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  1. when ill get to home i will give more details on this error, and what are the messages that X is giving and what is the message that my drivers are giving when i' trying to install.
  2. dont renew to fast last updates screws Xfree and my nvidia drivers ;) see post : http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=12809
  3. !nkubus

    XMMS wont play

    i'm at work right now, but as soon as i get to home ill try this. will try this as soon as i get to home..
  4. !nkubus


    mmm maby by you should try to install wxWindows first, and then try to compile: ./configure make make install and if it goes through you cando a checkinstall and it will add the installe to the rpm database. as far as a know mandrake is not the best for com0iliong from source :( always having trouble.
  5. Yes i know,it's jsut there is no kernel 2.6.4 in the repository i dont know how did an upgrade set me up with this kernel :( because the last version seems to be 2.6.3 so i cannot find the rpm for the sources.. weird :( anyway i gonna try to put vanilla sources and see what happens.. thanks again
  6. as soon as i will get to home i will try to complie the nvidia drivers with thwee kernel 2.6.4 donwloaded on kernel.org without the rpm and see what is wrong .
  7. the weirdest is that i dont see any entry on the old kernel. this mdk 10-CE give me some heade hake every time a update somethin something else getting broken, i hope the final 10 will be better :).
  8. my kde says that i run kernel 2.6.4 , and my nvidia jsut dont want to compile. eveything was working until i did the last update.
  9. !nkubus

    Gimp 2

    my favorite changes wouild be teh cleaner interface and dynamic Docks. so you can customize your gimp the way you like it. seems to take less memory to when playing with big images. Nice Job
  10. thanks guys i gonna do it. as long as i have me nvidia driver up i will be glad. thanks
  11. yeah same here, but it wont load my nvidia even i i restart X, because my kernel has changed, i a dont have any sources for the kernel so i cannot install my nvidia. anyone had this trouble ?? MOD NOTE: this was moved from this thread since the problem was unrelated. - scoopy
  12. i did un update for my mdk 10 CE and, the kernel was updated but i cannot find kernel-source for that kernel.. anyone can point me to an rpm.. thanks
  13. have you tried kiso ?? from kde-apps.org http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=10176 i did not test it. hope this helps
  14. i did an another update 300 mb and now the fonts and the icons are wonderfull, but i still dont have a skin on MCC, and kfind still hangs.
  15. 1. Ugly Fonts and icons 2. Kfind hangs on each search 3. rpmdrake have lost it's skin after an update 4. rpmDare remove wont work it wont let me click on a package. 5. rpmdrake always have teh busy cursor even if it not busy. a cvouple more little glitch that about it :)
  16. i have done a 600 mb update 2 days ago and now there is 230 more lol. it's worth checking on a daily basis. because the first 600 have cause some new errors. i'm shure mandrake team works hard to get this release fixed.
  17. i got the same trouble here. i have installed windows fonts and it did not help. ill try to install freetype rpm. did one of you having weird fuzzy crystal svg icons?
  18. here i have installed nwn from a windows installation and it play's flawlessly with my geforce mx 440. maby it's a bug from the lat client release because i have an older one and it's working. what is your client number?
  19. updates did not resolveall the troubles, still have ugly fonts, and still ahve ugly icons, ill post a screenshots later, i'm at work. a leeast k3b start without crashing. the update broke my mcc skin and the remove software does not working, it wont let me click on my search result. thanks.
  20. ok thanks. one last thing did kFind hang when you search the entire computer starting at / ? because it was doing that from a 9.2 kde 3.2 upgraded, and it is doing the same thing on a freshly installed mdk 10.0 CE. thanks again. sorry for my english, i'm from quebec and my main language is French. so i hope my posts are clear enough.
  21. to anna did you do a clean install : wipped yout /home and / or you did an upgrade or you did not wiped your home directory? I just want to figure what a did wrong, because i never had any trouble with 9.2
  22. but there is no repository for updates on urpmi, because there is only cooker. how do you do your updates? thanks
  23. Yeah i know, it's just that i wanted to know if it was me or everybody that had toses trouble.. thanks for your quick response
  24. 1. all the icons (crystal svg) by defaults look fuzzy in konqueror and in the menu 2. when i plug my usb card reader my usb mouse is not working anymore. 3. the fonts are weird, they look antialiased and not at the same time. (even after installing windows fonts) 4.No flpphoto, or gtkam, or digikam by default, nothing happens when i plug my camera . 5.when the kicker is spawned into 2 xinerama screens it freeze and nothing can be clicked. 6. everytime i start k3b it crash. am i the only one who have a troubles with this release. i have not delete my home on the clean install but i have deleted the .kde to be sure that it was not my old configs tht was causing some trouble. am i the only one who beleve that this release is kind of crap , why everybody loves it and tell that it'S the best distro? --------------------------------- my PC amd athlon 2100+ 512 kingston ddr ram 333mhz Nvidia Geforce MX440 64 mb. Nvidia Riva TNT2 16 mb last Nvidia driver (NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run) Kernel 2.6 mandrake 10 CE
  25. kool im download it right now :)
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