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  1. I had the same problem because there's a failed dependency with the flash from the macromedia site. If you download the one from our site it should take care of the problem. ftp://ftp.mandrake-forum.org/pub/Misc/
  2. Please post if you have a special rank you want to continue using or if you want to start using one on the new board. http://mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=9053 I have a list of special ranks but don't know who all of them are assigned to. Thanks!
  3. According to this http://linux.rarosk.net/mandrake91/index.p...php?go=28&rpm=0 it was part of gnome-games in 9.1 But I installed gnome-games and it's not there. There's a game that's called xpat2 that is supposed to be a version of freecell. But I haven't played freecell in so long and I can't swear to that! HTH
  4. Since you use gentoo this belongs in the other distros forum.
  5. I had a problem with ugly fonts using the static version. Then I read on the Opera forum to switch to the shared and now they look great. But I'll keep it in mind in case I run into problems. Thanks! (OT congrats!)
  6. MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME is part of the shell script /usr/bin/mozilla I believe what bvc is saying is open up a terminal and type: export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/mozilla Then try using epiphany again. Of course he'll correct me if I'm wrong. :P
  7. Found this in google - You have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH and MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME to the path where you installed mozilla libs.
  8. I don't know what version you're using but have you tried the version from our download site? From what I've read from other posters it's an improvement over the one that comes with Mdk. Other than that I don't have a clue and I couldn't find anything through google.
  9. Finally heard from opera support and found out the problem with images. Plugger had associated itself with all image types which was causing them not to work properly. I had to reset each one to open with Opera. Now I'm just waiting to see what else goes wrong! :roll:
  10. I did add the Texstar and PLF ftp sites in my media manager. It's the others I forget to check. I posted the results on the Opera forum and put in a plug for our board and gave a link. :lol: Weird problem now though. The mouseovers for forum and the links buttons on our forum don't show when "off", just the text. The mouseover for "on" works fine. :? Edit okay there's a png problem. .pngs by default are handled by opera. But when I checked the mime type there was no file association so I added it. Still doesn't work. When I view sites like my desktop http://home.satx.rr.com/mystified/img/karamba.png all I get is a black screen. Yes, that's black not blank. And when I sent opera a note I also posted a link to this board saying that I got the help here. I also asked if there was anybody out there since they haven't responded in over 3 days. :evil:
  11. Anon, shame on me. I always forget to check our download section. Anyway, the problem was that the Opera plugin documentation site still pointed to the 1.3.1 version and not the newer one. I already knew about the invalid path that opera suggests from the Opera forums. I installed anon's rpm and it works fine now. Thanks everyone! grumble, grumble, I'm sending a not so nice note to opera premium :roll: support.
  12. Thanks anna, that solved the flash problem. Now if only I could get java working.
  13. I upgraded to 9.2 and upgraded to Opera 7.21 and since then I have not been able to get either flash or java working. I sent a request to premium support three days ago and they haven't responded. I posted on the Opera forum and so far no luck. When I launch opera from cl I get: opera: [java] Disabling java due to potential problems. If you know what you are doing, you can set the environment variable OPERA_FORCE_JAVA_ENABLED to '1' to override this. Start Opera with '-debugjava' argument for more information. so I ran debugjava and got this: opera: [java] There seems to be a preloaded version of Xt. Typical causes for this are the LD_PRELOAD environment variable or that Opera indirectly depends on libXt.so There is a workaround for this problem in the opera startup script that unfortunately triggers this error message. Most likely this message is harmless, and the next message printed is that java is not disabled after all (because of "OPERA_FORCE_JAVA_ENABLED"). If the workaround has failed opera will most likely crash every time it tries to use Java. opera: [java] Disabling java due to potential problems. If you know what you are doing, you can set the environment variable OPERA_FORCE_JAVA_ENABLED to '1' to override this. The actual problems should be described above. I removed everything and renamed my ~/.opera folder, reinstalled and still get the same message. I just bought opera two weeks ago. :(
  14. Since I don't belong to the Club I don't know which rpm you're using but I downloaded and installed one from here http://forms.real.com/real/player/unix/unix.html It works fine with 9.2 for me.
  15. We are an unofficial Mandrake site and are not connected with Mandrakesoft. I don't think they'd listen to us. :wink:
  16. Well I just figured out an easy way. I right clicked on it and there's an option to toggle locked position and then I could move it anywhere I needed. The calendar is still messed up though because the dates don't line up with the days of the week. Oh well . . . Thanks tho!
  17. I just installed Texstar's Karamba and part of the themes are being cut off on the right side. Here's a snapshot to show what I'm talking about. http://home.satx.rr.com/mystified/img/karamba1.png Any ideas? My resolution is set at 1024x768.
  18. mystified

    burning cd's

    Interesting question and I asked it myself one time. I have the same problem, I've tried numerous software, k3b, eroaster, xcdroast, etc. and many different brands of cds. They all sound great, listening to them on my computer! But I've found that some cd players will play them and some won't. And one brand will work great one time and then another time it won't. I've also tried command line, different speeds, you name it. It can't be my cd burner because I hate to say this but it never happens in Winblows. I'm sure there's an answer but I sure don't know it. :?
  19. Here's a link that will probably answer most of your questions. http://mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?p=52076 Texstar is a great resource for Mandrake RPM's so it's well worth bookmarking his site.
  20. There is a lot of debate over developing web pages and one is whether or not to define the width or set it to 100%. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Setting the pixel width of the page (and many designers set it to fill an 800x600 resolution because that's the most common) allows the content to look exactly the way the developer intended it to no matter what the resolution. The disadvantage is the white space as you noted. To me the determining factor is the kind of layout you have. If you have a mostly text based web site then it's okay to set it to 100% (IMO). But if you've created your web page and have images that are used to add a certain effect by being placed a certain way on the website you can loose that effect when it stretches out to fill any screen. Just my two cents. Like I said, there is a lot of debate over the subject. Here's a link that discusses that dilemma if you're interested http://www.theallineed.com/webmasters/web_...dth_dilemma.htm
  21. I didn't cut out any of the background of the tomato. I took the original picture and cropped the very, very right side and made that the background of the new pic. I then took the original tomato pic and resized it. Because I placed the tomato pic on the left, the right side of the tomato background blends in with the rest of the background. It only took about 5 minutes. There is a way to remove a background, pixel by pixel but I don't know how to do that in Linux. I hope that makes sense! It's kind of hard to describe.
  22. :P :P You forget, I spend a lot of time working with graphics.
  23. :lol: You're welcome. I cut out the very right side of the background and resized it to 500 X 75. I resized the tomato to a height of 75px and then copied and pasted it over the background.
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