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  1. Hi all, I need some help in changing the GTK apps theme in the KDE version of 2008. I really dislike the blue-ish Ora theme for MCC, Firefox, all the other GTK-based apps. Is there any way to put them back to a default theme, like Clearlooks? I remember a setting in the KDE Control Center to set the GTK options...I don't see that with Mandriva. Can someone please help?! -Anshul [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  2. Hi all, I'm running Mandriva 2007.1 GNOME edition from the Mandriva One CD. I came back to Mandriva....distro hopping from Ubuntu, Mint and lastly PCLinuxOS. The reason being...I wanted to stick with a base distro than a tweaked one...and Mandriva was my preferred distro. However, there is one problem that I'm unable to get by! This is related to the rendering of fonts on Mandriva. There is the freetype rpm on Cooker and PLF, where you can enable bytecode interpreter by modifying the spec file, compiling it with rpmbuild and creating a new rpm. Now I did all that using on PCLOS (as they are similar in a lot of respects) using this guide...http://jrandomhacker.info/PCLinuxOS/troubleshooting#fix_freetype2. I would assume this works for Mandriva too. However, it does not work. The fonts look terribly thin and really bad compared to the BCI enabled packages available on Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS. I also modified my fonts.conf file to enable autohinting and anti-aliasing. I'm running an nvidia graphics card, FX5200 and set the dpi to 96x96 iin the xorf.conf file. Attached is the fonts.conf file...can please someone help? :) -Anshul ----Fonts.conf starts--------------------------------------------------------------------------- <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd"> <!-- /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file to configure system font access --> <fontconfig> <!-- DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. IT WILL BE REPLACED WHEN FONTCONFIG IS UPDATED. LOCAL CHANGES BELONG IN 'local.conf'. The intent of this standard configuration file is to be adequate for most environments. If you have a reasonably normal environment and have found problems with this configuration, they are probably things that others will also want fixed. Please submit any problems to the fontconfig bugzilla system located at fontconfig.org Note that the normal 'make install' procedure for fontconfig is to replace any existing fonts.conf file with the new version. Place any local customizations in local.conf which this file references. Keith Packard --> <!-- Enable sub-pixel rendering --> <match target="font"> <test qual="all" name="rgba"> <const>unknown</const> </test> <edit name="rgba" mode="assign"><const>rgb</const></edit> </match> <!-- Use the Autohinter --> <match target="font"> <edit name="autohint" mode="assign"><bool>true</bool></edit> </match> <!-- Disable Autohinting for bold fonts --> <match target="font"> <test name="weight" compare="more"> <const>medium</const> </test> <edit name="autohint" mode="assign"><bool>false</bool></edit> </match> <!-- Exclude/Include a range of fonts for Anti Aliasing --> <!-- <match target="font"> <test qual="any" name="size" compare="more"> <double>9</double> </test> <test qual="any" name="size" compare="less"> <double>14</double> </test> <edit name="antialias" mode="assign"> <bool>true</bool> </edit> </match> --> <!-- And/Or disable Anti Aliasing for a range on pixel-based size. Disabling this using both methods seems to fix Firefox. --> <!-- <match target="font"> <test compare="less" name="pixelsize" qual="any"> <double>20</double> </test> <edit mode="assign" name="antialias"> <bool>false</bool> </edit> </match> --> <dir>/home/david/extrafonts</dir> <!-- Info at http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Xorg_and_Fonts --> <!-- Replace Courier with a better-looking font --> <match target="pattern" name="family"> <test name="family" qual="any"> <string>Courier</string> </test> <edit name="family" mode="assign"> <!-- Other choices - Courier New, Luxi Mono --> <string>Bitstream Vera Sans Mono</string> </edit> </match> <match target="font"> <edit name="rgba" mode="assign"> <const>rgb</const> </edit> <edit name="autohint" mode="assign"> <bool>true</bool> </edit> <edit name="antialias" mode="assign"> <bool>true</bool> </edit> <edit name="hinting" mode="assign"> <bool>true</bool> </edit> <edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign"> <const>hintmedium</const> </edit> </match> <!-- Disable autohint for bold fonts, otherwise they look *too* bold --> <match target="font"> <test name="weight" compare="more"> <const>medium</const> </test> <edit name="autohint" mode="assign"> <bool>false</bool> </edit> </match> <!-- Reject bitmap fonts in favour of Truetype, Postscript, etc. --> <selectfont> <rejectfont> <pattern> <patelt name="scalable"> <bool>false</bool> </patelt> </pattern> </rejectfont> </selectfont> <!-- Font directory list --> <dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir> <dir>/usr/share/X11/fonts</dir> <dir>/usr/local/share/fonts</dir> <dir>~/.fonts</dir> <!