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  1. J'adore le campus de l'université la-bas [i love the university campus there] :P
  2. and it screws some stuff in KDE as well (like Ark)
  3. it hasn't changed (and if yes, I didn't know) , but you should try it entirely as su, just to be sure...
  4. de rien :P I go to Quebec sometimes...The Old Quebec is the greatest place, I love it too :D
  5. or should make a new site, in the worst case..
  6. lol...although drake is looking better now :P
  7. yup...it comes pre-compiled so you just delete the folder :P
  8. last time I just erased the folder...
  9. yeah that's why I'm waiting a little :P And it's not just icons, it's some things (like ark doesn't work anymore...)
  10. like Maya ;) (wich is SO cool, I'm currently playing with it...)
  11. okay...I'll probably install something else until OE points out..
  12. so gnome is so hot that it melt the ice? okay, it was bad :P
  13. also we can make very good things out of Lin..(just thinking about Maya that has a linux product...)
  14. lol...by the way, if the cooker is on freeze...why are they adding 2.6?
  15. by the way, I konw some pro's that prefer windows...it's just a matter of choice, BVC...
  16. hope too, because I'll be forced to give a try to something else until the OE comes out...
  17. Cooker edition, good one ;) well...I think I'll wait for some updates...it's wait and see huh? ;P edit: I can't update...lol...
  18. and then, no, it's not back to normal, even after reinstalling. Same thing as nggalai...I'll probably have to start ALL over again -_- this is when I'm thinking I should try something else than mdk...
  19. I am reinstalling Gnome right now, I'll see if it helped anything and keep you updated...
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