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    I have a new Mainboard Gigabyte 790XT-USB3 and a Vantec NexStar USB3 Dual Bay Hard Drive Docking Station connected by a USB3 Cable. When I have the cable plugged into a usb2 socket on the Mainboard I have the SATA II HDD appear in the Device Icon on the Panel as is expected and can be opened normally. However when it is plugged into one of the USB3 Mainboard outlets, it usually does not appear. On a couple of occasions that it has appeared, when one of the partitions is clicked on to open it, the drive disappears from sight. Note that the USB3 is set to enabled in the bios. Is there something I am missing here somewhere in the Bios setup or elsewhere ???. Any ideas please. Cheers. John.
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    Ian. You've got it in a nutshell. KDE, where oh where doest thou hide thy means. Cheers. John
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    Hello everyone. Well I deleted every package that seemed to indicate some sort of Power Control. Now when the screensaver comes on it operates for 10 minutes before going to a dark screen. But when I move the mouse the screen returns to normal. It does so even if it has been dark screen for more than 7 hours (while I was asleep). So it was a power control package of some sort that was causing the lock down problem but with the absence of a Power Control Gui there was no way to change its effect. Thanks for your suggestion Daniel, but I made a decision long ago that I would avoid cli as much as possible and I think the present case is one example. In this day and age it should not be necessary to use cli for such a mundane activity as this is, especially since a gui control of power has existed for years in Mandriva. But thanks again for your suggestion which is greatly appreciated. A Few days ago I successfully clean installed Mandriva2010.2 on to a friends Dell Notebook which also resulted in a successful working WiFi to Telstra, from which I did all the updates. This delighted me no end since this was a first attempt and especially after all the sad stories I had read about WiFi implementation in Linux. In that install I saw the Power Control Icon where I expected to see it and was able to set the parameters I wanted with no problems. What really peeves me is that my Mandriva2010.2 was also a clean install and there was no resultant Icon. Drat Darn Drat Darn :wall: :lol: Since the problem still exists in the sense that I have no effective power control, I am loathe to mark this thread as solved just yet even though I no longer get a locked down screen and computer. By the way the earlier suggestion of using Ctrl+Alt+F2 did not work nor did any other combinations I have used over the years. Eagerly awaiting further suggestions. Cheers. John.
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    I have added all the laptop stuff because there was no Power Control Icon initially and I thought it must involve one of these packages but that was before I found this problem. I might try removing all that I can find and see what results. I am still open to other ideas though. Cheers. John.
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    I am running 2010.2 Spring as my OS now. I am on a normal desktop computer, not a laptop. Nowhere in KDE Control Centre (i.e. Configure Your Desktop) can I find an icon for Power Control or such like as I remember in 2010.0. The result is that after couple of minutes or so (can't remember how long) after the screen saver cuts in, the system seems to go blank and nothing but a hard reset will bring the screen back up again. This gives me the impression that laptop type power control is cutting in somehow and putting it into sleep mode or whatever. I could be wrong with that diagnosis so would appreciate some help here. What package am I possibly missing ???. Cheers. John.
  6. Open the MCC (Mandriva Control Centre) by clicking on the Icon on the Bottom Panel that has a Spanner like image on a Computer monitor Symbol. It asks for your root password. Select "Software Management". Select "Install and Remove Software". Select "All" in the first Drop Down list if it is not already selected and do the same for the next one. then type in mdkonline in the "Find" space and press the keyboard Enter. This will bring up the rpm which you can now un-install by removing the tick alongside it. Click Apply near the lower right side and follow through. Cheers. John.
  7. What Greg said. It is that easy. Whenever I install the OS or reinstall the OS, it is the first thing I do after completion. Cheers. John.
  8. Hello Dude. My Printer is not a Wireless model. I deliberately avoided buying a wireless model. For all the advances I have observed that have been made with wireless, I considered I could do without all the niggley dramas I see people continue to encounter. I can understand people needing it for portable things like laptops and so on, but I have none, so wire connections meet all my needs effortlessly. I have rarely ever had a problem with xsane.The last time I think was about 5 to 6 years ago. It was so far back that I now can't think what it was. :D As it turned out I had a problem setting up this Scanner/Printer on USB and it turned out that it was not a driver problem, instead it was a text error in one of the files. It seems that it may have been caused by someone in Mandriva. :unsure: Trivia:- Wi-Fi was invented and patented by an Ausralian team of Scientists of the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization), an Australian Government organization. Cheers. John.
  9. I found this in the errata for 2010. Did you follow its recommendation ?. Namely to manually install the libsane-hpaio1. If the package is shown in MCC then try deleting it and re-install it manually to see if that works for you. "HP Scanners or All-in-One type HP printers scan function won't work This is a known problem. Problem comes from task-printing-hp package. This package responsible for installing required packages for HP printers and scanners as a dependency. task-printing-hp package should install libsane-hpaio1 package; but it won't. Users should install libsane-hpaio1 package manually to get scanner work. Bug #46940 " Cheers. John
  10. My mistake. if you are using x86_64 version of Mandriva then the correct one is lib64sane-hpaio1. I hope this is the fix. Fingers crossed. John.
  11. Have you got libsane-hpaio1 installed if not then there is your problem. Cheers mate. John.
  12. Hello Dude. Does your model have a USB connection option as well ???. If it does, I would suggest using it instead until the latest HPLIP 3.10.6 comes out of cooker. Remember things are in cooker because they are still being worked on and only come out when they are believed to be relatively stable. When you connect as USB you will likely get a popup saying that the printer has been detected and then proceed from there. Cheers. John.
  13. Thanks Roger, I'm glad it helped. We are about 200km North of it but we are effected by it all because the Northern Highway is still cut off by road much further south. So supply's by road is stopped. Rail, Sea and Air are unaffected so we are getting along OK. Cairns has about 160,000 people and is a tourism hub, being the next most visited tourist spot after Sydney. Cheers. John.
