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  1. It was obviously the VIA C3 processor that was the problem, because I switched it out with and Intel PIII and it's what I'm using now to write this. FYI
  2. Well I have never seen anything Linux oriented where I live in the US. Even the techie-geek store where I buy components doesn't have anything about it. There was a brand new never opened box of some Red-Hat linux system in the thrift store, but that was because I found it in a heap of trsh and took it there myself (I'm kicking myself now).
  3. I have Mandriva 2007.1 installed and, as far as I can tell, it installed properly. I'm using it right now to post this. My problem is that the CD burning software can't tell that a blank disk is in the drive. I have been through the system configuration tabs and everything looks right. Any ideas on what I need to do next?
  4. Well it must have been a hardware issue on that system because since then I tried it on two other systems and it worked perfectly - thanks.
  5. I downloaded [mandriva-linux-2007-spring-one-GNOME-cdrom-i586.iso] and burned it to disc as an image. When I put it in the drive and reboot the sequence gets as far as the first Mandriva page header then reboots. There are several other files in that set but I don't know what to do with them. I'm trying to use it on an older PIII system (CM33-TL MoBo; Via C3 1.0G Processor; 256 MB RAM). What am I doing wrong (or is it my hardware?)
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