able to delete the references and fix that. It didn't load in the kernel-sources after I selected it on installation but I reinstalled it later with urpmi so I could build from rpm-source the Nvidia geforce drivers. Has been real stable so far. MUCH better than beta 1 which I removed after 2 days. And it uses Mozilla 1.3a, which works very well for me. Really, haven't found anything else broken....it just works, and I likes it!
  13. Excellent! Just loaded in the binary rpm and it worked. Very nice.
  14. My bad. I was extracting the tarball first and then trying install it, instead of letting the control center install it. I've done this plenty of times....I don't know why I forgot.
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