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  1. T1TAN

    hostname prob

    hi everyone, i've tried setting the hostname of my pc (MDK9.2) to anything but localhost, but it always goes back to localhost as soon as i restart.. i'm a noob, so... :unsure:
  2. uhmm, well, english and croatian are worth mentioning.. but i'm not sure if i can manage the translations on time, i'm busy all the time with study and stuff.. could you specify how much time a single translator is 'obliged' to do? besides that, i never did any linux translation? how does that work? i know of some .po files... i r so n00b B) anywayz, feel free to contact me - T1TAN(AT)net.hr
  3. hi everyone! (again..) i've got some problems again. no sound, checked all the volume controls (kmix, aumix..), nothing worked. now i finally got some "via audio combo" driver from viaarena.com but it requires kernel source to compile.. when i run the compilation i get somethng like "linux directory does not exist". i know what it means (/usr/src/linux if i'm not mistaken..) but it seems that i have no source installed (at least i couldn't find it, nor in the software manager) so i got myself 2.4.x and 2.6.1 sources.. AND i don't have /usr/src/linux at all. i also tried creating it as root but all i got was "access denied".. i'm quite a n00b, and eager to learn about linux, but not without music/sound, this has a terrible impact on my enthusiasm.. so please, PRETTY please, HEEEEEEELP!!!
  4. hi, I was wondering.. if I somehow decide I want to write a book about linux, based on my experience with mandrake, would i break any copylefts, -rights, GPLs, etc... The book would merely introduce linux to windoze users and try to break the prejudice of linux being VERY hard.. t1
  5. great! do you have a tip for partition sharing? is samba o.k. for this? do i put it only on linux ('server') machine or every machine (windoze)?
  6. hm.. let me see if i got this right.. mandrake has NO firewall built in? i think i saw a 'firewalling option'..? is it not possible to make it secure just by itself, after all, we're a small club, and all we want is to keep MS Blast stuff and similar em... features.. off our system. we don't need very high level of security, just the basic one.. :unsure: is this possible? buying anything would be a great obstacle (boss == selfish asHhole )
  7. T1TAN

    sound problems

    thx man, i'll give it a try as soon as i get home :) up the irons! B)
  8. T1TAN

    sound problems

    hi everyone.. i'm having problems with the sound again (first time with MDK8.2). system is MDK9.2, KDE / Enlightenment, Via AC97 onboard (can't remember the southbridge..i think it's 8223..). the sound was fine for a while, worked in both KDE & Enlightenment... now every time i start kde i hear nothing, and Enlightenment is soooooo slow and practically frozen/unusable (AND no sound)... i've tried all the troubleshooting stuff in the drakconf / draksound, and installed the snd-via82xx -> no go. ALSA is up & running.. looked up in KMix, volume okay.. xmms hangs when i try to play anything etc... any ideas that this noob can handle? t1
  9. Wow, someone replied... :o :lol: It's like this: we're connecting through ISDN, and we have a "Fast Ethernet Switch" (so it sez..) so i don't quite understand the need for those cards..(we will not set up any http/ftp servers)? And the club can't afford another PC to be the firewall...unfortunately.. And now the questions: whatis mnf/snf? my biggest problem (i suppose) is going to be partition sharing. how to make XP machines take a look at linux shared partitions? and vice versa of course... i've been told that Samba izz the best for this kind of thing..? i am currently downloading smoothwall, and remembering squid thing... B) quicknote: as i said, i'm quite a newbie at this stuff so..you know.. thank you all t1
  10. hi everyone, here is the story... i've been working my em.. ash off to get this started: i'm working (well, as a volunteer) in an internet club. after two years of working with that-other-OS , they've decided to take my advice and go linux with the server. bad sentence. anyways, the real problem is that i'm a linux newbie myself, and now i have to configure it to be a "server". what we want it to do is to connect to the internet (ISDN), share that connection with 7 other-OS machines (that-other-OS-XP-Pro ), and to be stable and secure (firewalls and stuff...). also it would be nice to have a partition or two shared with the client PCs, for misc stuff. now, what i'm asking here is for some instructions, which tools to use, what settings need to be set & where, etc.. i am a complete newbie, by i'm ready to learn so please help... oh, yeah, the system is MDK9.2 (download ed.) btw. i can't believe how good it is! the difference between 8.2 and 9.2 is amazing! thanx!
  11. T1TAN

    XMMS playback

    yes i can hear the sound, i think playback is some 20-30% faster than normal. also, i don't think it's NTFS/FAT32 problem, because it's also too fast when played from FAT32 partition and even CDFS... :huh: and it played just fine for a couple of days. i've tried deleting .XMMS in my home dir, no go.. could it be because i'm using VIA sound driver? it's AC97 Onboard (8223 southbridge) downloaded and installed properly (i guess B) ) thx everone, T1
  12. T1TAN

    XMMS playback

    hi everyone, i'm quite new to linux, and quite learning :-) here is my problem: first i set up MDK8.2 (i know, ooold:-)) and tried playing .mp3 from XMMS, and everything worked fine.. next thing i did was to gain access to my windows partition (NTFS), and so i found the solution to that on faq forum.. then i tried to run XMMS again, and played some mp3s from that partition. it SUCKS! playback sound is simply too fast. i tried playing some other files on other partitions and drives, including cd-rom, but now it too fast all the time!! just one thing: thanx in advance
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