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  1. Just to let you know. I've changes of release and have installed Mandriva 2008.1 Béta 2 (version Now everything looks OK (network card, wifi, DVD, etc...)
  2. As I could not find a solution, I've downloaded the othe version on DVD and the installation seems correct. I can boot now linux on my laptop. But Some othe problems like : wifi doesn't work, cannot see the DVD ...
  3. Thanks for your answer but, unfortunatly, this infomation do not help. In fact, having searching on the net before posting my message, I found this link and have already look at it. This is not the same problem. In this case, Linux was install, but did not work properly, then all what is proposed is for linux system. In my case : Linux cannot boot from the CD, then I do not have a linux OS. Anyway thanks for your answer... flafla
  4. Yes I did : when I wrote "I'm sure the CD is OK" the meaning is : I've checked md5sum after download from internet And I used the lower speed to make the CD and also used the verification option after burning..
  5. Hope someone can help me. I bought a laptop and wanted to replace Vista by Linux. So decided to download Mandriva One, makde un CD and try to boot Linux from the CD. Unfortunatly, Linux cannot boot, it stops in the process with the error message : lspcidrake: Line too long at /usr/share/pci.ids, line 1 Does someone knows this pb and how to solve it ? I'm sure the CD is OK My laptop is : ACER ASPIRE 5520G AMD Thurion 64x2 NVIDIA GeForce 8400M Thanks flafla [moved to laptops and portable devices by tyme]
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