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  1. The only thing that I learned from using playonlinux, was that I didn't need playonlinux. Plus the icon looks idiotic. I agree, I thought that wine-doors is/was awesome. I think in one of his blogs he also suggested the possibility of someone mirroring his repos. But then, I might be the reason that his bandwidth for last month was so high, because I think I put IE6, Opera, DirectX 9c and some other bits on to about 4 of my units. If anyone should help him pay his bandwidth it should be me... ;)
  2. Wine-Door is crashing because the repositories have been taken off-line.
  3. Hi, I haven't been here for a few weeks because everything is working very well and I have figured out everything that I needed to figure out. Thanks to eveyone who answered my earlier questions. My next one is somewhat vague: Are there any system utils that I need to be running as regular maintenance, like some version of DEFRAG? Just wondering... [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  4. I can't help you with your technical problems, but if you have the KDE desktop in 2008 then the way I shut down is to [click] the little red button in the lower right corner. This gives you the options to restart or shutdown.
  5. Hi again, I've been having a blast with Wine and I'm amazed at how well it runs some of my favorite programs like FastStone Image Viewer and Quicken. Awesome! It has been installing from CD just fine, but when a game or installer askes to insert CD and click [OK] it can't find the CD drive. I did some searching on mounting a CDRom drive in case that was the problem, but I haven't had any luck so far. Is there a way to have the CDRom drive mapped as D:\ as Windows would have it? I am using 2008.0 and loving it . EDIT: I think I found what I need here. When I get home I'll try it. Man I love this OS, it just get's better every day.
  6. ^^Thanks silversurfer60. I have DOSBox running now but the game that I am working on is Tomb Raider, so there are a few hurdles to overcome. I found out that I need a CVS build of DOSBox with glide emulation, and I found what I need, but I have a few dependencies to fulfill and a bit more head scratching. In the meantime, I installed DOSBox using urpmi, so I don't even know where the folder is that the edited dosbox.conf file should go. I'm sure that is a no-brainer for most of y'all, but where is it?
  7. Well things are working pretty well right now and I'm using my Linux unit for ALL of my essential computing needs. I'll tell you a little about what I use a computer for and what I like to do with computers and you'll see I'm the perfect candidate to plow headlong into a deep and meaningful relationship with an OS based entirely on opensource. I'm one of the people who used to bitch and whine about Windows 3.1 when it assimilated DOS in no time flat. Of course, back then we just thought that it was a secret conspiracy by MicroSoft to take over the whole world..... Then I spent several years when I did not even own a computer and I got so far behind that I had no clue what was going on. I think it must have been about December 2005 when I built a unit out of surplus, put Win98 on it and began trying to catch up. I soon realized that Win98 couldn't run some of the hardware that I was fishing out of barrels of junk, so I got W2K Pro. That's as far as I got with MS OS. Last spring I bought new components for the first time in my life and built a unit that was based on the requirements for Vista. I put W2K on it too, and everything was working so well that I decided that there was no way that I was going to mess it up trying to install Vista over the top. AT this time I got involved with the Tomb Raider community at tombraiderforums.com, and I and another member, SparedLife, broke open the modding scene for Tomb Raider the angel of darkness. There was a lot of activity buzzing around TR Legend and TR Anniversary, but very little for angel of darkness so I started an AOD website to host the mods and tools that were coming out. This was when I began to really look seriously at Linux, because it seemed to me that for basic site maintenance and HTML editing there was no reason why a Linux distro couldn't handle the job. Vista was again out of the question, because it's like any dangerous addiction: when you take one hit you have to keep going back to get more. The only problem with MS idea about computing is that each hit has to cost the user about $500. Another thing that made me snicker was that my ex-wife bought a fancy new Vista laptop and my daughter can't get any of her games to run on it. My home made W2K units has been able to run anything I tried so far. So I've been doing all my website maintenance and communicating with my Linux unit (where I'm writing to you from now) and everything is perfectly satisfactory and we are good to go. Now, however, I have embarked on a sort of side-quest to work my way through the Tomb Raider series of games and see if I can get them running satisfactority on Linux. It is very early in this quest so far, and I have not even found all of the resources that are out there yet.
