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  1. Thanks Scarecrow. Actually, I added the commands suggested earlier (aplay -q %s) and I've found that on the occasions when the main soundsystem is functioning, I now have sounds from Pidgin, which I didn't before. I did try Kopete and thought that it looked highly polished, but was disappointed to find that I could not make it connect over a proxy. Thanks everyone. This thread is now solved! (just the modem, fax server, mount points and home directories to fix now! I'll try to have them working before they bring out the 2009 version and break it all again!!)
  2. Thanks for the tip buddy. Actually, since I posted, I've found that the Linux Sound System is simply too unreliable on our laptop. I've spend many, many hours trying to resolve it but I think the fact is, Linux is just too young at this time. When we need to do something with sound now, like watch a presentation, we just boot into Windows, because it simply, works. In Linux, it works occasionally, but right now, it's not working and nobody has any ideas how to fix it here (see this thread). I've added command aplay -q %s as you suggested, so if and when the sound next, temporarily works, maybe we'll have sounds from Pidgin :) Thanks again addysdddy.
  3. Ah!, Thanks for the info about the .iso's. I didn't realise that I always assumed it was pretty much upto date. I'm wondering what command I would have run on the command line to update it (for future ref). I don't remember doing it for Mandriva but guess I must have! Must be getting old here! Pete I'm still trying to download that directory and contents by the way. I cancelled the download after 11hours as it showed no signs of ever completing and I only have 20Gb partition! I'm gonna try downloading it with Window's since my FTP in Window's has GUI then port the files to Linux to continue with the trying the solution.
  4. hmm... I think something must be wrong since it? been downloading for the last 5hours now. According to the graph on the proxy, there is plenty of download activity and has been all along. I wondering whether I messed up the command for wget? This is what I used, # wget -i FILE -r http://hg-mirror.alsa-project.org/alsa-driver/file/231c3e78143b I think I´m supposed to be downloading all the files and all the directories but it seems like I´m downloading the entire web! Can anyone check my wget command line please? Regards Pete
  5. Nice work Jim, I think I've found the directory containing those files now. I'm downloading via http using wget. Not sure where it's downloading to(!) but assuming I can find it afterwards, I'll try moving to the directory created earlier and continue with the instructions :) Regarding the other distros, I tried Linspire previously and found a similar situation with that, but the difference there seemed to be that the Linspire forums were full of people in the same boat with no Linux knowledge but there only seemed to be about two pro's answering posts. What I do like about Mandriva is that in the forums, I find many Linux guru's and hardcorers which is a great help when you're new :) I'll persever with this now I think, since I'm so far down the road with it. I really don't want to start again with another distro. If I really can't make it work, I'll return to windows, but I don't want that to happen. Will let you know how I get on with the rest of the solution. If it works for me, it might work for bookie too :) Regards and thanks Pete
  6. OK Jim, thanks for your help. I´m checking at http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php...load#FTP_Access for what I need but to be honest, I can figure it out. I think I need a driver but the post with the instructions that I´m following is refering to something called HG and I´ve no idea what that is. I followed a link on the page above to the HG repository but what I need from there I have no idea. It´s annoying since it´s beginning to feel like nothing works in Linux, My sound doesn´t work, so after 2 weeks trying several hours a day I find what is reported as a solution, only to find that it involves using rsync which doesn´t work on my installation either. I´m wondering whether the ftp utility is going to work when I get that far. I haven´t even started looking into the fax modem and built-in webcam yet, although I gave up with the wireless already :( I´m trying hard to remain positive and committed to a successful migration but hope is in short supply here. Thanks for bearing with me. Is anybody able to identify the name of the file that I need to download. I believe it is an Alsa Driver from the ´HG´'repository? Regards to everyone Pete
  7. After several hours more research, I find that rsync is not capable of working through my Proxy (ccproxy). Therefore, I removed the proxy, reconfigured the machine and connected directly to the internet and it still fails. I read up about rsync and set the proxy environment variable according to the instructions but it still failed. I can't be sure I cleared the variable afterwards as the instructions didn't mention how to do that. However, I did reboot before I tried it again without the proxy. One can't help wondering if this operating system is ready for general release? If Windows was such a challenge as most peoples linux experience seems to be, I'm sure computers would be very uncommon today! I really want to stop giving my money to Bill Gates, but at what personal cost to me will it be? I'm thinking of the number of hours of my time which is wasted, just because I want my wifes laptop to run linux. Anyway, I digress.. sorry. Does anyone know of alternative way of doing # rsync -avz --delete --exclude=.hg* rsync://alsa.alsa-project.org/hg alsa which does not involve using rsync? I really appreciate you being there! I'd have no hope without you all. Thanks. Peter
