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  1. help! [solved]

    thanks demon--u just don't know how close i was to trashing my computer and never having anything else to do with linux! (and i really mean that) your suggestion saved my day (and computer) MUCH THANKS
  2. help! [solved]

    thanks for the info. i understand what you are stating and only used that as a means to hopefully have someone to look. i have a totally unusable display right now because of the setting i changed. i can view windows just fine, but not linux
  3. help! [solved]

    i hope this is the right forum... i have an acer aspire 5100 with ati radeon xpress 1100 graphics. i was in the mandriva contol panel looking at settings and changed a setting (enable translucency). when i logged out and logged back in, my screen was a garbled mess! how can i boot into mandriva and change my settings back so that i can get a viewable picture? also, how do i edit the grub so that my system boots directyl to windows?
  4. just this past week (i believe tuesday) i installed mandriva spring 2007.1 on my laptop. it is an acer aspire 5100 loaded with windows vista home premium. my laptop has the radeon xpress 1100 (integrated) video card installed and i have not had any problems with the laptop running any type of 3D effects or such. and i absolutely have no problem at all dual booting between vista and mandriva. as previous posts have stated, it is probably due to the video card rather than mandriva.
  5. hello. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good book about linux. i have been using mandriva for about a week now, and i do like what it has to offer. the problem is i really don't understand anything under-the-hood. i think of everything concerning mandriva within a "windows bubble" and it confuses me all the more. on a totally unrelated question, what is the difference between the live cd version and the dvd version of mandriva spring 2007.1? thanks.
  6. installation issues [solved]

    well, when i tried to boot into windows the grub hung up and gave me an error code (i can't remember though). as i stated in the initial post, this was an attempt to install mandriva on a usb hdd. when i used my recovery disc to reset the system back to factory condition, the grub remained and still hung up preventing me from booting into windows. luckily, the laptop hdd automatically partitions the disc (in windows) which gives me c: and d: drives, whereas c: is windows system drive and d: is an empty partition. my last resort was to install mandriva directly on the hdd and forego my dreams of having mandriva run from an external usb hdd. my first try was no success and i think that i made the mistake when the last step of the installation process (choosing grub or lilo and choosing the boot drive) asked me what drive was going to be the boot drive. i changed the intial setting which still kept me from booting into windows. the second attempt, and i must add my successful attempt, i kept everything at their default settings and everything has been fine since--well almost. what is irking me now is not actually an installation problem but a hardware configuration problem (getting the bcmwl5.sys file to lib/firmware--i don't know how to do it yet and until i do, i can't use the wifi on my laptop--so let me search the forums ) anyway, except for that issue, all is fine in mandriva-land. for all who at least attempted to offer any help, thanks
  7. installation issues [solved]

    ok, so all's not well. it seems that something wrong happened with the laptop install--i don't know what. i got all the way to where i was asked to reboot and when it rebooted it hung up. no i keep getting a grub error and can't boot into windows. i even tried my windows recovery disc to no avail. need help bad!
  8. i have an hp a1209n desktop pc. it runs windows xp home, it has 2gb ram and a radeon 9250 videocard (if anymore info is needed please post). i've been trying all day today with no avail to get the spring 2007.1 live cd to boot, but the installation always freezes. i've tried as well to boot with other options (noapic, etc.) still with no success. to my surprise, the live cd booted with absolutely no problem on the first run on my laptop. it runs vista home premium, 3gb ram, ati xpress 1100 mobo integrated video. i really would like to install mandriva on my desktop though. any help? thanks.
  9. fx5200 card [solved]

    hey daniewicz & greg2, i want to thank you for your help--the links and advice. it seems that the necessary drivers for my card were already installed. although i didn't exactly know what i was doing terminology wise, i was in deed doing the right thing. this morning i went to my rig and went: system>administration>configure your computer. from the control center (software management already highlighted), i clicked on 'look at installable software and install software packages.' from there, i selected system, then kernel and hardware. lo and behold, i see the nvidia drivers selected as installed. prior to sending the initial post, i did a system update (114 total updates were involved) and i shut the system down. so i had no idea that the drivers were included in the update and installed. had i not read the links you provided, i would not have thought to check this out and probably would have still been banging my head . again, i thank you for your time and your effort in helping me out.
  10. fx5200 card [solved]

  11. fx5200 card [solved]

    thanks. (i'm still feeling around this os as well as this forum )
  12. installing on usb drive

    ok. thanks. i'm going to try the install today. :D
  13. here's the scoop... i have an old computer that i installed mandriva to as the main os. i wanted to get my feet wet. so, on my newer desktop i have an expendable 100gb usb harddrive. i want to install mandriva on my usb drive but set up my pc so that windows always boots first by default. what do i need to do to make this happen? i post this because earlier this year, i tried to do the very same thing, except with opensuse. everything installed AOK, but it was just that i didn't want to have to always select to have windows to boot. this pc is always going to be a windows machine because of the software i have and given a choice, i want to choose to boot linux. anyway, because i didn't like the fact that linux booted first by default, i tried to uninstall opensuse from my usb drive and messed everything up. i had to do a windows reinstall and haven't messed with anything linux flavored since this past friday, when i installed mandriva to the relic pc. the relic pc runs mandriva fine, but it is in my garage (quite uncomfortable). any help would be much appreciated.
  14. fx5200 card [solved]

    yes, nvidia fx 5200 videocard. as far as what i want to do with the drivers, (not trying to be sarcastict, but) i want them to work! i downloaded a driver from nvidia , Linux Display Driver - x86, Version: 100.14.11, Release Date: June 21, 2007, and i had no success trying to install the driver.