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  1. Ok, so I was browsing the internet with Opera 7.11 and I clicked on a link and then my screen went blank and then the opening page popped up (the one you get when you turn on your computer and it asks for your password...) but it didn't shut down or reboot.... Everything seems fine now but I'm slightly worried... Has this happened to anyone before? Is there something doing on wrong with my computer? If so, does anyone know what I can do?? Edit: moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman
  2. i found the icons on the kde-look site but when i clicked on download i got a tuxf amily page saying that the website was unavailable! ack!! will have to wait and try again later....
  3. Just installed Mandrake 10 on my computer! horrah!! Small problem though... I had all sorts of Mac OS icons (I grew up with Macs, it's a whole sentimental value thing...) ANYWAY, I lost all of them and I can't seem to find the site I downloaded them from! The only decent site I found was in German and even then I couldn't find them! Would anyone know where I could find some?? My computer is now new & improved but no onger the same.... MOD note: moved to Art and Design by scoopy
  4. i think you guys should make a thong with penguins on it! other than that, being a student it will take me a while but i'm definitely getting that mug!!
  5. mine was a complete mistake! i put a new role of film in my camera (yes i stillf have one of those old things before digital cameras!) and i needed to take one or two photos to get the role started... <----------------------------------this is one of them! i was sitting at my desk so you can see a bit of my computer, my Keith Haring poster etc....
  6. i don't think i'm overclocking anytihng... if i am, then i am not aware of it...b eing new to the whole linux thing, i don't really know half the things i do... but the term "overclocking" has never come up before so i don't think so.... just out of curiosity, what is overclocking??
  7. it does look really cool! Prettiest computer I've ever had!!so please, have some compassion and help me save it!
  8. i've been trying to rip a cd and everytime i'd click on "rip and encode" on my GRIP program, it would shut down. now my computer automatically shuts down when it hits 70° C so i thought it might be that but i used a command line and tried bladeenc and it was when i tried converting wav files into mp3s and it would shut down! i then tried another command line with lame instead of bladeenc but i got the same problem!! it keeps shutting down my computer!! any ideas on why it's doing this - and more importantly how to fix it???
  9. i used to have Kopete but it stopped working mid-october when msn redid a bunc of stuff (which i am not qualified to explain seeing i do'nt really understand the whole thing - see "noobie" next to my name...) but now i use GAIM which is fine except that i can't receive or send files...
  10. hey! i am bilingual english / french and more than willing to help out! however, i might need Roland's help if it gets too techincal...
  11. Ok so I was trying to use GRIP to get some tracks from a cd onto my computer and I accidentally deleted the "encode file format" in the Config / Encode tab (I'm very stupid, I know! ) does anyone know what I'm supposed to type or is this ruined forever??
  12. ...again... one day touhgh i'll be solving other people's problems! but that won't be for another few years (maybe decades) when i finally understand how everything in linux works! i'm looking for a program where i can convert .wav files to .mp3 ones! everything i've found so far is only for windows - - so if anyone has any ideas please help! i have about 50 wav files and not enough disk space! thanks everyone!
  13. anyone?? luckily i talked to a computer friend of mine (IT and all) and he told me it was because of my Samba thing (please may all linux users fogive me for uding the word "thing" after Samba but being a noobie i don't really know the entire terminology - i promise to learn them eventually!) so all i had to do was delete it either way, just thought i' post up the solution to my question in case anyone else has the same problem!!
  14. /bump ??? ok i'm a complete novice in console codes and everything (i don't even know the correct terminology) what do you mean by /bump ?
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