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  1. It's sad for linux users but it's smart busness otherwise. A company as big as Microsoft can keep any but the largest companys in court untill that company bleeds red ink and screems for mercy. If a company that large says their going to take you to court that basicly means their going to slowly kill your company. Strictly looking at it from a busness standpoint Microsoft is now too big to take down, their market share is outragously large and they now have a very diverse product line. The only way to gain a reasonable ammount of market share from Microsoft would be to work with them not by trying to work against them. On the whole it's a smart move.
  2. This news is potentially huge, it depends on how much hype or spin if you like has been writen into the story. Have they gone to the dark side? *heavy Darth Vader breathing*
  3. I to use the powerpack version but I find it strange that the troubles are mainly with the download version, sort of makes you want to buy a copy instead of downloading, think about this for a second, and it just shows that there are huge differences in the powerpack and the download versions. If a new linux user were to download mandriva 2006 and then run into the problems mentioned they would no doubt move on to another distro because there are simply to many distros out there that havent got these problems. So this isn't helping mandrivas popularity or reputation at all.
  4. Here's a link to the linux-gamers.net Q4 Page. http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/news/a...hp?storyid=1017 You should be able to get any info or links from here.
  5. Has anyone tried Q4 in Mdk ? How does it work ? Any probs?
  6. Nope no spare partition but of course my /home is on a different partition than / ,my "search for the perfect distro" phase is long over. Now upgrading MDVA once in a while is all i need. I did install 2006 and got the expected cpu problem with the new search feature (cant remember the name now) but it made the cpu stay at 100% usage untill I killed the process. Another error I got was no default kde desktop what I got was some primative one I never seen before. Only after doing a kde only install with default sellections would kde show up. I'm still looking into this one. All in all it went well I guess you were right it's just people being negative, afraid and perhaps a bit of fudd.
  7. Congratulations, I'm still working on getting rid of windows every time I get all my games working on linux another good game comes out that I need windows for, addiction is hell.
  8. I have a funny feeling that it will not be that popular, after 5 years or so of linux use I have yet to see a virus.
  9. I'm not sure about owning the site LOL but yea I meant having access to a site like yours would have been an asset when I started. LOL From what I read on other threads here https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=28709 i am a bit concerned but if I take your word (and I will) there are no bugs worth worrying about ? My MDK install works so well I hesitate to install 2006 over it.
  10. Nicely done I wish I had a site like yours when I started. So how is the release over all ? Are the bugs as bad as some are saying ?
  11. Fact is, if your a gamer and want to play the LATEST games or demos (the new fear demo for example) you are forced to use windows because only a small percentage of pc games are able to run in linux PROPERLY, cedega is at best a last resort that only sometimes will run a game well enough to be playable at a fair framerate. Now mind you I can get almost anything to run in linux no matter what the intended platform is but more often than not I want to PLAY THE BLOODY THING not read about it and hack it for 2 weeks first. Some games work nativly in linux but personally I'm tired of UT2004 and RTCW etc etc those games run great in linux but their yesterdays news. If these aging games keep you happy then your not a real serious gamer and I envy you, if it werent for being addicted to 1stPerson shooters I could ditch the peice of crap that sits on my other drive. Anyway I wish this wasn't the case but it is and I'm starting to rant so I'll leave it here.
  12. Only thing with Mepis is when you install it to harddisk everything has to be all on the same disk. For example /home can't be on hda and / (root) on hdb or hdc it all has to be on the same physical harddrive, although you can create different partitions on the same drive. Also there seems to be a problem with running it higher than 1024x768 some people didnt have this problem though. I used Mepis for a year and found no other problems other than this. However when I went to reinstall it one day I forgot /home wasn't on it's usuall hard disk and accidently blew it away. I personally think it's safer to have home on a seperate disk from the / in case of disk failure or if you want to try other distros. It's the only thing keeping me from using Mepis full time.
  13. We'll be at the top of the gaming hill when 2 people go to Best Buy each buy a game one goes home and installs it on linux and one goes home and installs it on XP, and both jump online at the same time and play. Usually linux users have to wait for support from Transgaming. The way I see it gaming in linux firmly rests on the shoulders of Transgaming, granted there are native linux games but not nearly as many as there should be. Here's a thought, linux needs an edge in gaming .,What if linux was the only platform that could emulate PS2/3 games? talk about draw in users we'd be beating them off with a stick there'd be so many. Perhaps a deal could be reached where cedega could be added to the linux kernel as a layer/module for gaming. This is the kind of ideas we need for linux and in paticular gaming in linux. Gaming could be used as the edge linux needs to draw in the users if gamers thought for a min that linux could run games faster and more securely they'd switch to linux in droves. Anyway the point is this kind of thinking doesn't happen much when it comes to linux development and as long as it doesn't I can't see the gaming future in linux changing at all, progress in this area is just to slow mainly because I don't think the developers are gamers so at best gaming is a secondary issue and something for transgaming to worry about.
  14. Honestly I think if linux suddenly had an increase in users to the point where game companys started to make linux versions. Ms would soon do something about it. Call me paranoid but I don't trust ANYONE with that kind of money and power, and with their track record...ms currently is sitting on a 30 BILLION dollar nest egg with that money they could buy or bribe companys not to port to linux. I distrust them so much I just wouldn't put it past them. Anyway as far as I can tell gaming is keeping alot of people from using just linux, allot of people I know use xp for games and do everything else in linux. Gaming is the last hill linux has to climb and its a long steep one.
  15. Microsoft can buy allot of manpower for the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars it has. Yes this discussion has been had but we are dealing with a company that is less than ethical in the way it opperates. However I sure hope your right.
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