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  1. New Linux user. Always used Dreamweaver in Windows. Is there something similar for Linux? or something that is easy to use. I am not proficient enough to design and edit web pages in a text editor so something like Dreamveaver would fit the bill.
  2. Figured it out I had to put "sh ./" and not "$ sh"
  3. Installed MAndriva 2007 Spring on my brother's pc. By default it only allows him to choose up to 1024x768 for his monitor resolution. So we went to ATI's website and got the appropriate driver for his ATI x1200 iVcard. I am having trouble installing it though. Here is the error I am getting: Any ideas? Thanks = ]
  4. Yes it is all solved. At first it would not let me instal it as user, gave me an error saying it did not have write permissions to the dir it wanted to instal to. I switched to root and then it installed fine.
  5. I gave that a go and get the following error: I tried it as root as well. Any ideas? EDIT: NM, figured it out, I just copy/pasted what you wrote and ther was an extra period in it. Thanks for the help.
  6. Excellent, that did the trick and I appreciate the help = ]
  7. I am new to Linux so forgive this simple question. I D/L Wolf ET. It came in a zip file which I extracted. How do I now instal the file it gives me?
  8. I have had Mandriva 2007 Spring on my PC for a few days now and am really liking it thusfar. I went to try the game Tremulous but it won't startup. I assumed it is because I need to update the drivers for my ATi Radeon 9600. I did the update through Easy-Urmpi and found the package. When I click on it I get the following pop-up window: Which one am I supposed to choose? The first one? Thanks = ]
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