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  1. Well the problem is that my UPS is so new that none of the UPS monitoring programs for linux have drivers which is why I couldn't get it to work. I was using the belkinunv driver which was supposed to be for belkin. Fortunately this guy new Gentoo very well. He had me download files in a manner via clii that I've never even seen before (I use wget) and it downloaded a folder called trunk. Inside were files that had to be compiled together to make a driver. So he had me get my nut tar.gz from /usr/portage/distfiles and move it to home. Then I had to untar it, add those two files to the drivers folder and retar it. The we had to do a user portage_overlay which you may be familiary with, I was, but I'd never had to do one before. So then I moved the nut tar into the new directory I'd created and emerge it. The UPS recognized the drivers and it started working. Except nutmon which is the monitorying device. I kept getting weird error messages in my syslog that didn't make sense so it would shut itself down. He'd never heard of it before but he told me we'd figure it out or he would go to the rest of the nut development team to find an answer. Eventually through trial and error we found out the problem. Restarted upsmon and now it's just working. This morning he sent me a long email with lists of all kinds of things telling me how to use it. He is so nice and he went so much out of his way. I'd never have gotten it to work without him. Trust me!

  2. Ok, I had responded to this and my post disappeared! I couldn't find the actual download for that version. I found the Belkin page where it says it's available but not a place to download. I think I remember trying one of them that had an install script and got an error message but I could be wrong. But I'm still working with the NUT developer and we're making progress so I really hope I won't need it. And forget about calling Belkin. I did and they said nobody knows anything about linux! :wall:


    Thanks for the offer ian! :thumbs:

  3. Well hopefully I won't have to worry about it. The nut developer came back with a fix. I don't understand all of it yet so I had to ask some more questions but he told me they would provide support until I get it working. Fingers crossed!


    Edit: I just saw that last part. I did set up my vm according to the Gentoo doc you linked too. And I really appreciate the offer.

  4. Ok, a nut developer explained to me that there is a problem because my UPS is so new and the driver won't work.


    So, here's where I'm at with the Bulldog software

    localhost Linux # sh setup_console.bin
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/zerog/lax/LAX


    And I switched to Sun.


    I know this isn't a corrupt download because I copied it all from the install cd. The reason I can't use the install cd is because it has java on it but when I try to run the setup script it says permission denied for the java.


    I already called Belkin and they told me they had no linux users so they couldn't help me! :wall:


    Any ideas?

  5. It's not going to matter what I use unless someone on the Gentoo forum comes up with a miracle. I compiled all the support in for my serial port but when I ran a command it showed it had no driver. It should have a driver because it was compiled in but it's not. I've recompiled my kernel twice. The module that needs to be there is there and when I do modprobe it shows no errors. I think I'm going to have to give up on this one.

  6. Thanks, well it's finding the drivers now and everything wants to work except I must be using the wrong portm it the only other thing that I can figure because it can't communicate with it. I'm using the same port as you are, not usb, because I googled and that's what port it told me to use. So I guess my next step is to try other ports. All 50+ something of them! :o

    Unless somebody has a better idea of how to figure out what port it's using? I know tty0 - tty5 are being used by other processes because I saw it when I ran ps aux.

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