-- Font cache directory list --> <cachedir>/var/cache/fontconfig</cachedir> <cachedir>~/.fontconfig</cachedir> <!-- Accept deprecated 'mono' alias, replacing it with 'monospace' --> <match target="pattern"> <test qual="any" name="family"> <string>mono</string> </test> <edit name="family" mode="assign"> <string>monospace</string> </edit> </match> <!-- Accept alternate 'sans serif' spelling, replacing it with 'sans-serif' --> <match target="pattern"> <test qual="any" name="family"> <string>sans serif</string> </test> <edit name="family" mode="assign"> <string>sans-serif</string> </edit> </match> <!-- Accept deprecated 'sans' alias, replacing it with 'sans-serif' --> <match target="pattern"> <test qual="any" name="family"> <string>sans</string> </test> <edit name="family" mode="assign"> <string>sans-serif</string> </edit> </match> <!-- Load local system customization file --> <include ignore_missing="yes">conf.d</include> <config> <!-- These are the default Unicode chars that are expected to be blank in fonts. All other blank chars are assumed to be broken and won't appear in the resulting charsets --> <blank> <int>0x0020</int> <!-- SPACE --> <int>0x00A0</int> <!-- NO-BREAK SPACE --> <int>0x00AD</int> <!-- SOFT HYPHEN --> <int>0x034F</int> <!-- COMBINING GRAPHEME JOINER --> <int>0x0600</int> <!-- ARABIC NUMBER SIGN --> <int>0x0601</int> <!-- ARABIC SIGN SANAH --> <int>0x0602</int> <!-- ARABIC FOOTNOTE MARKER --> <int>0x0603</int> <!-- ARABIC SIGN SAFHA --> <int>0x06DD</int> <!-- ARABIC END OF AYAH --> <int>0x070F</int> <!-- SYRIAC ABBREVIATION MARK --> <int>0x115F</int> <!-- HANGUL CHOSEONG FILLER --> <int>0x1160</int> <!-- HANGUL JUNGSEONG FILLER --> <int>0x1680</int> <!-- OGHAM SPACE MARK --> <int>0x17B4</int> <!-- KHMER VOWEL INHERENT AQ --> <int>0x17B5</int> <!-- KHMER VOWEL INHERENT AA --> <int>0x180E</int> <!-- MONGOLIAN VOWEL SEPARATOR --> <int>0x2000</int> <!-- EN QUAD --> <int>0x2001</int> <!-- EM QUAD --> <int>0x2002</int> <!-- EN SPACE --> <int>0x2003</int> <!-- EM SPACE --> <int>0x2004</int> <!-- THREE-PER-EM SPACE --> <int>0x2005</int> <!-- FOUR-PER-EM SPACE --> <int>0x2006</int> <!-- SIX-PER-EM SPACE --> <int>0x2007</int> <!-- FIGURE SPACE --> <int>0x2008</int> <!-- PUNCTUATION SPACE --> <int>0x2009</int> <!-- THIN SPACE --> <int>0x200A</int> <!-- HAIR SPACE --> <int>0x200B</int> <!-- ZERO WIDTH SPACE --> <int>0x200C</int> <!-- ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER --> <int>0x200D</int> <!-- ZERO WIDTH JOINER --> <int>0x200E</int> <!-- LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK --> <int>0x200F</int> <!-- RIGHT-TO-LEFT MARK --> <int>0x2028</int> <!-- LINE SEPARATOR --> <int>0x2029</int> <!-- PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR --> <int>0x202A</int> <!-- LEFT-TO-RIGHT EMBEDDING --> <int>0x202B</int> <!-- RIGHT-TO-LEFT EMBEDDING --> <int>0x202C</int> <!-- POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING --> <int>0x202D</int> <!-- LEFT-TO-RIGHT OVERRIDE --> <int>0x202E</int> <!-- RIGHT-TO-LEFT OVERRIDE --> <int>0x202F</int> <!-- NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE --> <int>0x205F</int> <!-- MEDIUM MATHEMATICAL SPACE --> <int>0x2060</int> <!-- WORD JOINER --> <int>0x2061</int> <!-- FUNCTION APPLICATION --> <int>0x2062</int> <!-- INVISIBLE TIMES --> <int>0x2063</int> <!-- INVISIBLE SEPARATOR --> <int>0x206A</int> <!-- INHIBIT SYMMETRIC SWAPPING --> <int>0x206B</int> <!-- ACTIVATE SYMMETRIC SWAPPING --> <int>0x206C</int> <!-- INHIBIT ARABIC FORM SHAPING --> <int>0x206D</int> <!-- ACTIVATE ARABIC FORM SHAPING --> <int>0x206E</int> <!-- NATIONAL DIGIT SHAPES --> <int>0x206F</int> <!-- NOMINAL DIGIT SHAPES --> <int>0x3000</int> <!-- IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE --> <int>0x3164</int> <!-- HANGUL FILLER --> <int>0xFEFF</int> <!-- ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE --> <int>0xFFA0</int> <!-- HALFWIDTH HANGUL FILLER --> <int>0xFFF9</int> <!-- INTERLINEAR ANNOTATION ANCHOR --> <int>0xFFFA</int> <!-- INTERLINEAR ANNOTATION SEPARATOR --> <int>0xFFFB</int> <!-- INTERLINEAR ANNOTATION TERMINATOR --> </blank> <!-- Rescan configuration every 30 seconds when FcFontSetList is called --> <rescan> <int>30</int> </rescan> </config> </fontconfig>
  3. I'm having similar problems with 2007.1 with sound. It looked to be the perfect distro...after coming from Ubuntu, Fedora and PCLinux. I then decided to go back to 2007.0 which works just fine. -Anshul
  4. Adam, This is exactly what I had thought too, alphabetically "PLF" would be an upgrade to "MDV". So, if I need to perform a full system upgrade, won't this present a problem? Then I think i'm better off installing a Free version and then building it by adding stuff like nvidia drivers, vlc, mp3 codecs from PLF than use the official ones provided in the One version. -Anshul
