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  1. SO wait a minute. Are you guys saying that it's possible to play games, like current title games, with 3d graphics and stuff on linux? Linux? nah, I'm not buying it no way. This is just a server OS and something for computer junkies/geeks/whoever to play with. LOL (Now I'm going through the above links to find more games to enjoy)
  2. HUH??? lol I like that one I can't remember the name of but it seems like every "cool" person on earth is using it., you know which one I mean?? anyways thats the one you should be using, you know that one......
  3. I' m sure I'll eventually install it. Right now I'm enjoying Mepis, my second attempt at a debian based distro. (why are there so many people using debain based vs. debian? sorry I digress...) I like Mepis, but what usaully happens is I'll run a non-mandrake (eerrrr, MANDRIVA) disstro for aabout a month, then go baccck to mandrake simply because I like it and it works.
  4. grendal

    Updates CD

    yeah, I'm a bit confused too. I think you have a good idea however, how about a small fee (to cover disc cost and shipping) for an actual disc? I khow that could turn into a bit of a hassle, tyme, eerrrr, time wise. That would work better for me right now, since I'm stuck with dial-up and have no access to high speed internet.
  5. I wonder how Nero linux performs compared to K3B? (which I love) I will have to do a comparison between to too, besides to more people who download it, perhaps more companies will take notice, etc....................
  6. The demo is addictive. I haven't played it in a while. Pretty Violent though, keep the Kids away. I may have to start playing it again.
  7. Try installing libpython2.4 it's probally on one of your discs.
  8. I guess my only question is: Does core 3 destroy windows like core 2 does? ( I know, I know there is a way avoid and fix it)
  9. grendal

    Good Linux RTS

    If you are wanting a historically based game, look at Steel Panthers World at War. It's a world war 2 based game.You would have to use wine (or cedega) to run it and its a large download, but there are a lot of add-on senarios and maps available.
  10. if there was no mandrake, I'd probally try that distro from seattle I keep hearing about.........Xp2k2 or PX98se or something like.... that or just keep mandy 10 for awhile, then whne I get rid of dial-up maybe debian or gentoo.
  11. grendal

    Red Hat theme

    I think you can get a close copy/version in freecurve, which if memory serves, you can get from plf. Now its the icon set, as far as the background, who knows.
  12. grendal

    app to see a dvd

    you know, I think its time for someone the release a "commerical" software player for dvds. If you can buy a dvd and it contains interplayer or whatever, thern why not something for linux?
  13. grendal


    sorry I couldn't resist, I know your love for gnome and lets just say a lest than favorable opinion on KDE. I guess I should try gnome again, but just haven't, yet...............
  14. grendal


    so when can we expect a KDE version? What? :o NEVER? That's just sad oh yeah, for the gnome thingy that I will probally never use ( but will get anyways ) I shouldn't have told you that edited by iphitus, removed a little bit of white space
  15. Here's a how to link : http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=10615
  16. It seems that Fedora added a "feature" that prevents dual booting. Some people have had no problems, other have. There is a fix, but if you are try linux for the first time, try Mandrake. I have never had a problem dual booting with it.
  17. I seems ok to me. The power supply is easy to swap out, if it becomes a problem. But for what he's doing, no problems.
  18. For me, I heard some computer radio show mention linux, got curious had a friend download Red Hat 7.0. He diddn't burn the ISO's right sso I had 3 coasters. Went to Walmart aand Bought Mandrake 7.2. Installed it and........................................................ Haaad no cclue what to ddo at all. I did managee to install UT, but it raan very bad (what do you mean 3d drivers ) I kept on reading up on Linux, finally decided to givee it a another try last June with Mandrake 9.1, with much better results, thanks to this board.
  19. try this and see if it works : cedega /mnt/cdrom2/SETUP.EXE Also, just a reminder, Linux is case sensitive. I've made that mistake and had failures with wine/winex/cedega.
  20. My group told me in their last email to deny that spam contains encoded messages................ and that I could get mis spelled software at rock bottom prices, if I bought "mlae enhancement" meds at the same time that is.
  21. I get the same thing, it also happens to me in windows. Since I live in the country I just figured it was either the construction crew down the road or crappy phone lines. In windows, if it fails to connect, I have to reboot the try again, since I get a device in use error.
  22. I have a US Robtics modem aand have had no problems connecting with linux, I have tried Mandrake, knoppix, SuSE and Red Hat. Have you installed kpp? (kdenetworkingkpp) and used it to connect?
  23. I got it to work by adding this option : --dest so it looked like this : genhdlist --dest /home/steve/rpms
  24. ok I tried both of thosse and tried not being root all to no avail. I know its probally something I'm overlooking.
  25. I was using this how to : http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=10600 to generaate a hdlist bbut ran into this: su[steve@localhost steve]$ su Password: [root@localhost steve]# genhdlist /home/steve/rpms/ Directory path to parse should be relative at /usr/bin/genhdlist line 63. [root@localhost steve]# so I went to line 63 and it doesn't make sense to me : line 63 : grep { m!^/! } @dir and die "Directory path to parse should be relative"; l I should add I'm running mandy 10.
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