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    Samba as PDC

    Yes I have read that in some tutorial. well anyway pdc is working but I cant add any computers to a domain because I don’t know how to create samba administrator that can add computers to domain. By the way is this correct form for smbusers file?? <username> = <"administrator"> I did setup a password for that user earlier through terminal with smbpasswd
  2. Trgy

    Samba as PDC

    Yes that s exactly what em I trying to do. I don’t need roaming profiles. I want to setup domain on my network because when I connect from home through VPN I can’t browse computers on my network. So I guess if I put them in a domain that should solve the problem. I know what logon path means but just don’t understand those %L %U. If I want for example users profiles to be kept in \\home\profiles folder should I just wrote Logon path = \\home\profiles or Logon path =\\home%L\\profiles\%U Just in case i want to use roaming profiles later Anyway that helped me a lot so thanks again.
  3. Trgy

    Samba as PDC

    This is probably stupid but I don’t understand much of the following domain logons dictates whether the Samba server will serve Windows Domain logons for the workgroup it is in. logon script specifies the batch file (.bat) or NT command file (.cmd) to be downloaded and run on a machine when a user successfully logs in. logon path specifies the home directory where roaming profiles (NTuser.dat etc files for Windows NT) are stored. logon drive specifies the local path to which the home directory will be connected and is only used by NT Workstations. logon home specifies the home directory location when a Win95/98 or NT Workstation logs into a Samba PDC. Please note that variables %L and %U must be used. They defined the server name and username (respectively). You may specify any drive letter as long as it does not conflict with other drives on your Win2k client. domain logons = yes logon script = login.bat OR %U.bat > do I have to create that script my self? logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U > what does %L and %U means exactly and on which drive in this example the profiles folder is created logon drive = H: > I only have one drive on my ubuntu machine its called filesystem and does not have any drive letters assign to it logon home = \\%L\%U\.9xprofile >again by this example where is home directory located ? Anyone knows anything about that? Sorry if I m being stupid :D
  4. Trgy

    Samba as PDC

    I would like to configure my samba server as primary domain controller. Searching internet didn’t t get much of results. There are some instructions about that but they are all incomplete or they assume some previous knowledge about that which I don’t have :(. So did anyone try to do that, and can someone please explain how it’s done, or maybe some useful link to tutorial. Thanks. The part I don’t understand in all that tutorials is about creating user an computer accounts
  5. I m happy to inform U that I have solved my problem today. On my network I m using some kind of intellinet server appliance, it s just a box with two hdd s in mirror and it s managed through internet explorer. So that thing somehow became master browser on my network. I don’t know how because it does not have any operating system installed. If you have a problem with master browser on your network you can use this easy gui tool to discover it. You just have to setup name of workgroup or domain and it will tell you name of the computer that is master browser for your network. The link is here http://www.dynawell.com/reskit/microsoft/win2000/browmon.zip. It works only on windows machines. So I just put that server appliance in other workgroup and restarted my ubuntu pc and that s it. Browsing is working just fine. Now I can try to setup my domain :)
  6. Could samba occure problems like browsing service in windovs if there is more than one network card installed (multihome)?
  7. Thanx i think this will solve my confusion :)
  8. Yes they are. Can I somevhow check Is my ubuntu computer master browser on the network. I sett os level to 99 and read that it should beat all other computers in ellection.
  9. Hello everyone. Reacently I installed Ubuntu on my server and I wanted to run wins in samba for my network. This is my config file [global] workgroup = EUROM server string = ed interfaces = domain.eurom bind interfaces only = Yes obey pam restrictions = Yes passdb backend = tdbsam passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u passwd chat = *Enter\snew\sUNIX\spassword:* %n\n *Retype\snew\sUNIX\spassword:* %n\n *passwd:*password\supdated\ssuccessfully* . syslog = 0 log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m max log size = 1000 name resolve order = wins bcast host os level = 99 wins support = Yes panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d invalid users = root [printers] comment = All Printers path = /var/spool/samba create mask = 0700 printable = Yes browseable = No [print$] comment = Printer Drivers path = /var/lib/samba/printers __________________ Problem Is that it seems wins are not working. I cant browse any computers in my workgroup. I dit configure IP adress of wins server in other computers on the network. I probably messed something up in that smb.conf, please help
  10. Einstein was wrong..It's not time that's relative, but the point of view
  11. In a land, fart, fart away, there was a well.
  12. Well I'm not feeling very well today :D
  13. Ooops didn't think of that. My bad.
  14. See he would also prefer vista over linux :D
  15. Don t know jet think is impossible: I still haven't got an answer about that Old Europe thing. Where is that country??
  16. Arctic is claiming to be from an Old Europe. Where is that? And why do refer to me as a troll what does it mean??
  17. And where is that Old Europe anyway?
  18. And what is that stuff with trolls anyway. What does it means??
  19. How did U make this icon :unsure:
  20. For formating your partitions and recover of mbr you can also use hiren s boot cd. Can get it at http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd. If your windows still refuse to boot up after fixing your MBR, don't reinstall them. Just repair your installation with automatic repair process. By the way you cant fix boot record from command promt while in windows so don't bother wit that
  21. I did try to do that, proxy was listed as in UK but actually when I checked it was in Amsterdam. I didn't try a different one . Is there any chance that such proxies exploit user data?
  22. And it works only in UK for now, who cares anyway
  23. I newer sad they are auto configured, of course that you have to do it your self. But when you get 600 pages of manuals and everything works just about it is described to, its not to hard to configure them. Well I don't know about the others but cisco is really good in that stuff, plus they have a great customer support in case you screw something up . I'm not an expert but i found out that i really envoy in configuring routers, firewalls and stuff. Well linux probably aren't so bad also, I guess I just started with them on a wrong foot. I newer should install them on my laptop, because it is supported only by vista drivers. XP drivers came out few days ago, so it was pretty silly of me to expect that linux drivers I found will work just like that. Maybe Ill try wit some older computer for a start and read a couple of pages before that For a closure I'm also aware that windows are pile of crap too but It's a pile of crap that I'm used to and in the end I always have my way with them. Just like Sinatra's song I did it my way :D . So I wish you all long and prosper life and no hard feelings.
  24. I think cisco makes them better. And what do you mean that you make your own firewalls? Didn't you say that hardware firewalls are always better than software ones?
  25. My network card is working I just don't know how to configure samba server because I don't have any experience with linux. What is not working is stupid graphic card and printer :). Well actually it does because I'm back on vista. And I didn't say anything about being expert I just asked U a question : I configured vpn through my firewall but when I connect to it I can see just two or three computers on my network and browse their shares, can ping them all. I don't have a domain controller jet so I was wandering would a simple wins server solve this problem?? :unsure:
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