  8. I tried to follow the instructions here which begin as follows: # cd /usr/src/ # mkdir alsa # rsync -avz --delete --exclude=.hg* rsync://alsa.alsa-project.org/hg alsa I got as far as the 3rd line and it all fell apart. This is what I got.. # cd /usr/src/ # mkdir alsa # rsync -avz --delete --exclude=.hg* rsync://alsa.alsa-project.org/hg alsa rsync: failed to connect to alsa.alsa-project.org: Connection timed out (110) rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(104) [receiver=2.6.9] My internet / lan connection appears to be fine (I connect through a proxy but every seems to be working OK including the Autoupdate thing). Maybe the location moved? Is there away to find alternative location? According to http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Download the code/line is correct. Is there a workaround to this problem? I´ve retried this command many times over the last two hours. Regards, Peter
  9. Hey!! I might have the solution!!! Check out this page.. http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1488 This looks really promising but at first reading they are using terms that as a newbie I don't understand. I'm planning to read it again more carefully and follow some of the links on that page too before giving it a try. I'll keep ya-all posted! Pete
  10. Thanks everyone for your input. I've tried everyones suggestions so far including some of the one's in the link supplied. I turned off APIC and APCI and rebooted but still no reliable sound. I also found another post where the guy was saying that if he opened Kmix and then rebooted, it fixed it for him until the next boot. However, I tried that and found that by doing that I was getting sound about one in three boots (over a period of more than 20 reboots last night), but then it stopped working altogether, although, I reckon that with a few more reboots it would have returned occasionally! It seems to simply be 'random'! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Even if I make no config changes and open no applications before rebooting, I will get a different result often. This really has me baffled. I wish it would either work or not work, but when it's random, it's hard to figure! Regarding the kernel AussieJohn, you said, I was just suggesting that perhaps the new kernel was already included in the .iso that I downloaded to burn my original CD intallation disk. Since I have no idea how to upgrade the kernal if it's not possible to do with the Autoupdate. Anyway, regardless of how I got it, I seem to already be using the one you specified. About installing a new soundcard... I wish that was an option, but unfortunately this is a laptop with onboard sound :( From searching various forums, I can see various others with similar problems but I've yet to see one solved. I really hope I find a solution soon, since this is somewhat dissappointing :( Thanks again everyone for all your help. Peter
  11. I just found how to check and discovered that I'm already using that Kernal. I guess the Autoupdate took care of it (unless it was the one I burnt on the original CD). Anyway, looks like that's not going to be my solution (at least not this time around!). I'll keep searching for an answer while I'm waiting for Mandriva to release a fixed version :) Going to go back through the posts above and try all the stuff that bookie tried... at the very least, I'll learn a bit about the system and maybe fix some problems I didn't know I had along the way! Thanks for you help there John. Hope to see around. Peter
  12. Hi John, That's interesting that it improved after you installed the latest kernal. I downloaded my disk about 4 weeks ago and run the auto update 'thing' each day. Would that upgrade my kernal to the latest or do I need to do something else to do that?... it would at least be an improvement if I can make the sound work at least 50% of the time :) Sorry if I sound like a bit of a muppet! I'm new to Linux (although been a Windows network eng. for years), I'm still trying to get my head around it all. It's a good thing I've found a great forum here, full of helpful people :) Peter
  13. Not wanting to hijack this thread but just to add that bookie is not alone with this problem. I appear to have the exact same situation with Mandriva ONE 2008. The sound works about about 1 in 4 reboots and sometimes stops working during the session. I can't figure out how to obtain the model of my onboard soundcard in Asus A8F Series laptop, however, it may help you to know that in Windows it was using a driver provided by AnalogDevices and the driver name was ADI UAA Function Driver for High Definition Audio. I added this here, mainly so I can subscribe to the thread in case something is added later. I will start my own thread later regarding this problem. (I'm kind of hoping that a Mandriva update will be issued imminently though, to save me the trouble ;) Regards Peter
  14. I've just tried Kmix... perfect!! However, with volume set at 100%, I still have no sounds through Pidgin :( I guess this is a Pidgin issue only. Perhaps it's time for me to find another IM client that can handle multiple networks. Thanks for you help anyway Guys. (at least I have a volume icon in my status bar now :) Peter
  15. Thanks Guys. Followed your advice and copied the messages over without any problems. :)
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