  8. OK problem solved. I can mout the CDrom drive. @skyhawk:- you are absolutelyy right about the sound bugs. I'll check out VOGONS forum when I get a chance. Thanks
  9. Yes, I have 2008.0. Well I considered both your advice and that of skyhawk for while before I did anything. While I was dithering I went to the Easy-Urpmi link at the top of the page and went through that short protocol, and since that seemed to work I thought, what the heck, let's try scooma's way first and see what happens. So the long and the short of it is dosbox is running and looks as solid as a rock. :D Amazing. I think I'm falling in love again. Anyway, now my total noobness is really showing, and I am so indoctrinated by Windows that I don't know how to reference the cdrom drive in Linux so that dosbox can mount it. What's the trick to doing that? Thanks a lot both of you for responding.
  10. I don't know how to install dosbox 7.2. Most of the help that I have found so far deals with problems people run into once they start using it, but I have not got that far yet. I am trying to get they syntax right to be able to launch install.sh in terminal, but I can't figure it out from looking at install --help. I know someone out there knows how to do it.
  11. I won't distro-hop. In fact, I spent some time before I even tried a live CD looking at the various brands that were out there before I settled on Mandriva. I even entitled this thread "for better or for worse," because that is part of the marriage vows which are a solemn commitment between two people. "For better of for worse," I picked Mandriva and I'm sticking with it (which means that y'all are stuck with me....). :D
  12. Wow those are some amazing posts. You write very well, Praxis. I am a complete noob with Linux and I attempted to update to firefox, but because of the protection on the directory where the program is stored, the automatic update failed. Luckily the release notes that were on the firefox update page were enough to teach me how to do it from the terminal console. Then I came here to find out how to get around the protection on the directory. I hope I'll understand all this as well as you seem to one day.
  13. Well thank you to everybody who has responded either with help, encouragement or understanding. I am really starting to enjoy this now. I started with 2007.1 GNOME, and was delighted. I think without realizing it I got 2008.1 KDE (it's what you get at the main download page) and so that threw me a little, but it is quite wonderful. I have since tried 2008.1 GNOME, but frankly, I think I'm going to stick with KDE when I install 2008.0 on a nice new fresh harddrive. Why did it have to be 'K's? Perhaps you have to have lived in the South Eastern USA to develop an aversion to seeing big 'K's all over the place, but I'm not going to let that anachronistic prejudice stop me from learning how to use this OS. I finally found the CD Burner. Do y'all realize that K3D does not exactly leap out and say "Hey, I burn CDs?" Even when you move the mouse over the icon there is no little yellow window that says "Burn CDs." There is no place in the tools menu that says "Burn CDs." If you don't know what K3D is and does (and why would anyone coming from Windows) there is a disconnect. However, I have not experienced any bugs or technical problems whatsoever. My only problem is being a noob and having been left alone in the dark with MicroSoft for too long. B) But thanks everybody On my other forum (tombraiderforums.com) there was a member complaining bitterly about Vista and saying that they were going to go buy XP. I asked, is throwing more money at MicroSoft really the answer? And I recommended using Mandriva Linux. He responded, "I've tried it, it's crap." At that point I realized that there are some people who will never be happy, no matter what you try to do for them, or no matter what resources they have avaliable. I certainly don't want to be one of them. Thanks again everyone :D
  14. Well maybe I just feel like an idiot because I have to ask for help... This is new to me. I never had to ask for help before, and I've been working with computers for quite a while.
