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  1. The symlink seemed to get me through the install, but the plugin did not work for me. This was not a normal gimp plugin... so maybe that is part of the problem. I had better luck just copying .scm files (script source files) into the plugin folder. Will play with this again another time. thanks again.
  2. Trying to compile a gimp plugin called "gdyntext" and here's where I get to (make install): /usr/bin/install: cannot create regular file `/root/.gimp-1.2/plug-ins/gdyntext': No such file or directory make: *** [install] Error 1 From what I see, gimp is not installed there and would be my problem. I have these: file:/home/scoopy/.gimp-1.2 file:/home/scoopy/.gimp-1.3 file:/usr/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins file:/usr/lib/gimp/1.3/plug-ins thanks,
  3. scoopy

    konqueror, change id

    first of all... Welcome Maybe I am not following your question here. I know there is an option for the Konquorer web browser someplace that would tell the websites you visit whatever you wanted it to --- browser wise. You could even pretend your using IE even tho your really using Konq. I think this would be included with the kdenetwork package. ps: shouldn't that be emetyb for us geeks?
  4. That's the way I have been checking. And by selected one of the updates that are available, it also tells me what version is installed among other tidbits.
  5. scoopy


    OK, we need to get the proftpd service running. I am not sure what else would be running or how to find out. You can try the following using terminal or konsole to see if running or to restart: service proftpd status or service proftp start or service proftpd restart As far as setting up your network, I think as long as you have access to the internet, this should be working then. Once it is up and running... you would be able to connect to this box from another outside of your network using your IP addy+username+password and a FTP client. The 192 addy won't work here. Once connected, it will put the user into his own /home directory. Try going to this webpage for your IP address: http://www.whatismyip.com Using the gui proftp, I am sure you know, will connect the other way... Your box to someone else's. Lots more info here: http://proftpd.linux.co.uk/ Once we get this far... we can take it further to set up like we are both trying for. I will look into what could be interfering more later (at work and doing this from top of head at the moment) and Thanks Ronin, will try that soon.
  6. scoopy


    I can give a quick answer or two at this time. Samba is not needed to run FTP. It will be needed to connect to your windows machines. May want to try uninstalling and then reinstalling proftp using the remove software and install software. That might fix anything you changed in the setup. Did I see somewhere else you have installed webmin. This could be usefull setting all this up? Are you sticking to using the install CD's for this stuff ?
  7. Yes JaseP, you are gonna stick around, right?
  8. scoopy


    I do, I do well, for the basics anyway. Still haven't quite figured out how to add a user who can only connect to say an upload or download folder.
  9. My favorite: www.whatismyip.com
  10. scoopy


    you mean like this ã ? (Been longtime since German class) Try under Applications/ Text tools and look for app called Character Map or KCharSelect and just copy and paste what you need.
  11. Just to clarify a bit... If you add PLF as a source as devries said, you will be able to select the all packages/by update availability option in the add software program. Select the new plf mplayer rpm (under "upgradeable") and it will update the old with the new.
  12. Tool Searches and Replaces SCO Code I think rcxau was onto something there... develop code to remove what isn't there and use it to call SCO's bluff. SCO shares continue to plummet come Monday morning.
  13. scoopy


