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  1. Hi, I recently switched back to mandriva after running fedora on my old laptop for 2 years- so far it's been a great joy to be using Mandriva.But it seems that I have forgotten lot of Mandriva tricks over these 2 years. So I need your help. Here's the problem: I am trying to retain the downloaded rpms while applying updates using rpmdrake. I have attempted this by editing the /etc/urpmi.cfg file and by adding the no-clean:1 in the global options. But everytime I start line this option gets erased and thus no files are retained in the /var/cache/uprmi/rpms directory. This is probably not the right option to do this. If there is any workaronud this problem I will really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, A. [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  2. Any clue where are the 64bit isos?? I can find the 32bit iso at anorien.warwick...... but not the 64bit ones. Thanks.
  3. Looks like Mandriva had its revenge on me. I have Maple-9.5 installed on a x86-64 machine running Manriva-2006 flawlessly. But the same software fails to install on a laptop running SUSE-10.1. Complains about not finding libc.so.6 ..... ( they are all there , after all these are glibc files) . Using the modification mentioned on the Maplesoft's page ( though it is meant for Maple-8 on SUSE-8.1) , I am facing a new dilemma - gzip cannot uncompress a so-called vm.tar.Z file. So the question is has anyone manged to get around this and install maple-9.X on the latest suse. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum. A. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. Thanks Arctic and Scarecrow, I think I will go with Slack. Any particular version? Thanks for the tips. A.
  5. Hi, Recently my educational institute received a donation of 20+ old computers ( with pentium 166 , 64MB ram and 1.5 GB HD). We expect our students to learn some C programming, to be able to use emacs and/or vi , run latex , plot graphs etc. Can anyone suggest which would be a good distro to try on these machines? I thought of using LTSP but that's not an option at the moment. Thanks in advance, A.
  6. I have the 5cd set so this method works for the 1st cd only ( as the other Cds do not have any repodata). I guess you don't have this problem with DVDs as everythings in one place. Any ideas? Thanks. A.
  7. Thanks for the tip, but i must say it is very terse for me who has been pampered by urpmi. Let me be more specific. Say if you were to install emacs from one of the CDs. What command would you use? Should it be "yum --enablerepo=/media/disk install emacs" ? I tried that and it obviously fails. Please lend me a hand here. Thanks again, I wouldn't know how to do without this board! A.
  8. Thanks for the prompt response but I had looked at already - the problem doesn't exist with FC4 as system-config-packages effectively takes care of this but the problem begins with pirut replacing it, which needs yum to be set up. Thanks again, A.
  9. After using Mandrake/Mandriva for a couple of years, I decided to test-drive the new Fedora Core 5 on one of my machines. After installing it , I I realized that I forgot to install stuff like tetex/gcc etc. Now I am faced with the very annoying problem of finding the rpms from the 5 CDs and installing them manually. On Mandriva, this problem is taken care of by urpmi. What is the analog of this on Fedora? I know of yum but can it be used while being offline, i.e. not using the online repositories? In FC4 one had system-config-packages but on FC5 there is pirut which again needs yum to be set up....... I tried using pirut but it keeps on saying " unable to retrieve software information" and then dies. I do not wish reinstall fedora ( it takes way much longer than mandriva) Can any one help me out here? Thanks in advance, A.
  10. The news of thac's return is very encouraging! Regarding the inclusion of proprietory sis drivers is there any chance that they would provide 3d support to sis-661 chips? Where does one get those drivers from? Thanks and a huge welcome back to Thac. A.
  11. Unless one really cares for the latest macromedia flash support on the browser and for playing windows media files ( .wmv) - there seems to be no problem with Mandriva 2006 ( I have installed RC2 and updated with the packages from cooker when it was frozen). Runs fine on my Athlon64 3000+! For using macromedia flash you have to use 32bit firefox and for playing wmv files you might want to use the 32-bit xine-lib xine-uii and win32-codecs( which is available from plf). Some limited flash is supported on the 64-bit port with gplflash. Otherwise - I think it is a fine distro. Only complaint I have ( though it is not mandriva's fault) is that I cannot compile xfce3 on 64bit.( Yes, I am a sucker for CDE!!!) A.
