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  1. I saw that .iso several times, since LM8.0, but what is it exactly?

    Just a reduced distro for firewalling??

    That would lead in adding another machine for that and i do have only place for ONE, so that's my pitty...

    This one MUST do ALL serverdaemons, i need, including firewall!


    then you could try e-smith ... that's what I use for my clients with exactly your problem

  2. The logs are located in /var/log directory. You should check and delete some of the older logs. There are many people suddenly finding their / directory full and finding out they have a gazillion gig of wasted space in their log directory.


    here's a simple fix which I use on every machine now

    a 100-200mb partition for /var/log

    and just incase a 100-200mb partition for /tmp

  3. adsl certainly beats my old 56k, but its limited bandwidth

    my works adsl gets about 0.5 mbyte down and maybe 100kbyte upload but theres a usage cap

    so i don't download iso's from work.


    It takes about 34hrs to download the 3 iso's from home which isn't too bad i guess.

    another thing that makes the adsl 128k better than my old 56k is the heaps lower ping for online games :D 


    It's a pity NZ is far more expensive than the US for highspped connections(well for me anyway)


    where abouts in NZ


    I'm getting (when my house is finished be built) 2mb 802.11b (national) 256k international. Uncapped ...static IP .... for $60 :P

  4. the command line has to be the way to go for me

    cdrecord -scanbus (this will give you your dev numbers)
    mkisofs -V #name# -o /path/to/image.iso /path/to/tree
    cdrecord -v -v speed=8 dev=0,0,0 /path/to/image.iso
    #Copying a datacd
    dd if=/dev/cdrom | cdrecord -v -eject speed=8 dev=0,0,0 -
    #Copying an Audio CD
    cdparanoia -vB 1- ~/tmp/name && cdrecord -v speed=8 dev=0,0,0 -pad -audio ~/tmp/track*

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