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  1. by default, Mandriva should be doing DHCP. You can check your setup through the Mandriva Control Center (AKA Configure your computer), under Networking/Internet. you may need to set up PPPOE or similar to log on, but as Bergen said, we need to know how you connect to the internet to determine that. personally, i've always found the best solution to be to setup a cable/dsl router for high-speed internet access, not only to simplify the process of getting computers connected, but also for the added security.
  2. careful now, you're attacking my job :P (no, my job doesn't involve peeing :P)
  3. i dunno, do iphone 3g's count? [click for full size - 320x480]
  4. tyme

    File size for Gimp2

    .mpeg/.mpg are usually video files. gimp doesn't open video files, IIRC. it should, however, be able to open any jpg/jpeg file. would you mind posting one of the images that won't open in gimp? then we can test it to see if it's your setup (i.e. open it in gimp on another computer and see what happens).
  5. nwn2 has a linux port? i know the original does, but have not heard of a port of nwn2. it can, reportedly, be run under wine/cedega with some glitches.
  6. Discussing details of an in-progress, unattained deal is a bad idea. Not only does it get up the hopes of your end users (thereby creating a backlash if the deal is not attained), but it can anger the company you're dealing with, automatically disqualifying you from consideration, as that company may not want the details shared - especially if others are being considered for the contract. There's a difference between showing that you are "working hard to impress global manufacturers" and running around telling everyone what deals you are trying to attain.
  7. icey: it looks like i play a lot of the same games as you.... i have simcity 4 deluxe, simcity socities (never go into it), civ4 (and some expansions), Spore, WoW, Guild Wars...and even monopoly.
  8. Obviously, they can only be on the global scene if they get those OEM deals (some of which they did - maybe not in netbooks, but there were Linux boxes running Mandriva in Wal-Mart). I think Adam's point is, you're acting as if Mandriva didn't try - when that's not the truth. They can't go running around touting that they are "working on a deal with so-and-so" when the deal hasn't been signed, sealed and delivered - it's a bad business practice. As for why they didn't get the deals, that could be anything from pricing to someones personal preference who happens to be sitting at the top (or, in the case of Dell, a loosely organized bunch of fanatics voting).
  9. follow ian's instructions first, as chances are you can't connect because it's either not started or not properly configured. also, if you are trying to connect remotely, make sure your firewall isn't blocking the necessary port (3306). if you're trying to connect locally, use "localhost" as the server name. as for alternatives, there are many: postresql, sqlite, etc. - search the software installer for "sql" and you should see a few options.
  10. Also, it's not made by mozilla, it's simply powered by the mozilla engine.
  11. I've heard that argument several times, especially in my previous (government) job. it's a bit of a fallacy, really. You should toss this argument back at him. Because Windows is closed-source, a bug/security hole could exist and be exploited in the wild without anyone ever knowing, until it reaches enough occurences to attract attention. With open source, anyone may be able to find the hole, but that also means that anyone can fix it - if a flaw is exploited, the affected party can go look at the code and find the issue (assuming they have the necessary knowledge). You don't have to wait for some company to 1) notice the problem and 2) create a fix. when it comes to security, both open and closed source programs have their downfalls. research has, however, shown that open source projects fix security flaws quicker than closed source.
  12. I knew it! iphitus is a frakkin' toaster!
  13. tyme

    MMC web interface error

    no element found: line 1, column 0 this appears to be an XML error. when you get an xml error on line 1, column 0 then you probably have an empty xml file somewhere - or an incorrect starting tag. if you didn't modify any configurations, i would recommend re-installing, as there may be a corrupt xml file. that's just a guess based on that one error, however...
  14. bah! arctic beat me...guess that's what happens when you have to pee mid-post either way, here's my [best of my knowledge] executive summary: mandriva canceled several contracts, two of which happened to be people who the community believes played a vital role in improvements (in mandriva and it's community) during their time there. one of them is adam williamson, who frequents this forum (and several other mandriva community "hotspots") and has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. the community is understandably upset about that decision. financially, mandriva has had trouble before - they filed for bankruptcy some years ago, and are still trying to recover from that. i would guess these budget cuts (that resulted in the canceled contracts) have something to do with them getting out of that situation, but no one has stated such (at least not that i've seen). that being said, i don't think mandriva is going anywhere just yet - but i am curious as to what their plans are for the future. fear not, however: you (probably) won't have to change your distro.
  15. This is what I got from the CEO's post: Yeah, we know you're mad. Now shut up and let the big boys scheme.
  16. install gnome-control-center (i think this is the package name) or at least search for gnome-settings-daemon and install it. Then set up KDE to automatically start gnome-settings-daemon. [please note my suggestions are just troubleshooting and thoughts of where the problem may be, i have no clue what's wrong :lol:]
  17. Get a Core 2 Duo. No need for the Extreme. The Duo will handle everything you need, your current problem is the Sempron as it's a low-end CPU. Most apps in Linux should be multi-threaded, IIRC, especially apps like Cinelerra.
  18. I'd say boot up Mandriva Live again, and see what the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan0 file on there looks like - if you find differences, post them here. (p.s. - welcome to musb :) )
  19. definitely a GNOME/GTK2 oddity... Do you have GNOME installed? Try logging into GNOME, and doing the same thing. If it happens there, then it's definitely a GNOME/GTK2 problem - if not, then it may be a problem with running GNOME/GTK2 apps under KDE. Is gnome-settings-daemon running (check with ps -aux | grep blahblah) when you're logged into KDE?
  20. Even then, they may not like how one distribution presents itself (theme, software installer, default desktop environment, menu's, available software, etc.). I guess I'm trying to give a realistic answer, where a personal opinion is being requested :) It's a question that someone always asks from time to time. Sometimes it results in flamewars between distro-zealots, sometimes not.
  21. The answer to your question depends on the user.
  22. You can build and support a OEM/Corporate product side-by-side with a desktop version... Give the desktop out for free, make it easy/quick to set up with a Mandriva-based server, and you have a package deal.
  23. KDE shouldn't have tossed standard version numbering out the window with this one, it's made the whole thing a mess and confused too many people. it seems to me someone at KDE said: "let's do things our way, screw convention". and a bunch of people agreed for some unknown reason.
  24. What an unfortunate development - Adam (hi Adam) has been one of the few people from Mandriva that I've had interaction with, and he's a been very professional and helpful. If Mandriva is going OEM/Corporate, then yeah...this move may make sense (I don't like it anymore than the rest of you). Unfortunately, I'm not sure the OEM/Corporate move is a good one for Mandriva. Red Hat has that market pretty much under it's thumb.
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