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  1. Yes it´s not possible to view drm protected files.
  2. Read the wiki. Link at the top of the page.
  3. Kaffeine uses xine as backend, not mplayer :)
  4. Just use the integrated vnc tools in kde or gnome. Security is good enough (I mean you´re not going to do your online banking over vnc right? )
  5. You need to install the codec package for mplayer, not xine. :)
  6. KDE and Gnome come with integrated vnc clients and servers. Why would you want to use anything else?
  7. The filters in avidemux do that. :) I don´t use them since I only record from the TV signal as an mpeg2 file but last time I looked there where crop filters etcetc http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/
  8. /dev/hda is where my cd player is. Just leave yours as it is. :) I meant this: But perhaps your older version doesn't have this option. Try starting kscd from a console by typing: artsdsp kscd (that will play the sound trough arts and should do it)
  9. You probably need to pipe the sound through arts. In the kscd condigwindow, check: digital sound and select arts. (I'll put s screenshot here to make things more clear.)
  10. A blank kmix (what happens when you type: alsamixer in a console?) ususally means the driver isn't installed correctly. Make sure every sound application is shut dwon and nothng is using the soundcard when you configure sound. Try again.
  11. You could try using alsa. Click configure and select this driver. (it will probably install the alsa packages). Then go to system, services and make sure alsa is running. (do all this with all sound applications closed.)
  12. devries


    No but it will show what happens when you start kalarm (if something is wrong). With these errors we can try and find a solution. Here is a copy of my kalarmrc. Try this:
  13. devries


    Read this: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=31447
  14. I think you have onboard sound. You have to tell the musicplayer application to use the soundblaster and not the onboard sound chip. (Or you could disable onboard sound in the BIOS)
  15. devries


    Just open a console and type: kalarm. :D
  16. devries


    Kde config files are in ~/.kde/share/config or ~/.kde/share/apps/kalarm. What errors do you get when you start kalarm from a konsole?
  17. What errors do you get when you try to play a sound?
  18. This is in Dutch: http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_m...ndige%2Cscripts If you can't read Dutch just have a look at the scripts.
  19. What is the error message acompaning the message the package could not be installed? Have you setup urpmi correctly?
  20. Sounds like a problem with digikam. Have you tried reinstalling or updating digikam?
  21. Yes same problem here. I keep an eye on the nvnews forum but so far nothing.
  22. Have you tried restarting KDE? What happens if go to the trash folder trough Konqueror (click 'go to' and select trash). Can you drag and drop trash to the trash folder? Can you empty your trash folder?
  23. Basically there are 2 options then, Freevo and Mythtv. I´ve used both (now using Mythtv). I´ve written howtos (see the tips and tricks forum) how to install these. As with everything else: if you know what you are doing it is easy. Mandriva 2006.0 works perfectly with mythtv. I don´t know about freevo with 2006.0 but I doubt you will have problems. I think you should just install it and see how it goes. if you need specific advize for som eof the problems you will run into post them here. Good luck.
  24. If you just want to play your divx collection you don´t need a htpc solution: just a fileserver and lirc (linux infrared control) is enough. You can install a vnc server on the file server if you want to control it from widows.
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