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  1. I've installed the createrepo rpm (createrepo-0.4.8-4.fc7.noarch.rpm) on my Fedora 7 install. I then ran Code: createrepo /path/to/the/packages All went well, although I thought the code was create-repo, but no dash was needed. However, when I ran Yum, it still wanted an Internet connection. How do I get Yum to look for this local repo? I had thought that when you ran createrepo it updated yum automatically, but for me it did not. Or at lest when I tried to install the nvidia drivers it failed. I've copied my dvd files, the update repo and the livna repo into a single folder, which was then made into my repo. Thanks
  2. Well, one thing is clear: I need a new pc at home My daughter has taken over the one I have. I didn't have much time to look around on gnome, but so far I like it. I brought the fedora 7 livecd to work and I am using it here at lunch. I think the last time I tried gnome was on Mandrake 9.2, so that was a while ago. I do believe it is called gnomebaker, not breaker. That will probably be me. Like Ian, it will be just making the adjustment to gnome apps from KDE ones.
  3. Thanks for the reply. And since I'm using Fedora, I thought I should also make a switch to Gnome. I debated on what to post, but since I can't remember the last time I used it, I thought I would ask why others seemed to like it, without getting into the usual flame war.
  4. so who has the better "Unoffical" rpms? freshrpms or livna? I'm a complete nOOb to this fedora. I know that the two are incompatiable but that is about it. I've installed the livna rpm and setup my nvidia card. That's about it. Read--> no pc time. My eleven year old daughter uses my pc more than I do. Soon I will have her useing linux, I can tell.
  5. ok Gnome lovers, This KDE users is ready to make the switch. Without trashing KDE, sell me on Gnome. I always read how you guys think it's better, so whats better? If you want to know what distro, it will be either Fedora 7 or Mandriva Spring. I haven't made up my febile mind yet. I really like spring, but I am now feeling my way around Fedora. Does Nautilus still open in multiple windows? (by Default-I haven't used gnome in a long time) I'm on dial up, can I use kppp? or what is the gnome version? Not that I have used it much, but what about karamba? Gnomebreaker v K3B, how do they stack up? I'm guessing that mplayer, xmms, audacity, etc all run fine? what do I use to rip cds? Themes? Icons? tweaking tips?
  6. Too true. Although it does seem to drive my family nuts when I change distros, then go back to Mandriva.
  7. YOu know, One of these days I will have to take advantage of that little button. The one that says "search". Thanks Arctic, I will read on.
  8. I was just wondering if the fedora users here are excited about the upcoming release. How do you think it stacks up to Spring, or other recent Distro releases? I'm sure someone here has tried the betas, so what can everyone expect from the merger of repositories. As I take it, they didn't merge until test 3? Since I'm not a fedora user, what difference does this really make? I guess I'm like a customer at a store waiting to be sold on a new product. Nothing wrong with what I have now, I just saw the shiny box/ad and what to know more.
  9. How many packages do you really need? I know, 5,001 for the one that is missing. I really like the new 2007 PCLinux, but I also really like Spring. I see the family resemblence in the two. But really, it's on it's own now. I mean should we still say that Mandriva is Red Hat based (which it is)? Also, I know I'm dreaming but just think about how good of distro they could come up with if some the one man teams joined forces. Yeah I know, this one only does rpms and that one does debs, he only works with source files.
  10. Well, its about time. This release looks good, the betas have been except for a few bugs (namely me). Now do I download and install or leave Spring well enough alone?
  11. doesn't PCLinuxOS fit the community project already? Shouldn't thay contact Texsater et al and talk to them about this?
  12. how about qcad? I've never used it, but I am sure you could save the drawings as .dxf, which Autocad (and any Cad) should be able to open.
  13. Welcome to the board! I use the same modem. Try changing the setup to /dev/ttyS1. and see if that helps. Have you tried to connect or just query the modem? On my old machine, it would sometimes not find the modem during the query, but would dial out and connect. Also, make sure it is turned on and properly plugged in. That can be another problem that is easily overlooked and fixed. (and I'm not saying it has ever happend to me or to you).
  14. Hopefully Dell sells these "Linux" machines for a similar price to what they sell the Vista ones. I remember when my Dad bought his dell and they still offered Red Hat and it was a lot more than you paid for XP. Then hopefully the sales will generate enough interest in other vendors to start to offer alternatives. Wal-Mart at one time sold pc's with linux preinstalled (don't remember which distro) but I don't think sales were too good, as they dropped the program. In fact I bought mandrake 7.2 at wal-mart, because a friend messed up burning redhat 7.1 (?), and that was my start in linux.
  15. Since Mandriva wasn't a real choice, I chose Fedora as I see it as the best of what was offered. IMHO
  16. how about either dreamlinux 2.2 or pclinuxos 2007 rc1 or .93 if you prefer. Both are live cds.
  17. I will try this out very soon. Thanks.
  18. 2.2 multimedia edition was just released today. While I was unable to get 2.1 to install, 2.2rc1 installed just fine. Overall, it seems like a nice distro, why can't mandriva develop their xfce desktop like this? I know......
  19. This game is definitely not for kids, unless all you want to do is walk around. Which you can after all "it's only as violent as you want to be". I'd like to get this game, but my wife would go, well.... "It's what Willis was talkin' about."
  20. grendal

    Streaming WMA streams

    Have you installed the win32 codecs? I'm guesiing you have install real audio, so those should play, but if it's telling you it's a .wma format you'll need those codecs. Have you setup urpmi?
  21. Since I haven't seen a poll here in a while and we have a nice new shiney mandy out for a little bit, lets see where ranks. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  22. As I understand it, the "Main" repository has the same items that are on the install cd's. So what advantage is there to add that repository on a dial-up connection? Is this repository updated? Or can I just keep my cd sources, and add updates, contrib, plf, etc.. I have always added "Main" and removed my cd's, but now I'm thinking that I could save some "install/download" time by simply keeping the cd's and not adding "Main". Any thoughts?
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