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  1. You didn't say what file system the stick is formated as. If it's vfat then whoever mounts it had full rwx permissions to all files as Windows file systems don't use or understand Unix permissions. If it's a Linux file system you could change the group for all the files you wish to share to something like "usbsticks" with rw- permissions then create that group on both computers and add that group to the all users you want to have access to the stick.
  2. Having a bootable Gparted Disk is always nice but what I was saying was to install it urpmi gparted then it is right there when you need to work on a removable or unmountable drive or partition without the need to reboot. Ken
  3. John, You might want to add gparted to that list as you only need the bootable CD if you need to work on system partitions. Anything you can unmount gparted can handle from within a running system. Ken
  4. That sounds about right as 2GB at the brochure is in the real world 2,000,000,000 bytes which translates to 1.862645GB. Yes TestDisk/Photorec is an amazing tool, it doesn't look at the partition table which in your case was corrupt but goes straight to the partition and finds the files and it is not surprising that it found deleted files as when you delete a file you just remove its location from the partition table. As far as resurrecting the card goes if the camera can't do it you could try gparted as the Mandriva tool "diskdrake" doesn't seem to see any cards inserted in the reader. I've never tried that but its worth a try. Ken
  5. Welcome to the forum goregrinder. You shouldn't have to do anything as battery charging is usually handled by the hardware. You don't even have to turn the Netbook on, just plug in the power cord and the battery will charge. Ken
  6. @SilverSurfer60 In my ten years of using Mandrake/Mandriva I have never seen an option in grub to boot single user mode. @Trio3b Just remember that if the BIOS is password protected no one came boot the machine without that password short of opening the case and removing the backup battery to clear the BIOS.
  7. The best protection would be to encrypt the file systems and use a BIOS password but in a business environment that would require someone with the passwords to be on site at all times just in case.
  8. Unless things have changed if you boot single you are root without giving a password.
  9. Without spam we'd have to eat real ham. Ken
  10. That's what I thought but I wasn't sure. :huh:One thing I would suggest is to not refer to / as /root, /root is the system administrator's home directory and your nomenclature could confuse new users and create problems for them. Ken
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by that. :unsure: If you don't create a separate /usr it is contained within / and / has a finite size. One thing I will do when/if I reinstall is to make a small 2GB? partition for /opt so that I can install third party applications there and not lose them when I re-install. Ken
  12. After running XFdrake try service dm restart as root to reset the display manager to the new configuration. Ken
  13. Yes a weak power supply can cause mayhem. I had two hard drives that I thought were gone, one would just hammer the drive head the other would work for a day or so then totally disappear from the system. A new power supply fixed both of them. Ken
  14. I did that awhile ago and the system found the new card on the next boot and setup the drivers for it then booted into X11. I have since reinstalled the Nvidia card as the ATI/Radeon drivers for older AGP cards are even worse than those for Nvidia cards. Ken
  15. More important for the initial installation is the non-free repository which is included on the PWP DVD but not on the Free DVD. ftp://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr/pub/linux/MandrivaLinux/official/2010.0/i586/media/non-free/release/ That's where the installer finds the non Open Source drivers for some hardware. If you install from the Free DVD you can specify the non-free ftp repository as an additional source making the install go as easily as a PWP install. That said buying the PWP to support Mandriva is not a bad thing. :) Ken
  16. I'm not sure how ramdisk_size= counts, bits ,bytes ,kilobits etc but an entry of ramdisk_size=700000 works on my laptop with only 512MB of ram. As I said I've not used PXE but as no one else has come up with an answer for you I added my 2 cents worth. Ken
  17. I've never done a PXE install but I've done many network installs using a grub entry. You could try renaming the .rdz file to something like 2010-0.rdz and make the appropriate changes to your menu. Also after the root=/dev/ram0 add ramdisk_size=700000 and put the initrd entry on a separate line. Just some thoughts. Ken
  18. If you add { post-clean: 0 } to the top of your /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg file the downloads will be saved in /var/cache/urpmi/rpms . Ken
  19. Try a small computer repair shop, most of them have used parts for sale cheap. Ken
  20. Or you can use dd to write the boot.iso to a small USB stick. Ken
  21. I'm not sure what you were expecting. I checked the PCLinuxOS web site and all I found was seven live CDs varying only in the desktop environment and as far as I could see all 32bit. Mandriva offers two Free DVDs one 32bit and one 64bit and as you found the Dual Architecture CD. For live CDs Mandriva offers 3 Gnome and 4 KDE CDs in order to cover as many languages as possible and still include as many programs as possible. For Live CDs in different Desktops and architectures check http://linuxtracker.org/ I see One 64 Community 2010 0 KDE 4 One 64 Community 2010 0 GNOME and mandriva linux 2010 0 mud lxde edition V2 These are built by the community to add to what Mandriva has nether the time or money for. Ken
  22. It sounds like a DNS issue. The default with Mandriva is to use the gateway as the Domain Name Server. The last version of Mandriva that it worked for me was 2008.1, in newer versions I've had to manually set a DNS address. I found three DNS addresses for Spain Ken
  23. Correct but if you have a 64 bit processor you can over ride the default and install a 32 bit system. It's also light weight, no KDE or Gnome desktop just LXDE and doesn't dump all kinds of garbage to your hard drive like the One CD does. It's great for older/slow systems and those that only have a CD drive not DVD and can't boot from USB. Ken
  24. GnuCash might not be on the DVD but it is in the online repositories.If you haven't set them up go to http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ and follow the prompts to set them up. You'll need at least Main Main Updates Contrib Contrib Updates Non-Free Non-Free Updates Backports, Testing and PLF are optional. Ken
  25. Your not making any sense Fred.At this point the md5sum check is about the ISO file you downloaded not the DVD you burnt. Once you verify that the ISO is correct or not we'll look at the DVD but one step at a time. Ken
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