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  1. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. I am from India and we don't get to buy Mandriva Cds in India. So i was looking for an alternative. If i could download them someplace. Thanks.
  2. Hi! I got to know that the latest version of Mandriva can be downloaded, i had a big problem the last time i tried installing the OS on my system and i am petrified to think of having to run into the same thing again. I managed to reload some motherboard drivers and install the OS. I do want to run the newer version on my system so can anyone help me out and thrown some light on how i could go about it. I want to install the new version ( 64 bit ) but i am not too sure as to how to go about it. Since i had a CD the last time things went on fine. Thank you
  3. Hey! Thanks for the suggestions. I got this book ( understanding the Linux Kernel ) by Daniel Bovet. It seems to be a decent book can't say much because i have only just started. I asked for the Robert Love book and its out of stock till Monday. I just want to make sure i read the right kind of stuff. I I logged on to kernelnewbies.org and it's got a a lot of things. I could not find much for a beginner like me. I guess i will go through it once more in leisure. Please feel free to suggest other things i could possibly do. Thanks Lamb
  4. Hi! I have decent programming experience (C/C++). I wish to know more about kernel development and the things i need to do to get into it . Information pertaining to the books i need to refer to and if i need to go join a course. I know a bit about kernels and how they work but have never written any code. I would be grateful if you guys could suggest something and how i should go about doing this. Thank you lamb
  5. lambofgod


    Hey! I finally got Mandriva up and running, now i am told that i need to install gtkmm on my system. I don't know how to go about doing this. I downloaded the latest version and i don't know which directory to install it in. I need to get started with it by the day after. Can someone help me out. [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  6. Hey!! I wish to thank all of you for helping me out and giving me pointers about a dual boot system, i am indeed very happy to say that i have sorted out my problem, i had to install some motherboard drivers and things are working pretty well, i am using Mandriva to post this message and i really am very happy that i got this thing going again. Thanks to everyone of you for helping me out.
  7. Thanks Dexter! I was under the impression that C++ was being used in recent times since it handles exceptions better than C, and also because of its OOP approach.
  8. Thanks a lot iphitus, i just found out if the book was available, was told that i could come back in a week and get a copy.
  9. Hey, I just wanted to say that i do know for a fact that the Linux kernel is written in C and its applications are written either in C or C++ on Gtk+ or Gtkmm (C++) . I just wanted to know if C++ was being used in the newer versions. Thanks
  10. Hi! I am keen on knowing more about kernel programming using C++, i do remember reading articles which talk about C++ being a bad choice for kernel programming but this was a while ago when the compilers were not half as good as they are now. Any suggestions about where i can start, i am a novice when it comes to kernel programming and have always been fascinated with it. If i were to begin, where do i start from? I want to start from the basics since i know nothing about kernel programming and its architecture. Thanks
  11. Hey!! I finally did reformat my HDD and install WinXP and tried installing Mandriva on it but in vain, i got the same error that i have mentioned in my first post. I figured one thing that if there was something wrong with my HDD ( bad sector ) i should not have been able to install Windows either. I really don't know what to do now. I have not even made a partition for Linux as such, just left a lot of place for it on the HDD. Any suggestion as to what i could possibly do since i am done with the formatting bit as well. Thanks
  12. Hello! I downloaded a diagnostic tool to check my HDD, ran a variety of tests and nothing showed up. I guess its fine. The only thing that i haven't done is formatted my HDD. I have quiet a bit to back up and i can't write them all on Cds. It's a Herculean task to do it all over again. I never had this problem when i had the older version of Mandriva. I also wanted some help with regards to partitioning my HDD. How much space should i allocate and what should i load first ( Windows XP or Linux ) I have been given a few options and one of them was to load Windows XP first, with some space for data ( NTFS format ) that's two partitions then leave the third part free to load Mandriva with 2Gb of swap and finally a partition for the data. The other option was to load Linux on 1. Hda 1 -- Linux 10Gb 2. Hda 2 -- XP ( FAT 32 ) 10Gb 3. Hda 3 -- Swap 2Gb 4. Hda 4 -- Linux \home -- 40 Gb 5. Hda 5 -- XP( FAT 32 ) I don't know which OS to install first and what is the best solution for optimized performance. I remember having read that Linux should be installed first. Can anyone tell me how to go about this. Thank you.
  13. Hey, It boots from the CD rom, starts up asking me if i want to install or upgrade, i choose install and then it refuses to go any further. This happened after i formatted my HDD the first time. Like i have mentioned in my earlier post, things were going smoothly until it started giving me some errors while installing some packages this was when i used the 386iso. Then i decided to install the 64bit Mandriva 2007 Spring version since my system supports it. It formatted my HDD and then gave me some error that said /mnt -- can't remember the rest of it. Now it just does not cross " Loading the program into memory " section. It halts there and gives me all the errors that i have mentioned. One way of doing it would be to reformat my entire HDD but i don't wish to do that and i don't wish to load any other version of Linux either. There should be some way out of this.
  14. Hello!! I have been using Mandriva 2007 for a while now, i came upon this idea of wanting to install some additional packages such as Gtk+ etc and i got my friend's Mandriva Cds. I started getting all kinds of errors and i finally decided to reinstall Mandriva. This time i got the 2007 Spring 64bit version. Things went smoothly until i got an error which i can't really remember what it was but i could not proceed any further. It happened after i had set partitions and had started to format it. I was stuck so i rebooted the system and ever since that it does not even cross the first screen. It stops at saying initialization error before which i get a screen full of errors which says something like <4> ide failed opcode was:unknown <4> end-request: I/O error, dev,hda, sector 8834416 <4> hda: media error( bad sector ) : status = 0x51 <4> hda: media error( bad sector ) : { Driver ready SeekCompleteError } And a lot more of some very similar messages. It finally exits saying " Fatal error " , " Initialization error ", exiting abnormally, it is safe to reboot or halt your system. My machine is fairly new, its a dual boot system with 250 GB hard drive. Core 2 duo 1.86Ghz Processor with 1Gb RAM, ASUS P5GZ-MX motherboard. I desperately need to load Mandriva. Could anyone please help me out and tell me what the best possible option would be. ( Other than reformatting my entire hard drive which has a lot of data on the Windows partition ). Thank you.
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