  14. Click on "Configure your Desktop". Select 'Advanced". Select "Login Manager". Put a tick in "Enable Auto-login", then select "user", and perhaps put a tick in "Lock Session" (I don't know if the Session lock is necessary since i have not tried it to see what it does). Hope this helps. Cheers. John.
  15. Since I am using 2010.0 as my base OS, and I had 2010-spring on another hard drive, I decided to try out the new 2010.2. I did a clean install of it including /home. It appears to be extremely stable. Two things stand out however (and were so also in 2010.1-Spring and 2010.0.) 1. After installing the nvidia driver, I have found that it is necessary to reboot the system and not just log out and back in. 2. Installing the HP Photo Printer requires the Printer (USB) to be disconnected during the OS install. Install the appropriate HP model drivers and printing packages. Reboot (Yes I know that shouldn't be necessary but I had to do it that way before I had any signs of success). Switch on the Printer and only then plug in the USB cable from the Printer into the computer. Now watch for a pop-up from the above near the clock on the right side of the main panel and click on it and follow the instructions. It is so sad when I remember that in 2008.1, when you switched on the printer it was detected immediately and started the install procedure there and then. I think 2010.2 is certainly "ready for prime time" as you put it, Roger, and so was 2010.1-Spring. Cheers. John.
  16. Hello Cliff. I use Standard for my security setting and always have done so that is probably why I and others have not experienced your problem. Do you have some special reason to use a higher level setting ???. For most users it is not really needed. It would make sense in higher level settings for it to be harder for USB and such like to be easily activated. Years ago when I started in Mandriva, I thought I was being extra security conscious by using the highest setting possible and often had all sorts of user problems. I soon learned that that all those higher level settings were not really meant for usual desktop usage. Open MCC (Mandriva Control Centre) and enter Security then enter Configure System Security. If you find the Secure box is ticked then change it to Standard. Each of the two alternate settings have an explanation so you will see what I am driving at. Cheers. John.
  17. Hello Camorri. What kernel are you using ???. I am using kernel-desktop-26.3.***.......I also install kernel-desktop-devel-26.3.***.... These are the ones most used for most destop users, as far as I know. Note I said most and not all. By the way the best way to install Mandriva2010-Spring is by clean install and NOT by upgrade (it is not just my view either.). As I said earlier, I have not had a problem with UPSs with USB in 5 or more years. I have noticed that 2010-Spring installs a different kernel as default install. Since I always change to the one I suggest using, that maybe is why I never have a problem. I can't be sure on that. When using the 2 APC packages make sure to uninstall NUT. Nut is intended for a hotch potch of various UPSs and could interfere with the APC packages (which are also helped by the APC company so top marks to them). It is worth a try. Cheers. John.
  18. Sure you can have an occasional problem with an update but keep in mind that when a problem is discovered with an update, it is usually found, reported and fixed very quickly by sending out a newer update as quickly as possible. By avoiding further updates you are effectively "cutting off your nose to spite your face". :) Updating from cooker is always a risk (I am not implying that you do so), that is why I only do security and bug fix updates which I do daily. When a problem has occurred it has always been quickly fixed. Cheers. John
  19. It seems that you have not installed the most important package for APC UPSs. It is........ GAPCMON. I have been using APC UPSs for at least 8 years and these two packages since they were first made available in Mandriva, thanks to Adam Williamson (now with RedHat). I am using an APC Backups CS 650 which has a USB connection and I assume that your unit has the same so there is no need to fiddle around with the KDE or Gnome processes using NUT (that I found to be very difficult to use and a huge waste of time). Install the package then reboot. You will then be able to click on the UPS icon and set up as you want by clicking on the ADD button and going on from there. Log out then back in and you should be good to go. Cheers. John.
  20. Yes I did and the job is finished. I will be dispatching Monday. Was planning a message later tonight but spotted your note here. Cheers. John.
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    I have already added it to my collection of Blender Movies. It really has been beautifully done. I especially love the singer and song at the very end, truly lovely. Cheers. John.
  22. Hello Prost. This is only a question of curiosity and should not be taken to imply a criticism of any kind. Just why are you still persevering with 2007 when Mandriva has advanced so far. I remember even 2008 was superior and rock solid at least ???. Have you tried more recent releases, e.g. 2008.0, 2008.1, 2009.0, 2009.1, 2010-0, 2010-spring ???. If you did , what sort of problems did you have ???. If your problem is not having good access to downloading ISOs then I can fix that for you very quickly by posting a DVD of 2010-spring (or earlier ones if you choose) to you by Air Mail quick smart. Cheers. John.
  23. Currently I am using 2010.0 as my main OS and have 2010-Spring installed to play around with. I use an HP Photosmart B109a-m (Multi) and have the similar sort of trouble that you experience. I have found that if I switch off the printer when not using it (energy saving of course) and just switch it back on, it will not print anything. Even rebooting does not fix the problem. The only thing I have found to work is to DISCONNECT the USB cable for about 10 to 15 seconds and then reconnect it. A pop-up appears on the panel and then says it is connecting the printer. It continues to work thereafter no matter how long the printer is powered so long as it is not switched off or rebooted. Somewhere along the way the Mandriva team seems to have screwed up something that used to work perfectly and trouble free since 2009, however considering we now know what the wonderful staff at Mandriva were going through these past 2 years, I am not surprised. What is amazing is that, despite all their trauma, so very few screwups have occurred. To the Mandriva team (current) and former (now Mangeia team), a great big thank you all. :thumbs: I hope my suggestion works for you too. Cheers. John.
  24. It sure looks and smells like SPAM this time also. John.
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