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  1. No file system can, though it may be able to claim that you won't lose your data due to problems with the FS itself. Data corruption/loss due to hardware failure and other issues outside the control of the FS is always possible.
  2. what exactly is a whisper campaign? are there a bunch of guys sitting around whispering in each others ears?
  3. HA website got hacked, apparently.
  4. Podcasts can make use of RSS, in that you can create an RSS feed for people to follow so they see when a new podcast is uploaded. You can also link to the podcast in the RSS feed.
  5. One should note that the KDE4 bashing is not unique to this forum. Also, all DE's get a good bashing around here - we don't discriminate :D
  6. Keep in mind e17 is a Window Manager, not a Desktop Environment, so I would imagine the file manager is not high on their priority list.
  7. What are you all arguing over again? Mandriva: provides proprietary drivers Ubuntu: provides proprietary drivers Conclusion: stop arguing. :P
  8. Most social networks are good when they start and actually try to reach for this altruistic goal. But then they sell out and everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Myspace -> OK when it started, still a teeny bopper thing -> bought out -> chuck full of adverts and annoying flashing crap. Facebook -> Ok when it started, aimed at the college crowd, kept the teenies out ->still privately owned, opened to everyone, added the API, your 12 year old can now write a facebook app that makes me die inside. Twitter -> we'll see. Also, there are many situations when you would not want people socializing with those they would not normally meet. Take note of Myspace's problems with sex offenders.
  9. facebook, myspace, twitter...I have accounts at these places, but half the time I wonder if the internet would better off without them.
  10. Notifications are intended as nothing more than a manner of informing the user that something happened, that they may not be aware of. Once it tells you, they should disappear (after a set amount of time). This is how most notification systems I've seen have worked. Unfortunately, they all suck in that they have no flood control (that I've seen) - i.e., in OS X, if I'm uploading files via Cyberduck and my connection dies I get a screen full of errors (one for each file that fails) from Cyberduck via Growl. Hence, for me, notifications get turned off until someone (not it) does a better implementation.
  11. Correction, here-in lies the problem with distributions that use point release cycles. This is NOT a problem with distributions that have a rolling release cycle. Additionally, it is a problem in other OS's too - not all applications for OS X run on OS X 10.2, not all applications for Windows run on Windows 2000. As for if things will get complicated, I'd guess they would. If I recall correctly, some of the compiz deps have new versions on 2009.1 (i.e. xorg), which that compiz package would have been built against, making it incompatible with 2008.1.
  12. Because those 32 or so pixels (less/more depending on your settings) are absolutely vital, and needed on a regular basis. Without those few pixels the desktop would just be totally unusable. You wouldn't be able to get ANYTHING done. Perhaps you should look into GNOME's settings for the notification service. It seems the problem is there, not with Ubuntu, as this seems to be distro independent, and they may have a setting where you can tell it which corner to display them in. If not, turn 'em off - I always do. Stupid things are damn annoying, and if you think the 2 panel setup is space wasting I'm not sure why you would want notifications.
  13. Geocities has been a graveyard for years. I remember hosting a site there back in the late 90's/early 2000's, they had the worst adverts of any of the free sites.
  14. It really depends on what the reason was. If it was something very personal, perhaps health or family related issues, I can fully understand why he may not have shared it.
  15. Has anyone bothered to ask WHY Texstar went on hiatus? Perhaps he had a very valid reason for doing so. Maybe "real life" issues needed to be taken care of. Perhaps him coming back right before release was simply to ensure the released product was up to his standards, and when it wasn't, he wanted changes. It is his project. He gave heads up he was going on hiatus, entrusted leading of the project to someone else until his return. Everyone seems to know he was going to return, yet they are all surprised by it and his intent to release a product that is up to his standards? The very standards that created the distribution in the first place? Sounds like a bunch of whiny b*****s to me. If it only took 2 weeks to make the changes, I have a feeling they weren't really that big of a deal, but a few sour grapes turned into a bad box of wine (as if boxed wine is ever good), and all the dev's were drinking from it. Additionally, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if some of these dev's had a personal issue with being headed up by someone of the opposite sex.
  16. Why are Windows, OS X, Solaris etc. listed as "Legacy OS"? A "Legacy OS" would be NeXTSTEP, OS/2, etc. - the listed ones are simply "Not Linux". I did not vote as there is no option for "shit ton of different operating systems" or "depends on my needs at the time".
  17. So basically they're complaining because, instead of Texstar giving is input (which I'm sure would have been the same) during the year, he gave it after coming back from hiatus but before the release. Either way he would have had the same issues, I'm sure, and it being delayed for two weeks is nothing to get so worked up over.
  18. There is no known spyware from the NSA in Fedora. The code is open source, and anyone can review it, if there was a backdoor, some smart, paranoid developer would have already found it and exposed it. Instead, people just continue to perpetuate a rumor based on conjecture. But nice try on the conspiracy theory. I did get a good chuckle reading your contributions to this thread. I think your political commentary is better left for OTW. It's not really relevant in this discussion. Then again, bringing up a thread that's over a year old just to post some paranoid, political stuff is kind of irrelevant on it's own.
  19. The post was simply meant to point out that I had already referred to the documents and details that scoonma posted, that's all.... :)
  20. tyme

    Desktop type

    payasam - I'm not sure if it's removable, but it's certainly not a 3d desktop thing. It's a Nautilus setting, most likely - I would check in the GNOME Configuration Editor (which is a pain to navigate). Sorry I don't have specifics.
  21. tyme

    Desktop type

    payasam: are you referring to the shadow behind text on the desktop? i.e. icon names?
  22. But what's it do if you have 8 entry's in PATH already? Does it overwrite #7, or does it shift 7 to 8 and 8 to 9, then put the new one in 7? There has to be a way to do it that doesn't risk overwriting existing PATH entries.
  23. I never got why it was "export" - every time I used it, I always thought, "where am I exporting this variable to? Am I not just setting it?" :unsure: set makes much more sense.
  24. tyme

    Slow FTP Upload

    1 - a bit is not the same as a byte (maybe you were aware of this) 2 - there are more factors when it comes to download speed than how fast the server end users connections are. it also depends on all the hops (connections/routers/etc) in between the two, the current traffic at those hops, the number of hops, and whether the wind is blowing to the west or to the east during the last equinox. 3 - 250kbyte/sec is a pretty good speed, IMHO. I've gotten worse speeds from close (hop-wise) servers with a "phat pipe"
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