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  1. Does v9.2 or v10.0 also have this behaviour?
  2. Sometimes I get a message that I must put the installation cd #1 or 2 in the cd-rom drive so it can install some software. But before Mandrake 9.1 gives me that question it first checks both cd-roms (dvd and burner) and disk-drive for any media. The lights of those drives are turning on and off for a while , I think a minute or so). Then the question about "insert cd #1 or 2 is popping up. Is it normal that Mandrake 9.1 first checks a while if there is any media in any cd-rom drives and disk-drive before it ask to insert cd #1 or 2??? Or is this a bug?
  3. Thnx , I got a shortcut now B) You wrote a great tutorial , Darkelve. I like it :)
  4. How can I create a shortcut on the desktop. I use KDE. I want to put a Mozilla shortcut on my desktop...
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