  5. Just a quick followup to this thread, I don't know whether to create a new thread or not for this. It seems like there is some conflict between the Official and PLF repos as far as audio issues are concerned. I've noticed this with respect to VLC in 2007.0 and 2007.1. The VLC in the official server (for 2007.0 and 2007.1) dosent give sound, whereas the PLF one does give sound. It could be that PLF hosts some restricted codecs. Now with regards to sound, after performing an upgrade...my sound is still broken. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times atleast. Even to the extent of segregating my sources like Official/Distribution through MCC and PLF through smart. The one thing that bugs me the most is that if I use PLF in MCC, urpmi still sees the nvidia kernel modules as an upgrade (even though the 2007.1 GNOME CD comes with nvidia)!!! The versions are the same...9775, 9631 and 8774...why does urpmi and smart too try to push this upgrade?? This is no upgrade...just a change in the name of the rpm files! -Anshul
  6. Hi, Just continuing from the discussion in the earlier posts, I too installed 2007.0 Free (and the associated non-free stuff) and its by far the closest thing to perfection for me. I'd like to upgrade to 2007.1 (the live CD looks awesome!). However i'd like to know if "upgrading" and doing a "fresh install" would be exactly the same effect? Thanks! -Anshul
  7. I'm a relative newbie to Mandriva, always been a Fedora fan...but decided to take the plunge after I saw that the look and feel of Mandriva is far better than Fedora and in some respects urpmi is a better than Yum. So I downloaded the 2007.1 GNOME Live CD version, and popped in the CD to check it out. The bootup logs indicated that the Nvidia modules are included by default...and nothing could be better than that for my FX5200 card, so i'm a very happy camper! The overall look and feel is extremely slick...far better than (K)Ubuntu Feisty, PC Linux OS etc. 3D eye-candy is enabled by default, Gnome 2.18 is included...all the usual suspects as far as software is concerned are present. So I decided to go ahead and install it. The install process was extremely smooth and surprisingly fast. It took me approx 7 mins to install the Live CD, as opposed to Ubuntu Feisty which takes anything between 20-25 mins. The installer prompted a reboot and I did so. I finished the network and username/login settings to be greeted by a shiny, spanking desktop...great fonts, fantastic 3D effects, great wallpaper..a 10/10 out there! Now to setup the urpmi sources, I got a great link from https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=40466 (thanks a ton jboy!!), added main, contrib, non-free and the plf sources. Got a notification that some 70 updates are needed, and I said...allright..lets do it. Now thats where the trouble started. I noticed that the dkms, ati and nvidia modules were lined up for upgrades. I thought that this was odd since the Live CD included this right off the bat. Then I noticed the difference, the updates were coming in from plf and not nonfree. Even though the versions were the same...for some strange reason the installer wanted these files. I thought maybe urpmi was borked and installed smart instead...same result!! Now this was not limited to the graphics card kernel modules, but also the gstreamer libraries. I decided to upgrade the gstreamer (audio) updates from PLF...and thats when it completely borked my sound card!! I had no sound, my ALSA was broken...the sound modules were uninstalled or I dont know what happened. I had no need to add PLF as a sources, since everything I need is present in the original install CD..except for Opera and Flash Plugin (both available as rpm downloads from their websites). Now I can't fix my sound card and the only option is that I have to erase and perform a clean install. Moral of the story: I wont add PLF to my sources list...yet. Its gonna mess with the gstreamer libraries and also will try to push the dkms and nvidia modules...so beware!! 2007.1 now includes a non-free source so I guess that should suffice. Other than that...i'm loving it!! -Anshul [moved from Installing Mandriva - arctic]
  8. It does not work!...no bother, I went for Mandriva One 2007.1 Gnome edition...:)
  9. Hi, I'm a first time prospective Mandriva user, had a nagging question with regards to the Mandriva One Live CD Installer for KDE. The KDE version contains the Nvidia drivers which is perfect for me, and has Compiz enabled by default..all perfect and fine. However, when I perform an install, it does not ask me for a username/password for root and also for adding a regular user!! It just installs, and asks for a reboot and upon restart...it configures the network connection, every time!! and goes through adding the username/password each time. I figured out a way for the username/password thingy to go away...but the nagging questions on Locale and Network Setup pop up every time! Can anyone help me in getting rid of this? The install is perfect for me in every sense...has the 3D graphics, Amarok for my iPod, Konversation for IRC...but then this small detail bothers me to no end. Thanks in advance!! Anshul
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