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  1. What program to use?

    Thanks, I will check those. By the way, my friend uses kisdndock with Red Hat 7.X. Is it still usable? LateQ
  2. What program to use?

    Hi So far (about two weeks now :P ) I am dialing via Mandrake control center but there has to be a better solution for this. I looked KPPP -program but I think it is intended for modems only. So what do you suggest? Thanks in advance, LateQ
  3. Mandrake 9.2+Via kt400+AGP

    Hi Steve And thank you. I got it!! B) Your link was The most valuable thread ever :D :D Glxgears is showing about 3500FPS and in fullscreen mode about 340 FPS. And no error messages what so ever. So I can confirm that this works witn Mandrake 9.2 And "apgard" was a typo. And maybe one of the moderators can create a new sticky considering this matter. Just add this post to it: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- linuxnoob10k WOOHOO!!! finally got it to work. Big noob here so i'll state what my main problem was then try to jot down step by step instructions of exactly what i did. My problem was that Mandrake didn't install the kernel source by default, so when i was forcing the driver rpm install it was looking for stuff that didn't exist yet. Using Mandrake 9.1 w/KT400 chipset and Radeon 9500. Just to confirm that it does work, I'm using the 4.3 XFree version driver straight from ATI's website. 1. Opened up Mandrake Control Center, Software Mgmt, RPM Drake, then did search for "kernel". It brought up the kernel source, select it and hit the install button. 2. open up a terminal as root go to directory with rpm driver. install the rpm with the following command. rpm -Uhv <filename>.rpm don't use the <> in the command. 3. go to /lib/modules/fglrx/build_modules and edit the agpgart_be.c, search for 8377, a couple lines below you will see the following line... via_generic_setup}, //AGP v2 change this line to read... via_kt400_setup}, //AGP v2 save the file. 4. in terminal type cd /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod and hit enter. type ./make.sh then type cd .. and press enter. type ./make_install.sh 5. type fglrxconfig go thru the options and pretty much take default choices. (i did change the monitor resolution and refresh rates). when it comes up and asks you if you want to use the external agp use the default option of NO. select YES when prompted to save. 6. restart xserver, or simply reboot. I did exactly what's stated above and I have 3D acceleration finally. Thanks to ajn131 for tipping me off about getting the source from the rpm on the install cds, and to jpbarto for da rest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This actually says it all and is very noobie friendly. LateQ
  4. Mandrake 9.2+Via kt400+AGP

    Hi Pzatch System specs are in my sig. But now I notice that when you hit the reply button sig is not visible anymore. So here is it: 2500+/H2o,KT4 Ultra,Radeon 9700,768 Mb 333Mhz Maxtor 80Gb,Hitachi CML174SX,Asuscom ISDN, Hercules Fortissimo III Currently 2D is just fine. It worked out of the box as usual. I'm using Radeon(fglrx) driver without 3d acceleration. Everytime I try to enable 3d accel. I get error message from saying "cannot init AGP". So far I've tried ATI's latest driver, first adding kernel source(that much I could figure out myself :lol: ). Driver compiles just fine, as far as I can tell. I tried both internal and external agpgard. This was done in pure text mode. But when I tried start X I got this error message. Then I found a couple of pathces in the net, tried those. No luck. So far I can also tell that agpgart is not running at all. Tried "insmod agpgard", "lsmod agpgard" and "dmesg |grep agp". Os cannot find anything at all. PnP capable OS is enabled from the BIOS. AGP setting is 8x because there's no option to change it. I think that 8x is the problem here but how to solve it? LateQ
  5. Mandrake 9.2+Via kt400+AGP

    As you all can see I'm new in here..... (and also Linux-noob) So hello to everybody Currently I'm struggling with AGP -port which is not enabled and I begin to wonder if it is possible at all to set it working with Radeon graphics cards. I have tried several tricks/patches and also internal/external agpgard settings without success. So is here someone who is installed this kind of combo successfully with stock (2.4.22-10)kernel? Does someone have some suggestions where to look or some pointers or tips? Thanks in advance,