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  1. Read this article and see if it helps. http://www.pro-networks.org/forum/about78184.html
  2. Hello daniewicz - You're confused? Just think how confused and confounded I feel! :wacko: That "solution" didn't make sense to me but it fixed the problem. Haven't seen a single "www.mandriva.com" entry in the DSL log since making that change. Like I said, go figure. Thanks for your reply - I'll keep an eye on the log. Regards, gewb
  3. May have found the cause... In the MCC > Network & Internet > Connections... ...I had checked (selected) "Get DNS servers from DHCP". Checking the "Alter Misc. internet settings" - it showed the "First DNS server" as the DSL modem, second as my ISP. I deselected "Get DNS servers frrom DHCP" the reset the "First DNS" as my ISP and now there are no more "www.mandriva.com" entries in the log. Go figure. Regards, gewb
  4. Hello John - Thanks for your reply. I have no idea what it is trying to do, only that it shows a string of entries and the modem shows activity every five seconds when a browser is open. Didn't set up mandriva online 'cause I had dialup when I installed ML2006. The modem log shows "www.mandriva.com". I'll check the var/logs tonight-thanks. Regards, gewb
  5. Just looked at my DSL modem log and it is filled with entries to "www.mandriva.com" - but I didn't open my browser to that URL. Any ideas why this is happening? Does my ML 2006 (free) install keep trying to phone home? Note -seems to hit the modem every five seconds. Regards, gewb [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  6. Had the same problem but found the answer - That flash drive is factory formatted as FAT 12 which is not recognized. You need to re-format the flash drive as FAT (FAT 16) and it will then be plug-n-play. Regards, GEWB
  7. gewb

    ximian red carpet

    I like it better than Mandrake update. Just wish it had KDE stuff included. Regards, G in Denver
  8. Thanks to all who responded. I had a terrible night of sleep thinking about this. I've been a Winblows user since Winblows 286 (1989) and NEVER had an infection so you can imagine how upset I was thinking my 2 year Linux record had ended! Given the appearant nature of the kcore file, I think the virus definition list may have been loaded into it - thus, when I ran a system scan it showed up as infected. I'll not worry about it and I'll drop a line to the programer. Thanks again to everyone! Regards, Linux-newbie
  9. Help! My 9.0 has been infected with Copyright 1193. The file infected is in "/proc" file name "kcore" (looks to be a crash dump file, 267meg in size). The file will not allow deletion or changing priviledges. What is the "kcore" file? Does the system need it? How can I delete it? Note that I have recently update my system from two sources: Mandrake update (I forgot what mirror) and Ximian Redcarpet update. I have not installed any other software EXCEPT the AV software that found the infection. Regards, Linux-newbie NOSPAMgewb@att.net (remove NOSPAM)
  10. If the FD is trashed but still plugged in OR if you removed the drive but DID NOT change your BIOS settings, that could be a problem. Go into the BIOS setup an remove the first ("A>") floppy drive - probably in the "Standard CMOS Features" section of the BIOS/CMOS setup. Regards, GEWB
  11. Another shot in the dark that worked for me - I assume your "new" system has a different, probably faster, CD-ROM than your "older" sytem (which did read your disks). I have had problems with "faster" CD-ROMs not reading disks properly, both purchased or ones I burned on another system. The "fix" is to reduce the drive speed. You do this by pressing that "second" button on the CD-ROM (next to the OPEN/CLOSE button). The button has two or three arrows ( > >> ) on it. PRESS and HOLD the button for three to four seconds to reduce the speed one major drop (say from 48x to 36x). Repeat to slow it more. Try running it at 24x and see if the problem goes away. Regards, GEWB
  12. Thank you spiedra and bvc for your replies. Sorry for the delayed reply. I tried your ideas and worked on my system for several hours but alas, no joy. spiedra: I tried your .kderc idea but no-go. I do have a separate Home partition for [uSER] - when MDK 9 hits the stores I'll purchase and upgrade per your recommendation (I do not make on-line purchases so I have to wait). I have been able to copy my Ximian files (mail and contacts) and browser bookmarks to a Windows partition (dual boot). Later today I'll set up a Ximian account as ROOT to see if I can copy those files back and have them available. Hope that works - if not, I'm in trouble! I understand your concern about logging in as ROOT. However, since this problem came up, that is the only way I can access anything on my MDK system. Normally I do not use a ROOT desktop. bvc: I tried the links you provided. While their descriptions matched my problem, the solutions didn't work. My config files have the correct path pointers to the fonts. I changed the port (unix/:-1 to unix/:7100) and it totally locked me out - even ROOT couldn't get in. I had a backup file and used the command spiedra provided to restore so at least ROOT could get back in under Gnome (I have no idea how to launch a command-line text editor under Linux). Yes, I do have the latest freetype2 installed. When I tried to uninstall (per your suggestion), MDK listed many packages it would also uninstall along with the fonts. Those packages included virtually every program that used the fonts - browsers, office suits, etc. I chickened out and cancelled. All-in-all I can't complain about MDK. I have been using it since the first week 8.0 hit the stores and have never experienced a problem. During the same time period my Windows box has been reloaded twice! Thanks again for your ideas. I hope 9.0 hits the shelves soon 'cause I don't like using my Winbox to access the internet! Regards, GEWB
  13. I tried to update font quality using info from Thomas Green - installed updated files: xft2, fontconfig, and qt3 files. All RMP installs went well. HOWEVER - upon bootup, login screen just cycles on/off at the "wait busy" icon. Can boot safemode as ROOT and get in under Text and Network - startx will launch in Gnome (which I last used as ROOT before problem). Trying to get in as [uSER], Text/Network, startx crashes with message: "Could not open default font "fixed" - try to change some parameters" or it gives "(EE) TDFX(0) DRIScreenInit failed, disabling DRI- Could not init font path element unix/:-1, removing from list - try to change some parameters." Looks like something with default user (last booted in KDE) is trashed. Need command-line Guru willing to help non-command line user try to fix so I can get back into [uSER] under KDE. Need to get important files before I try an update to MDK9. Regards, GEWB (linux-newbie)
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