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  1. I'm a Linux Newbie and desperately need to get OpenOffice fixed. About a week ago I suddenly found I CAN'T SAVE AT ALL, to HDD or floppy and when I click save it abruptly closes and doesn't save anything! Tried several times and have searched every menu I can find. Also un & re installed OO and even Mandriva 10.2 hoping it would reset itself, no avail? Not sure if I've done something or not? Closest possible reason may have is when I tried to follow directions from several mub users on using F11 to set default margins to my choice upon opening OO. (which didn't work either BTW) If you think you know how I can correct this please list simple directions in complete steps so things don't get messed up worse than they are already. THANK YOU!
  2. After insttalling firefox and spending two days transferring my bookmarks which only few would import I came acrooss the box that again asked me to choose either default or another name and made the mistake of NOT choosing default again and it brought me too an new firefox with no bookmarks and need to get them back! How do I tell it to open that user profile box so I can rechoose default?? Or how do I tell it to go get those bookmarks. When I choose import it finds old bookmarls from a version two yrs ago and I've tried it two times and get the same results???????? It doesn't give me a choice of what or where to go find the version to look in??? I'm a newbie, please make instructions in steps and complete. Thanks!!
  3. To WilliamS, Thank you for your reply, it worked for me too! Much appreciated!
  4. Here's an example of my streched text on a my my.yahoo.com homepage. I don't have that many icons or temt on my desktop so I thought this was a better example. Hope you can understand what I'm dealing with?
  5. Hate to say it, but I don't know how to take a screen shot in linux. Done it many times in windows but you'llneed to explain step by step how to do it and I'll give you two examples. Thanks
  6. Veedub started updates for me and I finished them later that eveing, but intaially halfway thru, the desktop text became streched across whole monitor? It's also in Konquer and on some webpages, text is in grid formation and looks like a word search puzzle. Can it be fixed or should I just reinstall it all over again and if I do will I have to reinstall all updates. I would think so but am not 100% sure?
  7. After starting to log in as myself-Dean- I receive these 3 error codes copied exactly: There was an error setting inter-process communications for kde. The message returned by system was: Could not read network connection list /home/dean/.DCO Pserver_x1-600-50-2c-4b-df__0 Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running! OK After clicking ok I recieve error #2: Configureation file "/home/dean/.kde/sbare/config/ksp0lashrc" not writable. Configureation file "/home/dean/.kde/sbare/config/kdeglobals" not writable. Please contact your system administrator. After clicking OK, KDE window w/ tools comes up but nothing loads then clears and error #3 comes up: The following installation problem was detected while trying to start KDE: I'm a newbie and don't know shells or linux very well. No write acess to "/home/dean/.ICE autority" KDE unable to startl After ok will repeat from top. Again this was after a frest install where I first forgot to log in as a user, then reinstalled and this where I'm left. Thank you very much for your assistance!
  8. 1st Installed 10.0 a month ago and worked great untila fewdays ago when it started acting sluggish & choked on or didn't open programs so reinstalled but forgot to add user & tme zone and reinstalled again but stll not letting me access .Ice, whatever that is? What should I do? Thank you! :-)
  9. DeanGreen

    .wmv files

    A freind has sent me several wmv files and don't seem to have any way of opening them. A knowelegable friend who seems to know his way around linux pretty good couldn't open them either? Thanks for any help.
  10. DeanGreen

    undelete file

    I had made this letter in KWord and was trying to save it In OpenOffice as a "Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (Doc)" which I thought it had saved successfully so I could share it and was about to attach it in and email to share it with someone and so as not to confuse the issue and attach the wrong saved format I deleted the KWork copies and closed the open OpenOffice doc and was trying to attach it when it suddenly wasn't there?? I was sure I had definately saved it in OpenOffice but I guess I was wrong. Haven't lost a file by deletion in years. Since only the files name is erased and the file should still be there how do I get it back? Do I have to download a special program or what? Help!!! Thank You in advance. java script:emoticon('')
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