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  1. Quick question. How can I set windows 7 up so that upon boot it automatically connects/allows access to the samba share? As at the moment each time I boot the machine and open my windows program I need to enter the samba details. I would like to automate this process.
  2. Thanks Ian. I didn't understand what you meant at all, but I downloaded Joomla onto my box, took me forever to setup a database and kinda make a site. lol. Most online tutorials recommend using a host that has joomla already on their servers. For me, for the site I have in mind, that is the way to go. But.....Now I have joomla installed locally, I'll build an inhouse site for fast access to all the businesses most commonly used links, internal docs etc. Thanks Paul. Yes, I can see how updates could be an absolute disaster at update time. I just don't have the time code by hand, not for my simple needs anyway. I have a friend that built his entire sites by code, everytime he updates or makes an adjustment it takes him hours and hours. A few frilly pictures, and my contact details is all I need, a cms will be fine.
  3. Quick update. It seems to be pretty sold. I've managed to get the printer system all set on the same network. We put a few whitelist rulings into the firewall to stop all the notifications every 30 seconds. Hopefully on the weekend I'll have time to set it up finally and get everything copied to the server and go live. Thanks for your help Ian.
  4. Thanks Ian. I had an IT guru mate of mine around to take a look at it. He checked the logs (var/messages ???) and found that the wireless IP from the win7 machine was allowed through the firewall but the ethernet connection wasn't. I'm not sure why the samba rule wasn't allowing it. He added a rule to allow the ethernet connection through and it all worked. Again, I will test it over a few days to make sure it's solid.
  5. I broke it :( I didn't realise, but I had it set up funny before. Somehow it was working through my wireless router. What I want is for the linux server box and the win 7 machine to be connected through an ethernet switch/hub. Now I simply can't get any sommunication at all. The switch is also connected to my 3g router, so thats how the internet is accessed. The routers ip is, pretty standard. Should the linux samba box have a static ip? When I set a static IP, i loose internet connectivity and have network problems. When I put it back to auto I at least have internet access. Any advice? Update I cannot get the wondows box to connect to samba with out the wireless router. As soon as I turn on the wireless router it connects, then I can run \\\username. I can ping the win7 box from the server, but with out the wireless router I cannot ping the samba server. Is this likely to be a config issue in windows, or is my switch the culpret....Or is there another cause I'm unaware of?
  6. Hi all. I'm running Mageia 2 at the minute (only for a little while longer :) ) I have tried using Kompozer, but it is a bit buggy. I was hoping Joomla was in the rep's, but it doesn't appear to be. What app are you using, or can suggest? I would rather stick with WYSIWYG, I have a handle on HTML, but don't have complicated needs and hours to spend on putting these pages together. All help appreciated.
  7. Hi Ian. No, I added the users using DrakSamba, the GUI. I think I found the drama! I had created another user on the linux box, and was logging in under that user, hence the read only access to the required user /home. It appears to be working ie. read/write access. Now, I just have to work on the windows side to get it all sorted back there :) Hopefully it should do I as I tell it to. I won't mark as solved until I'm completely sorted :) Thank you so much for the help Ian. Now, I have an understanding of Samba. It is simple, if you know where to start and where to aim.
  8. Thanks Ian, that worked! I know get asked for password, and have viewing access. Unfortunately I do not have write access. Heres part of my /etc/samba/smb.conf: [homes] path = /home/"username" comment = Home Directories browseable = yes public = yes writable = yes Mine is different in that it doesn't list" create mask = 0700 directory mask = 0700 valid users = %S guest ok = no
  9. Ah, ok, I did that Ian. It did not ask for a username or password, but I could see all the directories in my home folder. When I tried to open a file from windows, I got a warning that the file is locked for editing by "username". So we are making progress, but I have got a permission issue somewhere.
  10. Hi Ian, I followed your advice and installed drakwizard (surprised it's not installed by default). I also followed Older Mandriva Samba Install somewhat. I'm now at the point where I can see a 'homes' folder on my windows 7 machine, but I am unable to connect to it. My printer shows up, which is a good sign I hope. Are we at the stage where I should be using smbclient to test the server setup? I've been trying for a few hours tonight, but I just keep going in circles.
  11. Hi Ian, Ok. So we agree that Samba is the way forward. Now, I've looked at plenty of info, but I continue to get so lost in the detail :( Is the basic process: 1: Build samba server on linux box. 2: Get windows to connect to samba server. Sounds simple, but I'm stuck on all the little details. Details such as, the network name. How do I tell what that is? Or do I need to create that? My two pcs are connected through a router BTW. Any help most appreciated.
