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  1. this kinda surprised me. to hear gnome 2.8 is comming out? what do some of yall think about gnome intigrating with ximian? http://www.gnomedesktop.org/article.php?sid=1818
  2. urza9814, ever hear of XPde? http://www.xpde.com/shots.php
  3. I hope no one will take offense at a little sidetrack, but I have the exact same modem (USR5610B) and I can't seem to connect with it at faster than 14.4 -- which makes no sense since it is a 56K modem. I'm using KPPP and the only way I could get it to work was to select /device/modem in KPPP, but I have not created any soft link or done anything beyond trying to configure it using KPPP and using Mandrake's network configuration tool. I have tried setting the modem speed (in KPPP) to 57K and 110K but neither setting seems to have any affect. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or how to test to see if my modem is functional? (Yes, query modem does work just fine so it "seems" to be working fine) Thanks, and sorry for the sidetrack... I posted this problem once before and received no reply except someone saying my problem made no sense to him. Sincerely, Hugolino that model is a v.92 model. v.92's dont down shift verry well when they dont get a v.92 connection. as a result they connect at rediculous speeds. you will need to enter an init string to disable the v.92. once thats done it will surf fine.
  4. we might could help if you tell us the make and model :P
  5. the update in mandrake control center is nothing more than a front end to urpmi. basically what happens is mandrake update/urpmi --auto-select starts off with rpm -qa to scan the entire system for the rpms on the system and their version numbers, then compares that to the list on the ftp sources in your urpmi/mandrake update list. once the comparison is made it then knows which rpms to present you as updates. to help you understand urpmi and mandrake update/rpmdrake read this http://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/ (yes i know its alot of read. enjoy :P ) since urpmi is an extension off of rpm it makes sence to study rpm. for urpmi http://www.linux-mandrake.com/cooker/urpmi.html and http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/eggnbacon/docs/...o/overview.html
  6. with mldonkey, its 2 parts. mldonkey is the daemon that needs to be loaded first. kmldonkey is the front end to mldonkey. hit alt-f2 and type mldonkey. once thats loaded kmldonkey should work fine.
  7. you can use either urpmi or rpmdrake. you can set them to pull the kernel-source off the net or by default off the cd's. rpmdrake is probably easier to use, since it is a gui.
  8. thats the kde task bar, called kicker. you can added child bars if you want. you can also add not just apps but entire menus (i have office). just right click and play arround. dont be affraid. this isnt like windows. the worst you can do is break kicker, in which case you can delete the .kde dir and all your kde settings are reset to default.
  9. from what i have read, you need to copy the plugins. not soft link them. when copying the plugins it should overwrite the old plugins.
  10. steve, in the area of security, it is reall hard to be "paranoid". paranoia, makes good security, at least in some ways. understanding that no program, no OS is secure or 100% safe helps. there are things that can be done to make it more secure. my security overview gave some good principles. http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=13265 to rely on a software firewall, is not wise. security is a complete set of implimentations, not any one tool. if i were you, i would disable all unnessisary services, and comment out /etc/securetty and tell X to "tpc-nolisten". there are many many more things that can be done, but much more than that gets really deep and for the average user/server may be unnessisary. if you'd like to know, just ask.
  11. this is a firewall problem. disable the firewall. if you need more help please ask.
  12. i am answering my own question. i did a bit of research and came up with this. http://2mod2.com/mohot/ http://2mod2.com/mohot/account-wizard.png the screenshot gave me a bit a help. what i was lookin for really. once i get back home, i'll try it.
  13. i have hotwayd installed, just cant configure thunderbird for it.
  14. sitor thats www.nvu.com i just downloaded and installed it. it is a tarball, but just extract it tar -zxvf then cd into the nvu dir and run ./nvu its that simple. no compiling. no make. no make install.
  15. i once tried changing the chmod of some of the files steve (/etc/password). while my system worked. it was weird. changing the perms, while it may increase security, will affect the system and not nessisarily for the best. the files you listed are executables. certain executables should only be executed by root. thats easy enough. chmod 711. some executables need to be executed by others. so becarefull. dont forget you can chroot and chown directories and files. if your really worried about this, see the SELinux documentation. you can make files hidden from root. not readable from root. its special permissions and a special configuration. if you have a test box, change your permissions to what you'd like and test it. see how it works.if you like the results, then make it in your production box. otherwise (this is a good idea anyway) use partimage to create an image of your partitions or harddrive, so you can restore it later if you need to.
  16. knoppix includes drivers for various winmodems. it is a distinct possibility that the modem could be a winmodem. since the make and model were not listed, it can not be verrified. mandrake does not include drivers for winmodems. which would explain part of the problem. i also agree kppp is a great tool. in kppp querry the modem. if you get results starting with ATZ then you know that your modem is ready. (more than likely). i know that my modem is not a winmodem. mine is a USR5610b. mine likes to use com 4. so i have to create a soft link from ttyS4 with /device/modem. if this isnt done, then my modem wont work. mine specifically says it works with linux. please post your make and model of your modem.
  17. yes FX it was me talking about partimage. you can use it as a bootable image. http://www.partimage.org/doc/index-4.html
  18. actually vicki, if you stay current with updates and use a firewall and good security permissions, then you have little to worry about. virus are (to be specific) generally attachments and must be downloaded and opened. worms traverse via the net looking for a particular vulnerability. linux has had a few of these. trojans are programs that leave backdoors open for exploitation. please see my security overview for more information http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=13265
  19. this is a bit like asking what your favorite ice cream is. how do i know what your favorite is? i can reference a few popular cd burning apps, but the rest is up to you. K3B Xcdroast cd bake oven tyme mentioned one. others will mention yet others.
  20. the num lock issue is not a bug. konqueror: in order to update konqueror one must update kde. to do that you must add the sources for urpmi. konqueror disconnecting at times is an issue with the ISP more than likely. otherwise it might be a problem resolving hosts. a zip file is a compressed file, just as tar.gz is. kword is a word program, much like M$ word. M$ word doesnt open zip files. nor does kword. first uncompress the file, then open it in kword. are there any distro's out there that are like windows 98? man........i hope not!!! :o seriously though, as far as ease of use, your on it. its just a matter of asking questions. how do i unzip a .gz file? how do i add sources to urpmi? things of this nature. thats what we're here for.
  21. linux_learner

    Easy urpmi

    that has not been my expeirence tyme. sometimes sites go down, so i find it nice to have backups. haveing more than one contrib, updates and so on can be usefull. ofcourse if the mirrors are out of sync that might cause a prob, but i have never seen this.
  22. i've seen this before. i just bypassed it. i forget how, but it did not affect my partitions. just make sure you backup your data.
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    Easy urpmi

    while you can only run one occurance of urpmi, you can have it scan multiple sources at once. the more sources the more comprehensive your database will be. rpmdrake already does this. so does red-carpet, yum, apt-get, synaptic and so on. sources are not the problem.
  24. startkde? startx? something like that. i forget exactly how nowadays, since i automatically go to the gui login (kdm).
  25. chmod 666 would work. perhaps even chmod 664.
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