    how bout the halt command as any user ??? You should be able to shut down from whatever user you are at the time.
  14. I am gonna guess your using kde and have viewed files with konqueror before. Konq opens up and shows you the contents of your home folder (kinda like the My Docs folder in that other OS). If you click on the little red folder immediately to the left of your files it will show your complete root directy. Browse to the /mnt/windows folder... and there ya be. If not, then we will need to look at that fstab file found in /etc.
  15. OK, I looked at the INSTALL file to compile 1.3.17 and I am not feeling that brave. So I went looking for newer MDK RPMs and found 1.2.5 but, I get this: # rpm -ivh gimp-1.2.5-3mdk.i586.rpm libgimp1.2-1.2.5-3mdk.i586.rpm error: failed dependencies: perl(File::Slurp) is needed by gimp-1.2.5-3mdk (couldn't find a rpm by this name) What to do to fix this or any ideas where to find new RPMs?
  16. bvc, no, that's not what I have installed at the moment. I dropped down to the version on the MDK 9.1 disks. The tool icons look more like the one's from that other version I had installed, but I don't know if it was able to group the windows like that. I am gonna try some upgrading tonight. May even get brave and try to compile the 1.3.17 version. I think its time for me to get serious with the gimp. If I end up hosing anything... I will hunt you down to fix things again :wink: :D
  17. Just for quick clarifications: This avatar project started off with 5 layers in the gimp. The red on the badge being layer number 5. When things were not coming out right, I switched over to photoshop and had quickly redone each layer, except number 5. The backgrounds are different. The gimp's background was a brand new blending, and photoshop's was just repasted back in from original. Not sure what I chose when the dithering option came up. Something I need to work on next time. Note: I did not start off to make a side by side comparison... just wanted something decent looking. :)
  18. I think I am on the right track now. I must have installed a gimp LT version that forgot to include plugins for PSD files and such. I replaced what I had with version 1.2.3 (would of tried the 1.3.17 version, but I try to stay with rpms) and here's what I got this time using gimp from start to finish: Coming from photoshop ( working with photos more than art ) and being one not to get involved in installing extra goodies... psd plug-ins did not cross my mind. I think I was also missing an essential file that caused a few of my problems. (gimp-data-extras-1.2.0-5mdk) I understand the piracey comments were not specifically directed towards me. But I am not gonna claim I am 100 % innocent either. But the day may come shortly that if the only thing keeping me from being legal is just one or two apps... I think I would defianetly spend the money --- which would be the same case if I was just running windows. I will read up with these good links posted here. Hope to catch you (Dana) sometime on ICQ... I work evenings myself. thanks everyone for the imput - time for me to hit those links.
  19. You can try getting what you need from the MUB mirror. It is up at this time.
  20. We have seemed to wondered off a bit here. Assuming "If I run ps --- its got to be a pirated copy" instead of, Photoshop is the one app I would be willing to pay for (at a reasonable price), but I see tha I am in the minority on this one. I was looking on what I need to get up to par with the gimp. My goal here was to get the most out of gimp as possible. Switching from say, Nero to K3B, is generally no problem because it feels and operates the same. With gimp, it's like trying to drive in a foreign country --- on the wrong side of the road and reading strange looking roadsigns --- but your car still has gas, brakes, and a stearing wheel. Well, I am trying to learn to drive on this other side and it looks like I just may get myself hooked on the gimp before Adobe can sell me another copy. aRTee, I had looked at crossover before and seen version 2 only claimed to work with PS version 7. Just checking now they claim previous versions may also work. I will have to try my older LEGAL copy sometime soon and see if it works. DOlson, Thanks for stopping by. Sized brushes/tools...and PSD support... I guess I need to find the correct gimp version. I especially look forward to any improvements in colorspacing and gamma correction, so I can print exactly what my screen displays. Will probally have to uninstall this version I got and find the good one. Will then mess around some more and see what I can do. Can't wait for version 2.
  21. James, That's defianately one reason I would like to do more with the gimp. Sarah, yep, I think I got a dev's version. From what I seen, the last normal version is 1.2.5. I could of sworn I was able to open PSD files before, but now I can't. I agree with gimp is the most likely to succeed for us few that want more. I am hoping maybe now that MAC's OS is so similiar, maybe this would make porting Adobe stuff that much easier (?). New thought? What program do you suppose people use to make things like this penguin, or icons sets and themes such as, liquid? Maybe blender ? That layer converted pretty good... it was just my add-ons (badge and red strobe) that lost the most detail.
  22. Hmmmm... this question sounds familiar. Oh yah, http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=6014 :wink: I am still checking out the ones suggested there but, I'd probally agree with tyme on Audacity (seems to be like window's cooledit). Maybe the next release will be the one for me. On suggestion from BobGuy, I am fiddling around with rezound, which seems more on the technical side of recording (like soundforge in windows).
  23. If anybody remembers, I have been trying to accomplish the same things I do in photoshop with the gimp. Well I finally figured out the animation part, but I seem to be missing something now when reducing the image or converting stuff to a gif format. Here's the version I did with the gimp: <---The one to the left, I redone with photoshop. Maybe the gimp is still just a bit unrefined or the nature of the gif format, or maybe I got some strange gimp release. I am running version 1.3.11 (gimp1_3-1.3.11-1mdk.i586.rpm) that I forgot where I got it from. The look of this version was much cleaner than the one that came with MDK 9.1 (version. 1.2.3) and seemed to operate much smoother (like the magic wand, clone, and other tools). The splash screen has some arabic (or whatever) characters on it. So the questions I want to propose here: Am I using a standard version? What are our resident graphical wizards using here (tyme, DOlson, etc)?. Will Adobe ever see our need? Or will the gimp soon be ready for the professional market? *disclaimer: The penguin was taken from a wallpaper I found at: http://art.gnome.org/index.php. I added the sheriff's badge and the red strobe effect.[/url]
  24. I was thinking deeper than KDE... or flux/gnome in your case. Same problem with different WM. Thinking maybe something in the setup of the timezone/locale was quirky and causing this. Just a guess tho.
  25. Any chance this could of been the one of those reasons Mandrake needed to put out almost 300 megs of updates just days after releasing 9.1? Turi, are you up to date with these updates? James, has this happened since you have reinstalled/upgraded?
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