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  1. what is you camera model? it wont put anany icons on the desktop but try to download digikam urpmi digikam and this proggy will reconise it and let you navigat e through it. hopes this helps
  2. !nkubus

    Software RAID

    thanks you very much. i'm gonna follow this thanks :) ok i'm atotl newbie, how can i make fdisk without loosing all my data on my server, i have to do a lclean install?
  3. seems like i'm the only one with that trouble. i'm having this trouble since mandrake 8 , on every gtk apps that has flash embbeded
  4. works like a charm. niciest trick since a while :). by the way in firefor do you have a black border on every flash animation?
  5. naaan did a new install and still habe a black border on every flash page
  6. I want to build a software raid on my mandrake server, i have 2 80 gig hd on it and want to build a RAID 5 who will end into a mirror raid because i only have 2 disk ;) I just want o know if there is an easy way to do it in mandrake i read somewhere that red hat and suse autmagically do it in the installatin is this the same for mandrake if yes how? thanks
  7. !nkubus

    Software RAID

    Ok i'm a total newbie onto linux security, and i ahvea server who have 2 80 go har drives, i want to setup a Software RAID do someone have a great article, or a link that i can follow to setup an efficient RAID 5 with my 2 HD. Thanks in advances.
  8. weird im gonna try to install it from the rpm on macromedia site instead of urpmi.
  9. anyone has this trouble? wich flash lugin are you using?
  10. if you want , a easy distro there is xandros or lindows but they are not free. but you should try to update your mandrake ten, because there is a lot of updates avaible because its not a official release to update you should read about urpmi : http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/eggnbacon/docs/...owto/index.html and set up your urpmi repository in : urpmi.org/easyurpmi and then in the software management part of the mandrake control center you are able to see all updates avaible. hopes this helps a little bit.
  11. yeah hope they will fix all of thoses before official release.
  12. do you have a version with a larger resolution like 1280 * 1024
  13. anyone noticed that in mozilla and firerbird there is a black border on every flash animations, this makes some site look awfull. i'm at work righ now ill post a screenshot later tonight. i' using firefox and the mozilla-flash that was on the repository. thanks
  14. that's a trouble now that games have their own installer we cannot uninstall them correctly :( it should be fixed, like add thoses file to the rpm database or the deb database or wathever.
  15. same here, i have tried with mandy 9.2 but no luck, i need to recompile the kernel because ofthe usb storage drivers that what they said on their page, now that i have mdk 10 i should chek it again. i haven't found any mdk rpm. so if you found some let me konw :)
  16. right mandy 9.2 is crunching the menus. durvish has the right answer :)
  17. This proble occurs to me too , it's caused when you change your kde icons or play with, if you go on the gnome control panel and rechoose the theme everything is back to normal.
  18. appollon is another good choice, but do one of you is able to down,load from openNap with apollon ?? because it keep saying protocol error maby my plugin is out of date?
  19. !nkubus

    KDE 3.2.1

    i haven't check if gnome 2.6 is on the repository yet, i think the best way is to try and let us know if it's there :)
  20. !nkubus

    KDE 3.2.1

    Ghil is right, plug your urpmi to cooker and youre ganna be able to do it
  21. !nkubus


    i had thet trouble a while ago wth older version maby i assume si SWT that take up to much memory. si i changed to ABC (yet another bittorrent client) maby it will resolve your trouble
  22. mammoth also seems to be quite good but you have to comploied it. it connect to kazaa so you should have a load of things. i also like aMule, and ABC (bit torrent) mammoth.sf.net
  23. there is a configurator for kxdocker. i think the binary is kxdocker_configurator. if no the only you cna find it is to use the gnome finnd i dont know what is the binary name but if you loged into gnome you cna easely find kxdocker_conf.xml or something like this. i have only tried once. hopes this helps a little bit
  24. i forget i'm a kind of a newbie it's about all i know in linux. but i'm shure with this it will help you a little bit.
  25. ok first thing you need to do is to setup a urpmi repository: urpmi.org/easyurpmi and follow the commands to get a main a contrib an updates and plf repository of softwares. 1)to be able to read dvd's you need 2 library libdvddecss i think it spell like this) and libdvdread. to have that use Mandrake control center (in menu Configure your computer) go to software management and seaarch libdvd and isntall thoses ones. 2) a lot of projects that are on sourceforge are on the urpmi repository just search again in the software management peice the name of the software. if it's not there download the software from sourceforge the tar.gz and try to compiled it ** always having trouble with this part ** once you have extracted teh tar.gz (right click action->ectract here) in kde then go to the new folder hit ctrl-T to open a terminal and type ./configure make su ***it ill ask for your password** make install ant youll be able to start the program in with alt-f2 and type the name of the software. 3. open office is usually up to date in the repository. hopes this helps
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