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  1. ah non ce n'est pas grave, prochaine fois je vais le mettre en anglais désolé ;)
  2. dès que j'essais d'entrer dans le Hardrake (ou quelque fois dans le panneau de controle en général), ma souris gèle, et je doit alors rebooter. J'ai une souris Microsoft USB à roulette qui est brancher sur le port USB No1... Pouvez-vous m'aidez?
  3. ok I have a little problem ;) I unzipped it using bzip2. and then, when I try to run the file from the terminal (wich is ut2004-lnx-demo-3120.run) it says that I don't have the permission to do it...even if I'm root. What do I do? edit: forget it, I made it work ;) and it's cool ^^
  4. I run almost exclusively on Mandrake 9.2. I boot in XP once in a whil to to Voice chat, and that's all. ;) I've done this because Linus has everything I want, even more than windows.
  5. it did the same thing to me...I tried to do the text install and it worked ;)
  6. ok the drviers are installed! (i found the correct kernel source...) But then again, when I try to edit my config, I do: vi /etc/x11/xf86config-4 and then when I enter it (using E) there is nothing appart from green lines on the left side (it appears to be the vim editor but heck there is nothing) I also tried to access it via graphic mode. But when I found something, I didn't found the module section and there was no driver option in the device section...it was in the screen section...so I didn't save anything.. please help me
  7. I tried searching, and that's where I found some of the answers but now...I'll do another search again ;)
  8. I installed urpmi kernel-source. that's all. the only one it said was nvidia_0 or something like that... oh and for the kernel version, I don't know where to find it... sorry I'm a noob for these kind of things ;)
  9. Can someone help me? I did all there was in the faq and now I'm stuck. I installed using URPMI the kernel-source...but when it try to compile the new kernel interface, it gives me an error at 17%. the error is saying that it can't find the kernel headers.... howdo I arrange that?
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