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  1. then a question...what's the difference between LBA and auto?
  2. ok thanks I'll try that tomorrow morning ^^
  3. didn't work :S I redid the Windows boot so I can use one of my OSes, but I really hope to have MDK soon ;)
  4. ah!! that's what I've been waiting for for ages!!! :P thanks :D
  5. So I have two new HD. (wouhou) Then I install XP, all runs fine, then I install Mandrake on the second HD and then...when I reboot, instead of Lilo, it puts some 1 and 0 and gives me nothing. Now I'm running on Knoppix 3.3, and hope to have an answer soon :P thanks in advance ;)
  6. the only thing I can come up with is Kompare...(open Quanta Plus, check in tools)
  7. Sarissi, I play with Maya on windows but plan on guetting the linux one soon :P
  8. Monkey Island was cool, Gabriel Knight 3 was excellent, King's quest 3 is a generation masterpiece... but still, I really like 3D fps ;)
  9. the thing is, Texstar uses a portal that is fairly easy to hack :S And wether he's a Linux or Windows user doesn't matter...the only thing that matters is he is stupid and a danger to a fair and good internet.
  10. it's okay now, everything seems to be back to normal
  11. I have those updates but..the other updates of CE, where are they? and you're right...if we are confused, imagine the newbie...
  12. but do I stay in CE or get the OE? :S
  13. now my head just blowed up. o_0 what do I do to go cooker?????
  14. I really love RPGs, been an RPG gamer since I was 5, and it's not changing...actually I'm playing Lineage 2 (MMORPG) wich isn't on linux :'(
  15. I first started my computing experience with Norton Commander. My father tried to get me to Windows 3.11, but I was prefering Norton Commander (didn't like the mouse, prefered the DOS command :P) then I did Windows 3.11 to play some games, after that it's been Win95. I still prefered Norton Commander at the time lol. then came 98se, after that XP. then I came to know that Linux existed two years ago...that's when I decided I would go with it (but didn't actually tried something until 6 month ago) then I tried MDK, 8.2,9.0,9.1,9.2. then I tried Debian Sarge, before going to MDK 10.0 CE. after that I got Knoppix, and then SuSE 9.0 download, before returning to 10.0 CE :P
  16. well it's just a matter of time before you do, with our help ;)
  17. cool :D I read a story a year ago, when it was a 7 years old girl who was in the same position. When she came to school and played with windows, she said something like: "I can't do anything with that, thi is all weird and difficult..."
  18. maybe...I' just waiting for those fix now...cuz mys system isn't top shape -_-'
  19. translators? hin hin :D I doubt you need it but if you need any french guy, I'm there :D
  20. maybe...does it say anything like missing?
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