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  1. I installed Mandrake 9.2 PowerPack last night, and everything seemed to go fine. When I got to package selection, I chose all of the desktop packages, except programming. I also chose all of the user environments. Then, when I started Mandrake for the first time, it seems as if its missing a lot of applications in the menus. For example, there are only 2 games listed, Frozen Bubble and LBreakout2(?). I was hoping for KOffice, KGames, GnomeGames, Gimp, TuxRacer (for my daughter), etc... I know that these packages should be available, and I selected to install them, I just can find them at first glance under the menus... Can I check to see what I installed, or did I mess something up? Any help is greatly appreciated! Jason
  2. I was going to borrow a floppy or buy one online for $10 delivered, but it looks like Dell might send a technician over to give me a new drive (I figured I'd ask them!)! ;)
  3. Too late for me... :( I apparently have an LG drive and tried to install 9.2 using some CD's I bought online. I attempted an install and found out about this issue after the fact. My CD and DVD drives are not recognized!!! It seems that there is a fix for this problem, but I don't have a floppy drive!!! Is there hope to save this CD drive??? (GCR-8481B) *sniff sniff*
  4. Too late for me... :( I apparently have an LG drive and tried to install 9.2 using some CD's I bought online. I attempted an install and found out about this issue after the fact. My CD and DVD drives are not recognized!!! It seems that there is a fix for this problem, but I don't have a floppy drive!!! Is there hope to save this CD drive??? (GCR-8481B) *sniff sniff*
  5. got yaboot with a little help & tinkering, but now my ibook trackpad isn't being recognized... i guess i'll hang in there even though i know i'm gonna have trouble getting online, too!
  6. I wiped the HD clean and put OS 9 on a HFS std. partition and left half of the HD "unallocated" with Apple Drive Setup. I tried installing 9.1 PPC twice (benh kernel and not), seemingly successfully, and yaboot never loaded upon startup. I followed the installer's instructions to do a Cmd+Option+O+F startup to enter "setenv boot-device hd:9,\\:tbxl" in Open Firmware mode to give machine the correct location to find the bootloader. Al that I get is my flashing folder with a question mark, since no startup disk is assigned, then a happy mac bootup... I've been reading scores of pages regarding how to tinker with Open Firmware to no avail... I thought that boot hd:9,yaboot would give me a one-time boot, but it comes back "bad partition can't OPEN: hd:9,yaboot" That can't be good! Any ideas??? Frustrated in Pennsylvania...
  7. yaboot won't boot under 9.1PPC I just (sucessfully?) installed 9.1 PPC on my ibook. I set it up as a dual-boot system, along with Mac OS 9. Upon configuring the bootloader, yaboot, I was told that I would need to restart and press Command-Option-O-F (etc...), then reboot, if no boot loader was present. Since this was the case, I performed the key combination to enter "Open Firmware" mode. I then entered what I *thought* Mdk told me to: setenv boot-device /pci@f2000000/mac-io@17/ata-4@1f000/disk@0:9,\\:tbxi shut-down I tried the setenv command with and without a space after boot-device to no avail. I either miswrote the command, or got confused with a O or 0, or the like... So, what do I need to enter under Open Firmware to get yaboot rolling??? I'm stuck until I can get yaboot to make an appearance! Thanks in advance!!! Jason
  8. Your timing is perfect... My friend is giving me the install CD's after work today!!! We're you going through computer withdrawals this weekend? I know I would have been! ;) Thanks again ~ Jason
  9. ezroller, As long as my friend burns me the ISO's for 9.1PPC, I'll use it. I don't mind a text installer, but I have no idea what the benh kernel is, though. Am I biting off more than I can chew??? Jason
  10. Bummer about the PPC installer, since I'm a newbie... I got rid of YDL, which installed fine, since I couldn't config the modem. Now I've been told that the modem *should* work fine. The question is whether I should give YDL another chance (I guess I'm on the wrong board for that question!), or *try* to make 9.1 PPC work for me! I was hoping to use 9.1, since 9.2 is likely going on my Dell soon... Thanks!
  11. Looks like I'll go ahead and pick up the first 3 CD's of PowerPack, then! I appreciate all of your help! I've been pouring over the pages of your site and the urpmi how-to. I can't believe how easy it is to obtain new files and how much documentation is out there! Do you know if it is as easy on the PPC platform and if the files cross-compatible with the intel platform?
  12. ARTee, I was able to access your site, only to find that I had been there in the recent past while conducting all of my linux distro research. How could I forget your wedding cake top! It looks like easylinuxcds.com sells the first 3 9.2 PowerPack CD's for US$8.95, so money isn't an issue. Any idea what CD's 4-7 contain, since they aren't included due to "license issues"? http://www.easylinuxcds.com/linux_systems/...ower_pack.shtml
  13. If I'm going to have to wipe the HD anyway, then I need to figured out whether I want to use YDL or 9.1 PPC...
  14. I thought about going the download route, but according to http://www.mandrakesoft.com/products/92/comparison, the download version is lacking some key plug-ins and drivers. I was hoping to have my modem get automatically recognized, rather than having to tinker around with it for a while. Either way, I'll be downloading or buying... :) I understand the limitations of a live cd disto have actually enjoyed MandrakeMove immensely up to this point. I thought that I might just be content with it, but now I'm looking into carving up my wife's hard drive, and either putting 9.1 PPC or YDL 3.0 on my ibook! BTW aRTee, I couldn't access your website this a.m. @ http://www.mandrake.tips.4.free.fr/. Will try again later... (11002 - Host not found: This error indicates that the gateway could not find an authoritative DNS server for the Web site you are trying to access.)
  15. I'm probably going to install 9.1 PPC on my ibook, but I'd like to know, in advance, if it can perform a non-destructive partition on my hard drive, as the 9.2 Intel installer does. I was considering using YDL 3.0 again, but I'm pretty sure it will require me to wipe the HD to set up the inital partitions, before the installer makes the partitions that it needs (Mac OS 9). Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the advice. I may go with the Discovery version just to keep things simple and since it's supposed to be more user-friendly. The PowerPack DVD does sound pretty nice, too! I just want to make sure that either version keeps me busy with games and multimedia apps. I've been using MandrakeMove and it only has a handful of decent games. Though I know that games is not a linux strong suit, I saw some nice ones that are bundled with SuSE. On the other hand, I Mandrake's business philosophy better... I also like the idea of a printed manual. :)
  17. Hi, I'm somewhat new to Linux, and I'm looking to buy a version of Mandrake 9.2 for use on my Dell. It looks like I'll be buying and not downloading since the download version is lacking some components I'd like, especially Conexant Modem Drivers. I've been tinkering around with MandrakeMove, and I'm ready to move on now. Will Discovery 9.2 meet my newbie needs, or should I just go for the full version? Also, someone told me that Discovery is just the first 2 of the 3 full version install CD's. Is this true??? Is ther anywhere that one can download Discovery or the Full version? According to the below link they offer features that the standard download version doesn't... Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Jason http://www.mandrakesoft.com/products/92/comparison
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