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      So you may have noticed the forum software has upgraded !!!
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  1. Stuck on CD-roms

    I believe I installed Mandrake 9.0. Both CD drives were showing, they were just both reporting as inaccessible. I think I did partially solve the problem though. On the primary IDE channel I only had 1 hard drive installed. I installed a second hard drive, which I am having other issues with atm, but my Master CD drive became accessible. I am going to try reinstalling the OS because while trying to figure out what was wrong I changed some settings that I believe is effecting my access to the slave drive. ( that is what I get for changing things without knowing what I am doing, but that is also a great way to learn.) I will have to get back to you on the info in that file as I am at work now and trying to figure out how to install the network drivers that I now have access to. Basically what I am doing is I have 3 hard drives, and Windows XP as my primary OS. I took a spare hdd and connected it on its own and installed Linux. After my tinkering and frustration I installed and reformatted my back-up windows drive into a FAT32 partition. That went fine although I have not been able to access it yet. Part of my intent is that as a FAT32 windows will still be able to read the drive when I switch my cables back to boot off of that disk, so I can place files into the secondary drive for access in both windows and linux. That way I would be able to access the net through windows, and also move over any files that I would like to access in linux. Part of my problem is my inability to connect to the net so I have to switch back to the windows drive and have no way of recording information outside of writing it on paper. I really appreciate your assistance, and will try to be as specific as possible in the future.
  2. Stuck on CD-roms

    I am extremely new to Linux. I have been wanting to get into it so I could eventually make partial or total switch from windows. I installed Madrake on a seperate hard drive and everything went mostly smooth. Once I got into the OS I started playing around and discovered that although detected, my CD-Roms (a DVD-ROM and a HP DVD writer) are not accessable. The DVD writer isn't showing as an IDE device and I couldn't figure out what was going on with the other drive. The mount points are /mnt/hdd/cdrom1 and /mnt/sco(???)/cdrom2. I currently have the DVD Writer as the master and the DVD Rom as the slave. I have to install nic drivers off of cd before I can access the net, but cannot gain access to my drives. I am totally lost on what to do to get the devices to work properly. Outside of the nic, which is seen, but doesn't have the correct drivers everything else seems to be working. If someone could please shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it. Please treat me like a noob on this issue as I really am.