  12. Hi guys. I was hoping this would be simple, but I am getting lost so easily :( What I have is I have built a new PC running Mageia to be my server/main business desktop. On this machine I will do most of my creative stuff and store my data. I have a windows 7 laptop which is neccesary for some programs which I need to use that are proprietary. What I had planned to do was set up a samba share so that my windows 7 laptop can access the linux server with all the data on it, and treat it as a local drive/file. Am I going the right way about this? If so, can I please get some advise on how to make this happen? Or if I'm going about it wrong, a new plan of attack? Regards. XBOXBOY
  13. Hi Speedball, I have no dmraid.service, but there is a dm.service. Is that likely to be it? The service says static.
  14. Hi all, I'm completely baffled here. Before I get flamed for using fake raid, please be aware that it suits my dual boot system. Once mageia 2 is installed, i was able to install mdraid, then # dmraid -r Which accurately found my array drives. # dmraid -ay Activates the array properly, then I simply mount it and everything is perfect. Until the next reboot. I have to run # dmraid -ay to activate the array, then i have to mount it. If I mount it in fstab it hangs, as the array isn't activated. I activated and mounted it, ran mkinitrd, but this didn't work either. I was able to get a partial solution by using rc.local, but this was less than ideal, as I like to use system links to the data array. To many hours on the net show this is possibly a mageia 2 bug. All I need is to be able to activate the array as soon as the dmraid driver mounts, then everything will work. It sounds sooooo simple...........
  15. Hi all, It's sad for me to watch the activity drop off on this great forum. I have learned so much from the many great people here. Whilst I don't using mandriva these days, and I have never tried out Mageia, I certainly miss the great installer, the beautiful bootloader art and the familiar desktop of Mandriva's KDE. But over the recent time I have watched in awe as Mageia has moved into 2nd place on distrowatch's ranking. I hope this is a sign of how great the spin off into Mageia has been. And I hope that it's sustainable. My only question is, "is Mageia supported enough to provide a secure system these days?"
  16. Dude67, tackled my Logo and made a top job of it. I am most thankful. Thanks, Dude67
  17. I'm late to the party, but I don't know if what you want can be done. I certainly don't know how to. Have you seen those little MK802 Mini-pcs (ebay or other online sellers)? Run a linux distro on it and your away. I'm pretty sure I've read that there is even a XBMC distro for it (or that could be for the RaspberryPI?) These babies run off a usb (so only 5volt) and have insane amounts of computing power.
  18. Hi guys, This might be a little rude, but I'm hopeless when it comes to designing, and using any form of graphical program. I need two logos to be done. One I have got the basic design sorted out, I just can't make it look nice. The other I'm yet to think about. Is anyone kind enough to lend a hand? Thanks
  19. Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna go android phone, and use google storage just for the absolutely necessary files. If I need more than that, I may have to look into setting up private cloud, with a home/business based server thats remotely accessible.
  20. Hi all, I'm gearing up to become ready for the current world in which we live. What I'm wondering is how is everyone accessing their data on the move? Given Apple's some what 'take it or leave it' approach, I assume most Linux users have stayed away from the i devices? I personally are thinking of setting up a "one" account through Ubuntu, which can be accessed through a browser. That way, I can access it at home on my Linux box, I can access on the move through Android devices "eg phones or tablets" or even windows pcs. For music I would probably use a generic MP3 player rather than the ipod path. Does this sound wise? Does anyone else have another method they are using? I am most interesting in hearing how people are managing this. Thanks
  21. Sorry to hijack thread, but can I use smartctl to check hard drives in a onboard raid array?
  22. Ah, good advice. And I agree on the processor, she is a little laggy. When my friends compare to 'reputable' smart phone she is slow, but meh. It's my first 'smartphone', I run a business, and have a separate private number so it seems like a good solution. It's not perfect, no where near actually, but a good solution.
  23. Thanks guys, I hadn't figured the unknown sources would stop installing stuff from other third party markets. Yes, this box is unchecked, and will remain so. NEXUS, when you say back up phone contacts, can that also copy sms? I hate that I cannot download sms to my PC! and then everytime the phone crashes and needs a battery removal, I loose all my sms history. I know there are apps specifically for this, but I am very nervous about getting a nasty one.
  24. Hi guys, (mods please move if in wrong area) I am getting used to this Android way of life. I have a Chinese Android dual sim phone, handy for personal and work. I want to start to install some apps, but how can I be sure that the manufacturer installed "Android Market" app is taking me to the Genuine Android Market? This phone is used to all sorts of important stuff, so security is critical (isn't it always?). Security is one area Apple seems to have it all over Android (that and I can't save sms texts to my pc easily!). Who here is using Android, and how do you deal with an open market when it comes to downloading apps? So, is it possible to determine if I am accessing the official market, and how can you be certain apps are secure?
  25. I hear what your saying theYinYeti. But I like KDE, so I'm thinking mint might be my next. Not sure if they have Gnome. It's a shame mandy has moved in the direction it has.
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