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  1. Thanks. 2007 has no via driver. I tried mandriva2009.1 which had 1600x900.
  2. I did lspci & it says VIA. I downloaded the VIA S3 Chrome9 HC Linux Display Driver but can't make sense of the instructions(attached). One line says: Mandriva Linux 2007.0 will have the kernel source tree in /usr/src/ folder when installing the kernel source rpm package "kernel-source-". Also: 5. Use a script to build VT3336-3364XORG40079 driver and select the "79" version and CPU type to build. The driver binary will be created in default /VT3336-3364XORG40079 folder. # tar zxvf VT3336-3364XORG40079-kernel-src_[date].tgz # cd VT3336-3364XORG40079-kernel-src_[date]/src # ./makedriver drm (Other distributions only build 2D/MPEG driver) What does it mean? What about the dependency packages? It seems so complex. ReleaseNote.txt
  3. Yes it is using vesa. In fact my motherboard is asus k8v-vm but I can't find any Linux display driver for it. I don't know how to correct the /var/log/Xorg.0.log
  4. I'm using Mandriva 2007 with xrandr 1.0. Typing xrandr gives only 3 modes: "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480". In previous Mandriva 2007 installations I did have widescreen options in the Mandriva Control Center but now I only have 4/3 ones & only 16 bit depth. I added 1600x900 & 1600x1200 modelines to xorg.conf. If I add "1600x900" or "1600x1200" to the first line of the 8,15,16,24 depths, it goes into a distorted 640x480. 1280X1024 is the highest resolution it can produce. I'm using onboard VIA graphics & the HP 2009v monitor.
  5. Thanks try http://images.google.com with 'lavender field' for some beautiful pictures. For 1920x1200 try http://www.freewallpepper.com/?cat=19
  6. http://www.petitiononline.com/mdvpulse/petition.html Only 54 entries so far! They need to make the petition available to all Linux users, not just Mandriva. [moved from Audio and Video by spinynorman]
  7. libk3b2 depends upon libflac++5c2 I'm using "audacity_1.2.4b-2.1_i386.deb".
  8. I'm trying to install Audacity in Freespire. It says I need "libflac++5" but when I install libflac++5.deb it says it conflicts with libflac++5c2.
  9. I have no /etc/ppp/peers/ppp0 and /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/chat-ppp0 files!
  10. I've tried using kppp with several ISPs. I can logon but get no further access. I pressed the 'query modem' button in kppp & everything seems ok. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  11. I copied .kde & the sound is back.
  12. The top border is missing in all applications, not only konqueror.
  13. alt f3 doesn't bring them back. how do I access syslog?
  14. Previously when I used konqueror I would right click its border at the top & choose no border. The first time this happened I got a message telling me which keys to press to undo it but I didn't record that. I then used the control centre to change to another theme. I was using 2 desktops. This resulted in: being only able to use 1 desktop(even if I change it to 2 in the control centre); no border at the top in all windows; no taskbar buttons for each application. I changed back to the original theme. I have a backup of the .kde folder & would like to restore it to the time before I used the control centre to change to another theme. Which folders do I copy over? How do I get back the top borders? Also I get an error at the start saying can't load /dev/dsp sound. The sound was ok before. I'm using mandriva 2007. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  15. I have the hp f380 that uses the hp22 colour cartridge, hp21 black cartridge & the hp58 photo cartridge which physically takes the place of the hp21. In the 'printout mode' options, I can choose colour or black & white draft, normal & high(6 combinations), with the 7th option being photo on photo paper. In the resolution options I get: 300 & 600 dpi: colour, black & white, photo. The other option is 'controlled by the printout mode'. I can't use the hp58 on its own. In the 'printout mode' I set it to 'photo on photo paper' of course. In the resolution options I've tried 'controlled by the printout mode', as well as all the different photo options. I also tried high quality black in the 'printout mode' option to fool Mandriva into using the hp58 as an hp21. I can use either the hp21 or 22 but not both - I'd like to use both.
  16. you can save a false project file first containing files the total same size as the contents of the cd/dvd.
  17. Drag folders to the bottom half of the screen. Before burning the cd/dvd save the project into one of those folders so a copy of it is placed on the cd/dvd. if you forget to do it before you burn you can always save the project to a floppy or portable mp3 player.
  18. no open ports found. thanks. but I don't know how to do Anonymous Surfing. does your IP adrress change?
  19. I turned it off in mcc, but it leaves me with no firewall, so how do I get one in mcc?
  20. can anyone recommend any firewall software?
  21. I found that in writing data to cd-r using Adaptec's software in Windows, for discs not closed in cd-rom format, if the colour on the back is silver/gold I can re-write/read many times. if it's another, I can only do so a few times before it's no good. if closed in cd-rom format I can read it as many times as I like. years ago I read a website with many comments from people & a few of them said the same thing. so now if I buy a dvd+-r/w I make sure I look at its back first. I've used HP, TDK, EMTEC & verbatim, all silver. I think that other colours may be cheaper from the non-major makers. I put a samsung cd-rw with a blue back into my drive & couldn't access it! k3b does say that multisession dvd+-r/w's may not work properly. also the make of the writer is important too. I've used HP, which I found reliable. what happens if putting in a cd-r/w dvd-+r/w? Mandriva does nothing by default. you can't paste files from k3b. To read/copy from them like a hard drive, in the control centre choose peripherals, storage media, select mounted dvd or cd writer, select 'open in new window', press 'toggle as auto action', then the apply button. then insert the disc. I've had no problems with multi-session cd-r's. When audio cd's are inserted, the awful/poor kscd player comes up. To turn it off, in the control centre choose peripherals, storage media, select audio cd, select 'do nothing', press 'toggle as auto action', then the apply button. the Amarok media player is much better. my default settings didn't play audio CDs. I made a change in its configure menu: in the engine tab the default device should be /dev/cdrom & /dev/cdrom1 for those with a second cd drive(see here for more detailed info).
  22. I set up the firewall in the Mandriva Control Center & ticked web & ftp server. I couldn't use my browser. I then unticked them, & found that I could. so does that mean I can no longer use the firewall? I use dial-up. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  23. thanks. I just found the answer myself now!
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