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  1. Testing out transparencies in kde. plastik for style and decoration. default icons, color and gkrellm theme. mdk 10.1oe If anyone is interested, the pic is named Corereflex1x.jpg and was taken by a guy who had photographed his processor with a microscope. I placed it temporarily here - http://www.geocities.com/axelj96/wallpapers/Corereflex1x.jpg
  2. james


    Just my 2 bits... ECS isnt shaky also. They are ISO certified and they do produce a lot of mobos. ECS mobos are not just overclock friendly. (For example, my current Sempron 2400+ can only reach 2 Ghz as the limit on the ECS KT600A mobo is 200 FSB).
  3. james

    My Doom virus

    I guess Microsoft knows best .... check Netcraft as of Feb 13, 2004. :)
  4. Its included in beta 4620 drivers. you can however use it in other drivers, just copy nvidia-settings file from /usr/bin directory then place it back when you install newer drivers.
  5. try to go to MCC, install package "sndconfig". If you are using MDK 9.2, it'll install sndconfig-0.68-1mdk and 4 other dependencies. then open a terminal / CLI, su to root and type "sndconfig". please post the results... (am changing mobos sometime next week so i might not be able to compare 7012 specific results...)
  6. I've been using xscreensavers in kde of mdk9.1 that i didnt notice the screensavers were missing in kde. The above solution fixed it. Thanks AussieJohn ! :)
  7. i see those errors in alsa problems in the web. btw, are you running MDK 9.2 or 9.1 ? if for 9.2 , do you have sndconfig installed? you should have sndconfig-0.68-1mdk. have you tried running "sndconfig" as root in terminal /CLI ? maybe it'll work in CLI rather than in MCC. (just a thought ...) ---- one more thing to try, is your fax-modem built into the system or is it a pci card? if it is a pci card, can you take it out first and try to configure your sound again?
  8. could it be automake? the 1.7 is available in cd2 but the one which installed by default was 1.4 . from my box... [james@localhost james]$ rpm -qa|grep gcc gcc-colorgcc-3.2.2-3mdk gcc-c++-3.2.2-3mdk libgcc1-3.2.2-3mdk gcc-3.2.2-3mdk gcc-doc-3.2.2-3mdk gcc-cpp-3.2.2-3mdk [james@localhost james]$ rpm -qa|grep make make-3.80-3mdk makedev-4.0.1-1mdk automake-1.4-21.p6.mdk
  9. nice link. :) i was wondering where i've seen this before. i went to the weblink section and from Mystified's entry for Hacker Emergency Response Team, it is noted that the HERT page is a snarf of the above link... now, how many of us visit the web links section? :) i for one rarely, but i just realized links posted by Mystified and others are golden. .
  10. Sorry for the late reply, just couldnt figure out the cause of the errors. Am grasping at straws here, did you perhaps downloaded the ALSA drivers (or are you using the one installed by Mandrake?) and performed ./snddevices after make install? Saw this below in the HOWTO for K7S5A (its under Hardware - The Elite's K7s5a mainboard HOWTO). ----- Install your kernel sources, in my case: "rpm -ivh kernel-source-2.4.3-20mdk.i586.rpm" Then decompress alsa drivers: "bzip2 -d alsa-driver-0.9.0beta10.tar.bz2 && tar -xvf alsa-driver-0.9.0beta10.tar" Make them and install them and create the devices files: "cd alsa-driver-0.9.0beta10 && make install && ./snddevices" ----- i tried to swap disk from my sons comp (the system was using crystal sound card drivers and VIA mobo), did an "upgrade" from 9.1 cd1 and the ALSA drivers ran for 7012 (well, it took several times of selecting alsa in mcc then logging in and out, even several reboots before the alsa drivers were firmly in place but it did install). i hope i could help more, but for now, am stumped. maybe someone has a better idea ...
  11. Worked with MDK 9.1, GeForce 3 ti-200. installed using depmod -ae. Slow compared with beta 4620 drivers. :( Rolled back to beta 4620 drivers ...
  12. Vote posted and counted ! :) Thanks for the Holiday Skin Scoopy !
  13. Yup, as Tons had stated, Firebird can do it. (just found out after reading this thread :lol: )
  14. Thank you Iphitus and Thanks for reminding me about geocities, i forgot i had a free yahoo account . Its been some time since i visited geocities ... . I placed the pngs in tar.gz format in a directory in my geocities account. The 1600x1200 version (1.3MB) is here while the 1024x768 (746KB) is here. The base wallpaper (link in previous post) was already big due to the transparency, the modified versions still have the transparent background which makes the file size big. Thanks again Iphitus. :)
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