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  1. I was able to finish install even after rebooting in the middle, but i have a new problem...
  2. I had a messy install of 9.2 that never allowed me to set a root password (so now it is null!). When I logged in change the password with the passwd command, it allowed me to input the new pass but came back with "passwd: User not known to the underlying authentication module" I googled that error and found lots of stuff, but I didn't see anything where someone couldnt change root (just couldnt change created user's passwords). Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks -Mike
  3. I am trying to customize my Mandrake icon and startup background with BootMagic 8, and am having some trouble. First off, does anyone have, or know a good place to look, for an icon that has something to do w/ mandrake or linux? The default icon for linux in BM8 is a pop can that says linux on it, really cool! Also, I am having a lot of trouble trying to change the boot screen background. Powerquest says to use a 16 color 640x480 windows BMP. So I made one in photoshop, didn't work, tried re-saving in paint, didn't work... I checked the file properties, and it says that its a 640x480 4bit bitmap file. However BootMagic disagrees and wont let me set it as the load background. Thanks! -Mike EDIT: The icon must be 32x32 .ico
  4. This evening I tried installing Mandrake 9.2 on my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop. The first attempt froze when there was just a text window that said something like "second stage". On my second attempt (after removing the battery to restart), I was able to start the file copy part of the install, however immediately after beginning it froze. Finally, I was able to install up to the 3rd Disc (these are DLed ISOs), but while copying the index (tag) file (10 seconds remaining), once again the machine froze. Does anyone have any advice on how I might be able to complete my install? Thank! -Mike EDIT: I should also note that a few packages failed to install, the only name I remember being the openoffice libraries. I inspected the disk and its physical condition seemed fine.
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