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  1. I can help with french (my mother language) if you still need someone :P
  2. what?? ntfs NEEDS defragmenting. If you let it stay like that for two weeks, you got a beautiful 60% fragmented hard disk, and I'm talking on experience here. No wonder why even today, Disk keeper stays a must for Windows XP :)
  3. a moderator should do a thread about little tweaks like this, they are asked often :)
  4. yeah, it's superkaramba. if you have MDK, just urpmi it ^_^ easy to configure, and really good :)
  5. I started with 8.2, because it was at the time the easiest to start with. I tried many distros, but I keep coming back to Mdv, because...it just works, for me :) But Gentoo was nice :)
  6. it seems cool, waiting more feedback to try though ;)
  7. Still using Azureus, it's the more complete bittorent client I used on Linux :)
  8. I mainly use Opera, because it is for me a faster browser, and I really like the interface, the ease-of-use (I don't know why, But I find it quite...easy to work with, and powerful.) :)
  9. using urpmi, type urmi xmms-devel, you should find them. is your urpmi sources set up? if not, you should read this post here
  10. don't know, but I'll do it, just in case. your welcome TOmaz ^_^
  11. I don't know, but it seems so...(though now I have a USB keyboard from viewsonic that works perfectly) but most of the time it was relative to USB problem...
  12. depends on the executable, but there's always Cedega from transgaming http://www.transgaming.com it's not free but it's really good...
  13. maybe it can help, but last time I had this problem, it was because of my USB mouse. Now that it's in the PS/2 port, everything's fine...
  14. I have 10.0, and don't have it either...weird.. maybe it depends on wich server you took it?
  15. Final Fantasy XI is online, it's an MMORPG ;) I'll try Cedega, first then, thanks ^_^ edit: I verified the supported list, and FFXI has 0 (wich means it doesn't work and doesn't install) disapointed I am :S
  16. I know there's no native FFXI for Linux, but is there an alternative? it would be cool since it's the only thing my windows is for :P
  17. here it goes: it was two years ago, I was searching the net for a tech magazine I read and they had a linux forum...so I informed myself, and then I stumbled upon this forum, and it's there all began :P
  18. hi! A little problem: I have a 80 Go (first) and a 30 Go (second) I want my mandy to be first, on the 80 Go, and win in second in the 30... How do I do this? thanks for helping!
  19. ok but it is okay for me to do that to my two HDs without breaking anything huh? then I'll try it out, if it fixes the problem :D edit: can't find that in my BIOS...
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