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    mp3 rippers

    and what about another winner kaudiocreator , and for OGG konqueror do an exxelent job with drag and drop in the audio cd browser :)
  2. i must vote for kaffeine to et the most of xine it even support Xinerama, so i can expand a movie in a secon screen and still work while my favorite dvd is playing in the other sreen that is the only player to do such thing :)
  3. i jsut discover amaroK a couple days ago and the player is awsome, some bugs in teh interfqace but it's a Beta, i'm looking forward the next release. In my thoughts this player will be the long awaited iTunes replacement for linux, ok i know about lSongs from linspire but i did'nt like the fact that the payer copy all tyour mp3 to is own folder , it matters when you have around 20 gigs of mp3 ;)
  4. Thank you very much guys, i just didn't want to screw may work laptop, because it does not look quite professional for a boss to screw your data and loose 2 days for reinstall everything. thanks a lot. :)
  5. the trick i have found is to go on the appolon website and usse their slyck installer it will insstall all plugins (and for me it crash on appolon but i had alerady the rpm from urpmi. so i restarted appolon and it was fine :) with all usefull plugins :). here is the link: http://apollon.sourceforge.net/
  6. i have a laptop for work with mandrake 9.2 on one partition and one partition with windows XP (wich i need to work ) and i want to resisntall mandrake 10 official edition on it but i read the mandrake 10 is screwing up windows xp ? am i right to assume that i should keep 9.2. or is it better to do a an update^ on urpmi 10 repository and do a kernel update to have a mandrake 10 ? thanks for your answers. *** moved from software by Phunni Edit: moved again from Everything Linux by spinynorman!
  7. !nkubus

    Amarok rpm

    here is my output when i'm trying to compiled it the dependency are instaled : DEPENDENCIES ============ required * KDELIBS 3.2 http://www.kde.org * TagLib 1.0 http://freshmeat.net/projects/taglib recommended * aRts 1.2 + KDEMULTIMEDIA 3.2 http://www.kde.org * OpenGL accelerated X-Server i jsut did a urpmi taglib and a urpmi kdelib and everything was already installed. ======================= = amaroK - ERROR ==================================== = = = amaroK cannot be built because you do not have = = the TagLib library installed. = = TagLib can be obtained from: http://ktown.kde.org/~wheeler/taglib/ = ==== ========================= = amaroK - WARNING ================================== = = = The amaroK GStreamer engine will not be built. = = amaroK will still compile, providing another = = engine is built (eg aRts, NMM). You can obtain = = GStreamer from http://freedesktop.org/~gstreamer/ = = amaroK requires version 0.8.0 or higher. = = ==== ================================= = AMAROK WILL NOT BE BUILT ========================== = = = You are missing dependencies. Please install the = = missing packages as detailed in amarok/README and = = reconfigure. = = Please note, you should still be able to build = = the other modules in kdeextragear-1. = = ==== ======================================================= ==== amaroK will be built with the aRts-engine ==== ======================================================= so i don't know what to to to duild it. thanks
  8. !nkubus

    Amarok rpm

    nobody have seen an rpm somewhere?
  9. !nkubus

    Amarok rpm

    Is there someone that have an rpm for mandrake, this player looks awesome but i 'm not able to compile it, i'm at work right now and i don't have the output, but, maqby someone have an rpm. thanks for your help :)
  10. anybody ? i remember in have read an article but cannot find it anywhere and it was super easy..
  11. Is it possible to load a kde apps witha different skin, just once, without change the look and feal of kde completely. let says an application ics looking like iTunes (i know i shoudn't but i'm usint LSongs) and i want to start it with a different skin? is there a flag like $> appName --widget=bhagira or something similar? thanks for your help
  12. Have you heard about thoses new apps, Linspire(lindows) juse released. Everybody is claiming legal issues. ithink it's bullshit , because they like apple they worried about copying software. DAMN aplle should have released aversion of iTunes for linux. i have used lsongs on my mandrake box, ok it's full of bugs and ruff hedges right now, but its a beta. it looks promising. all the tools were there in linux to do the job, so they took python to do it with pyxxine, and pyQT and pyID3, i think they have make a great job, and i hope someone will fork it to make it better. because it's GPL but no places to send fix, and features.
  13. just add an appelet to you kicker , and add a clock, and im shure you can configure them in different time zone.
  14. I dont know but K3b for me is the best thing since the sliced bread, and the interface is cute and easy.
  15. but what about the update_source the mcc want you to choose ??, because i have a new insttallation of mdk 10 CE i should have more that this to update ?? because before i ahd about 1.3 go to update..
  16. there i a curl 9,on each damn update server i try to enter what is the trouble, did someone have this trouble?
  17. yeah i read about it. ill do a mirror raid, and practice with loopfs (mounting iso) before ruining my installation thanks.
  18. o i think i ge it :)
  19. here's mine <---------- not really original but i like it.
  20. actually it works but on ly in mplayer, totem does not have any sound weird. anyway mplayer rocks so i don't really mind.
  21. yeah DAMN OO i hope they gonna do something or that koffice will suport more features. :)
  22. the trouble is not lilo is that there is no more info on your partiton for booting. it do the same thing when i remove a drive in my computer where lilo sits is data ;) try to reinstall lilo with mandrake installation disc in the rescue options.
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