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      Official documentation for extant versions of Mandriva can be found at doc.mandriva.com.   Documentation for the latest release may take some time to appear there. You can install all the manuals from the main repository if you have Mandriva installed - files are prefixed mandriva-doc.
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      Forum software upgrade   10/29/17

      So you may have noticed the forum software has upgraded !!!
      A few things that have changed. We no longer have community blogs (was never really used) We no longer have a portal page.
      We can discuss this, and decide whether it is needed (It costs money) See this thread: Here

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  1. CUPS issue

    I think there should be a bug report. It worked, but I had to install: sudo urpmi libsane-hpaio1 and I had to use hp-check to figure out the problem, etc. Can we have the printer setup install libsane-hpaio1 when it detects this printer? (that way the scanner works?)
  2. martian source

    in the terminal (not konsole, but the one that opens up on ctrl-alt-f6 - i forget what it's called) - i'm running rtorrent (which is ncurses based - i'm having the same problems with other ncurses based programs like links) and getting a bunch of "martian source" error messages all the time - how do i stop them from echoing? (mandriva 2008.1)
  3. root=/dev/hda5 initrd=/boot/initrd.img append="resume=/dev/hda8 acpi_sleep=s3_bios splash=silent" Why is the root device and the append device different?
  4. Do you actually have to reboot your system for this to work? That'd be strange.
  5. Samba for the stupid?

    try checking the network for computer names. the open a terminal smbclient -L computername (from this list, find the printer) as root lpadmin -p printername -v smb://computername/printerid (printername - make it up; how identified on your system printerid - you get this from the smbclient command) lpadmin -d printername after this, i think you can open mandriva control panel and do the rest of the printer configuration