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  1. I have an Ati Rage LT pro with TV-Out in my system and an Riva 128 zx (embeded on the motherboard) I have switched the INIT DISPLAY FIRST: AGP to [PCI] so the system would initialize first the PCI video card (ATI), but after I have finished the MDK installation, after reboot the X server won't go up, even more it crashed !!! :((. Not even I have tried to use EVERY driver for ATI videocards that it has in the distribution!!! :huh:. I have manage to make it start after i have put in BIOS, INIT DISPLAY FIRST: [AGP] so my primary card is nVidia riva 128 zx, but the ATI is still not starting up neither on monitor or Tv-out. What can I do ? I need help pls!!! (not to mention that OpenGL support is not working so no 3d accel.) :'(
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