  12. Thanks Ianw1974, AussieJohn and Dexter11 for all your posts. Here is a couple of clarifications: 1) The "hack" which AussieJohn had suggested - I had used that before it would give me the regular kdm that comes with kde-3.4.2 , not the mdkkdm I want. 2) As for dexter11's suggestion - I had already installed the mdkkdm rpm! Maybe I should ask how does one install custom kdm themes? Thanks again, A.
  13. Hmm, don't recall doing that! Mostly kept on hitting the enter key duirng the install - may be should reinstall it.... However, drakedm does allow one to change the dm to either kdm,gdm or xdm. Not seen mdkkdm on the options. Thanks for the tip though.
  14. I musr confess that I don't like the new themed kdm that Mandrake/Mandriva had been shipping since 2005LE. Is there a way to hack the kdm to show up like the old mdkkdm which was available on Mdk-10.1? I noted that the mdkkdm rpm is available under the contrib repository which I installed but to no avail. Can any kind soul help me out here? TIA, A. [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  15. I am currently running x86_64 mdk-10.1 but with a 32bit firefox 1.0.2 with flash,java etc . Required the installation of GTK+2 and some gnomerelated libs for the 586 arch. If your attempted installation is asking for libstdc++5 then it is available under the contribs ( though it is for gcc-3.3.6). I think it's worth a shot best, A.
  16. I am curious about the differences between these two editions of Mandriva. This is partly becquse the changelog of 2006.0 RC1 says that Gnome will not be included in the discovery edition.
  17. The question is where to find the rpms for Mandriva 2006 or older versions.
  18. This is exactly the reason I posted in the first place! I am currently running Mandy 10.1 on an Athlon64 machine. I had downloaded the RC1 release iso and later updated the packages. The RC1 for 2006 are out and I would try to do the same unless Mandriva releases out 3+ CD isos!
  19. Does anyone here know whether mandriva will release multiCD public iso's for Mandriva 2006 when it is released? I hope they do not offer a single CD iso like last time. I know you might call me a cheapskate but I can't help it as I am from a developing country and the government has foreign currency restriction so I can't buy Mandriva from the store/web ....... [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  20. What linux software are you using to access the camera? I have a Canon powershot which I access by using gtkam. Is your camera supported by gphoto2? Goodluck, A.
  21. I meant that there are rpms that are in the ftp repositories but not included in the single cd iso. For instance, gnome is not fully included in the official download cd. You don't have stuff like xine ... The term "missing rpms" is misleading , I admit. A.
  22. Hi, I have downloaded the x86_64 iso of the download version of LE2005. Though it is possible to upgrade this 1CD distro to a full-fledged distro by installing the "missing" rpms - I wonder whether it's possible make CD2 , CD3 from the rpms posted on the ftp sites. This might be a dumb question - but I honestly do not know how to create the equivalent of CD2/CD3 for x86_64 the download isos that people using the i586 distro have access to. I have already downloaded the rpms not included in the single CD iso. Thanks to all of you, A. [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  23. Yes, the i586 isos are indeed there ( I checked the anorien mirror). But, what about the x86_64 isos? Will they be available? I recall Gwenole saying something positive on the cooker mailing list. A.
  24. Hi, I can imagine that this forum might not be the best place to ask this question. Nevertheless, let me ask: First, I have the lapack/blas/gcc-g77 rpms installed on a Mdk_10.1 x86_64 machine. I would like to use Lapack in c++. ( I do not have any experience with fortran as well ). Say, i copied a simple program from the web 'test.cc' for solving a simple linear equation Ax=b , where A is a square 2x2 matrix. I am sure that there is no problem with the main part of the code. But the program fails to complain. I suspect the Mandrake rpms are the culprits. One reason for believing this- is because the man pages do not show up. For example if I issue the command >man dgesv nor does the program compile complaning like dgesv_ undeclared etc. .... So, the problem might be with the include files or paths.: My ( stupid ) questions are: 1) What include files are needed for using lapack with c++ on Mdk ? 2) What do I need to do fix the lapack manpages? I used: g++ test.cc -llapack -lblas -g2c -o test 3) What flags do I need to compile the file? Just a reminder that the liblapack.so libblas.so etc. are under /usr/lib64. TIA, A.
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