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  1. looks like your Ethernet interface is down; the command (the output of which you didn't post so far) $ ifconfig eth0 should tell you if it's up or not
  2. The default route (for outgoing) and firewall settings (for incoming traffic) may be worth checking.
  3. here it comes: # File generated by XFdrake (rev 234840) Section "Extensions" Option "Composite" EndSection # ********************************************************************** # Refer to the xorg.conf man page for details about the format of # this file. # ********************************************************************** Section "ServerFlags" #DontZap # disable <Ctrl><Alt><BS> (server abort) AllowMouseOpenFail # allows the server to start up even if the mouse does not work #DontZoom # disable <Ctrl><Alt><KP_+>/<KP_-> (resolution switching) EndSection Section "Module" Load "dbe" # Double-Buffering Extension Load "v4l" # Video for Linux Load "extmod" Load "type1" Load "freetype" Load "glx" # 3D layer EndSection Section "InputDevice" Identifier "Keyboard1" Driver "kbd" Option "XkbModel" "pc105" Option "XkbLayout" "us" Option "XkbOptions" "compose:rwin" EndSection Section "InputDevice" Identifier "Mouse1" Driver "mouse" Option "Protocol" "ExplorerPS/2" Option "Device" "/dev/mouse" EndSection Section "Monitor" Identifier "monitor1" VendorName "Plug'n Play" ModelName "IBM E94" HorizSync 30-96 VertRefresh 50-160 # TV fullscreen mode or DVD fullscreen output. # 768x576 @ 79 Hz, 50 kHz hsync ModeLine "768x576" 50.00 768 832 846 1000 576 590 595 630 # 768x576 @ 100 Hz, 61.6 kHz hsync ModeLine "768x576" 63.07 768 800 960 1024 576 578 590 616 EndSection Section "Device" Identifier "device1" VendorName "nVidia Corporation" BoardName "NVIDIA GeForce FX to GeForce 8800" Driver "nv" Option "DPMS" EndSection Section "Screen" Identifier "screen1" Device "device1" Monitor "monitor1" DefaultColorDepth 24 Subsection "Display" Depth 8 Modes "1280x1024" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240" EndSubsection Subsection "Display" Depth 15 Modes "1280x1024" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240" EndSubsection Subsection "Display" Depth 16 Modes "1280x1024" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240" EndSubsection Subsection "Display" Depth 24 Modes "1280x1024" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240" EndSubsection EndSection Section "ServerLayout" Identifier "layout1" InputDevice "Keyboard1" "CoreKeyboard" InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer" Screen "screen1" EndSection don't think it matters, but the keyboard is IBM Model M, you know, one of those that if it falls on your leg you end up in hospital :-) it's 20 years old and still going strong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_M_keyboard
  4. don't think so, just plain Gnome. $ rpm -qa | grep -i compiz returns nothing
  5. I'm running RealVLC over two Mandriva 2008.1 PCs and cannot get upper case letters across. Neither SHIFT keys nor the CAPS LOCK key have any effect. That makes it impossible to enter passwords containing upercase letters or to enter characters like $, @, * etc. I've had the same problem with TightVNC which I removed in belief it is an application bug, however it appears something else is at stake here. Would anyone have some idea how to get around this problem?
  6. Yves has been on the mark, the remote ~/.ssh directory mode has been 775. When changed to 700 I could "log in" without the password (initially tried 755 mode, that was ok too). Apparently it works without the server's public key on client PC. Thank you all for your input
  7. I'm trying to configure sshd to skip asking for password when connecting to a nearby PC on the LAN. I've copied the (client) public key to the remote PC ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file but that didn't work. Looking around /etc/ssh, I've also uncommented PubkeyAuthentication yes AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh/authorized_keys lines from /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. That didn't help either. Other than that ssh works fine. Any pointers how to get around typing the password? TIA
  8. Nice article, thanks for that Jim.
  9. A bit of googling and running rpcinfo -p revealed more ports that may need to be open. Some folks also suggest the ports are not necessarily static i.e. the approach of opening a few ports in the firewall may not work. Oh well ...
  10. In Mandriva 2008.1 I can't get the NFS working unless the firewall is disabled. It didn't work when I enabled nfs (2049) and sunrpc (111) ports, both TCP and UDP. Anybody knows are there any other ports one should enable as opposed to disabling the firewall completely? Thanks. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  11. You were right - it was PLF that was missing, I had everything else configured. Thanks for that.
  12. Hm ... "urpmi lame lame-mp3x" ended up in tears here: No package named lame The following packages contain lame: flamerobin glame libtwolame-devel libtwolame0 msv-relames msv-relames-javadoc twolame No package named lame-mp3x I'm not convinced any of the listed packages has "the right lame". Normally i don't have such problems when using urpmi.
  13. Well, on the other hand Mozilla made a deal with Google to list them as the default search engine. For what it's worth i install the latest Firefox from tarball from their site, the bug/security fixes get closed quicker.
  14. Does anybody use Grip for ripping CDs into mp3 files? I'm running Mandriva 2008.1 under Gnome but cannot seem to find lame (or other) encoders. Any pointers? Thanks.
  15. It must have been urmpi.update - i've just found its entries in /var/log/auth.log.
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