  15. My experience with Windows goes back a while, to when 3.1 began to supplant DOS. As I recall I have always been able to figure out what I needed to do. This catches me by surprise when I have to go to a forum to ask a question instead of a help manual. MicroSoft may have it's problems, but it's always been extensively documented. What is frustrating is that the problems I am running into are NOT technical, they are user based. The solutions are always relatively simple, but finding the solutions is a totally different process to what I'm used to. The world is changing, that's for sure, 1000 page printed manuals are going the way of the dinosaur, but that means that the help and support has to come from somewhere else. I downloaded 2008.1, burned an image, installed, and I got what I got. Now some dude on a forum has to explain to me why I don't have what I need. Or why I can't find it even when it is right in front of me. I am not a novice, but I am not an expert, either. I build all my own units and I am proud of my technical independance. So not being able to figure out how to burn a CD is an issue. I have done it hundreds of times, and I am absolutely sure that this system is capable of doing it. So why isn't it done yet? I never spent any time on a phone to microsoft to figure stuff like this out because their help documentation was vast and well referenced. So now I have to have to deal with super-advanced techie experts on a forum who act like I'm an idiot. This product is technically great, but it is not complete. But if the definition of complete means that there has to be an extensive help documentation then the definition is no longer valid, because things just don't work that way any more. You're going to see a flood of people coming who are sick of the solution to their computing problems being to blow another $500 in microsoft's direction, so you better get used to it, and realize that just because we can't figure out this product the way that we're used to figuring out products, doen't mean that we're morons.
  16. I did a fresh install and it was perfect. All hardware appears to be detected and usable. Have to give it an excellent for that. I'd have to give an excellent for performace and stability too. I am running into a few problems but they are definitely not bugs, it's just a reflection of the very low knowledge base that I have with this system. It is not as simple and intuitive as 2007.1 with Gnome, but so far I think that 2008.1 with KDE is more of what I want, even though it may take me a while to figure everything out.
  17. OK, I'm back. I'm double posting but I have more stuff to whine about on this 2008.1 KDE desktop. Not having access to the /urs/ directory means that automated updates for things like firefox (install_flash_player_9_linux) fail. Thanks to the responses to this thread I was able to add a folder for firefox right next to the firefox, install the flashplayer from a terminal console, and update the link from the hot button on the desktop. This is not going to fly with people who have been told that this is a simple replacement alternative to Windows. This is really like a delightful blend of DOS and Windows, which I a happy to learn, but a lot of people will simply not bother. And another thing. Where is the CD burner? Everything that was amazingly simple and easy in 2007.1 is gone from 2008.1. The KDE is an impressively bewildering array of nice looking controls, but I can't find what I need. This is not helpful.
  18. You're right, I couldn't find it either. That's weird, it was there in 2007.1.
  19. Thank you too. I'll do that when I get a chance. I have downloaded 2008 Free, but I haven't done anything with it yet until I am confident that I'm going to make the switch to Mandriva as my primary OS in place of Windows. I have to say that I am very impressed at how well the instalation detected all my hardware, so so far I am definitely willing to invest the time to learn this. It's the little things that I think should be no-brainiers that tick me off when I can't figure them out. Thanks, see you around folks.
  20. ^^ Thank you, that's very helpful. Now, I'll be back when I've trashed my computer... :D
  21. LOL OK, I found the place. There are a lot of packages listed but But task-gnome and gnome-desktop are not there. Maybe I'll get there in the end. Thanks. I found the folder where the screensaver images are but I can't copy any images into it because of the protection on it. That's why I would appreciate being able to log in as an administrator - I'm not interested in fooling around with the OS, I'd just like to be able to use the directory.
  22. Thank you for the responses. Now please if you would tell me how to find the MCC, because even that doesn't seem particularly obvious to me. Edit: never mind, I've been using it already but it is accessed using "configure your computer." I still can't find an option to install Gnome. Maybe you like to trash your computer, but I just like to operate mine
  23. First impression: Wow, why the heck did they even bother putting out 2007 if they had something like this up their sleeve. Now that I am getting into it... Where on earth are the images stored for the screensaver? In 2007 there was an option to use the contents of the Pictures folder for the screensaver. What is with this KDE thing with the K's everywhere. Makes my skin crawl with images of men wearing bedsheets. Can we run 2008 with the Gnome desktop? Why can't I log in as root? Why can't I do what ever I want my MY computer? This release seems much more grown up and professional, but is it?
  24. Good question. I need to go to bed but tomorrow I'll start switching stuff around and testing it with a newer unit that I have, and see if the problem is that I'm trying to get away with using hardware that ought to be in a landfill rather than in my PC. Thanks EDIT: It was old hardware. With a newer burner unit it worked perfectly. Thanks.
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