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  1. i took a look at that but it looks like you just make 3d pictures and you can't actually go into it as if it were like a game level.
  2. My fan seems to be running slower than usual, and it does not speed up as it did before. It may also be causing my cpu or something else to overheat becuase I get this beeping and it did turn off my computer when using linux. Is there a way to increase the fan speed using some sort of software? Or is there something in the BIOS or somewhere that I can tweak?
  3. the beeps have been occuring for a few months. I bought the computer last fall. The shutdown thing is even newer than the beeps.
  4. Thwice, when I was using linux, I heard sets of three beeps. After a few minutes, the computer just turned off as if I had hit the power button. What is wrong? i get these same beeps in WinXP but it does not shutoff.
  5. I am looking for a program to make a 3d world that you can navigate. Can you recommend any?
  6. I had the exact same problem on my laptop. Here are my settings. See if they work for you. Resolution at 1024x768 and the monitor is set up as a flat panel at 1280x854. It took a lot of playing around with this, so you may have to too, but eventually you will get it.
  7. i'm on mandrake 9.2 build 2.4.22 when i run make, i get this: [root@minint-9fhgzn usbvision-0.3.3-test5]# make; make install; modprobe usbvision make: *** No rule to make target `i2c-algo-usb.o', needed by `all'. Stop. cp usbvision.rc /etc/rc.d/init.d/usbvision cp: cannot stat `usbvision.rc': No such file or directory make: *** [install] Error 1 this error is a little different from some others other people get but i still need the kernel source installed so look for how to fix this and i find that i need my kernel source to link to the build directory like this: lrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 24 Mar 9 21:59 build -> /usr/src/benh_kernel_2.6 and it also said, "You do have the kernel source installed, right?" we'll from the looks of it, i don't because i don't anything in the /usr/src/ directory that would have anything to do with my kernel
  8. i am installing drivers for some hardware. it is not working because I need to install the kerenel source. how do I do that?
  9. I'm installing Linux on my medion laptop. It won't recognize my display. When I try to load linux, Xfree stops and says it can't load and says to try different settings. Any other settings won't work. It is an NVidia and I downloaded the Linux driver, but then how do I get it from my Windows drive to the Linux drive?
  10. At the download page there are a number of different processor versions: PPC, IA64, Sparc, UltraSparc, Alpha, i586 processors. How do I know which one I want to download?
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