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  1. This is interesting, What does this mean?
  2. Let me describe the situation a little better, now when I turn on the computer, KDE boots up without a login just like windows. My user name appears in the counsel on the command line before the cursor. Sort of like a auto login.
  3. I just installed Mandriva 2007, logged in to gnome and worked with it for a time. I decided to try KDE and found it very impressive. But now, I noticed the login and password box have disappeared every time I boot up. What happened to the login box?
  4. See the ;) guy, tyme? I got it, but did take some imagination. :D I should add a weak password is a threat to any system. But a good security is a must.
  5. I just started looking over KDE and been working with gnome. Like Ixthusdan said KDE is like windows. So far I don't see a performance difference. But then I just started with Linux.
  6. Thanks ianw, yes that was gnome. I just started looking over KDE, most like windows.
  7. I just installed Mandriva Free and it appears to be a successful install. Now I would like to change the wall paper and the startup music. I’m having trouble finding information about how to do it. Now do you do that? :P [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
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