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  • Birthday 07/05/1994

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    http://thisisoriginal || Coming soon
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    Dunstable, UK
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    I'm 13, I love my friends, I'm apparently an "emo", I like to skateboard, Play my guitar and bass, hang out, fiddle with the insides of computers, play with linux, program and design.

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    Pentium 4 2Ghz *sigh*
  • Your Graphics Card
    Some 64MB On-Board
  • Your RAM
    512MB Need to upgrade
  • Your Hard Drive
    2 SCSI's @ 40GB each
  • Your Sound Card
  • Your Operating System
    Mandriva 2008.1
  • Your Monitor
    Some crappy CRT
  • Your Keyboard
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    PCLine =]
  • Your Case
    IBM Netvista

About Me

Welcome to the land of Josh

I know, exciting

I love my friends a lot

Along with music. Without those two things.

I'd die lol :]

I love my guitar and bass.

Fiddling with my computer-sometimes breaking it


Sleeping sometimes

Going out, town with jamie is the best

I'm going out with a girl that met me by stalking ;)

I'm glad she got my number, I'm glad we're going out.

I love her x



Add me on joshieboy06@hotmail.com if you wanna talk more :]

Add me, don't bite

ily all

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