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  1. I voted for 2009.1cooker, but Im running the offical.
  2. If you want to keep the video, you could try www.keepvid.com. this will give an option of low quality or high quality. The high quality version is in the mp4 format that will work on your ipod, if you want.
  3. Very Nice! Although there is much debate about the accuracy of the counter.
  4. If you want Mandriva 2009 kde 3.5.10 why not grab the XFCEone version, intall it, then urpmi task-kde3 ? Then you avoid kde4 all together? or grab the gnome version? Or I think if you install from the "free" version, you can install kde3 instead of kde4. I think the rush to kde4 is a community problem, we are always wanting the latest version of any/everything and with kde4, many people are not pleased. But when distro A went with it as default, distro b and c followed. Personally, I found it okay, but I admit I preferred the3.5 series. However, I have switched to the XFCE DE, so I only use KDE to install, if there is no xfce installation method available.
  5. Mandriva would be my first choice, then maybe PCLOS or one of the Ubuntu et al family (including Mint). Actually Fedora 10 isn't bad, but it may be too much for a new linux user.
  6. Adam, I am truly sadden at the news, I wish you all the best in the future.
  7. grendal

    Kde 4.1 in 2008.1

    First, make sure your repos are up to date then type in this from a terminal: urpmi kdebase kdeutils kdeaddons kdebase-kdm-config-file kdebase-kdm before saying "yes" just make sure it wants to install kde3.5.X and not kde4.X. This should get you back to the older version of kde.
  8. How do you reset the default High control level in the MCC? I want the setting to be normal, but every time I reset it, it goes back to high. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  9. When will the repo mirrors update to 2009? With easy urpmi I'm seeing 2008.1 and cooker only.
  10. Perfect Ian, good job and good luck.
  11. Ahhh, I must admit that I have, from time to time, discovered that I fall for the anything is better than Mandy syndrome. Then I go and try distro F or Distro P and perhaps, Distro K(u). But everytime I do, I only seem to keep them about a month, or less, before I go back to good ol' Mandrake (oops, sorry Mandriva). As the Yin Yeti stated, I alwasy recomend Mandriva to my friends as the Linux distro to go with for the simple reason of: It is truly user friendly, especially for anyone's first look at Linux. P.S.> don't tell anybody that I run Mandriva. I wouldn't want that to get out. ;}
  12. I didn't realiza there was a change with 2008.1, thanks for the update. I don't currently have a local repo setup, but now I know what to do whne I do.
  13. What I used to do is move them to a new folder that I called RPMS. Then from a terminal I would go to that folder and as root run the command genhdlist then burn that folder to a disc. Everytime you add to that folder re run genhdlist. Also you don't have to burn a disc, you can point urpmi to it, use the mcc add media tool and browse to the place you choose to keep your files.
  14. when will the urpmi repositores change from cooker to 2008.1? No reall hurry, I was just wondering.
  15. If you want to keep them, you can do this, in a terminal: (as root, of course) urpmi --noclean yourpackage.rpm replace yourpackage.rpm with what you want to install I think that still works, I haven't used it in a while.
  16. Unless you count a new release every six months or so.
  17. My two cents: I really liked the "no clean" option and wish it was still available. (if it is still available, I'll go back to cli urmpi) Skyhawk, I thought I was the only one doing this. I do it because I am on dial up and I go to friends houses w/ dsl to download my laundry list of files, put it on my flash drive and back home . Then If i do manage to screw something up, I can be right back to where I was in no time. I'm not sure how big of an interest there would be, but for those still surfing the web from the stonage , we would sure like to see iso's available for the repos(main / contrib/ plf). I know it would not / could not contain updates. Dial up is my one complaint about countryside living. That and the ocassional skunk.
  18. grendal

    Battlefield 1942

    I do not have BF 1942, but in looking at them I would guess that it's an installer for the game, as 276mb is pretty small for that game. I have dial up otherwise I would download it and open the tarball to see for sure. The smaller one may just be a patch. They may be only for servers for multiplayer, I don't know. With Doom 3, I grabbed a linux installer and then needed to get some files from a windows installation of the game, maybe this is similar and if so, it will be in a readme file. Like you, I basically dual boot for one game, in my case EA sports Madden 2007 (which runs strange for me on cedega + mandyspring or 08 or fedora 7). I think cedga will run BF 1942, but your millage may vary. Madden 2006 and 2005 ran great, so it can be hit or miss. The $15 ($5 x 3month subscription)isn't that much to try, if the file from EA isn't a file to install and run 1942.
  19. My guess is to wait a while for either Seer of Souls or MDE to provide them.
  20. Another live distro to try is DreamLinux. Lots of eye candy on a XFCE desktop, I believe it is Debian based. www.dreamlinux.org
  21. I may have to go and get this. Here at work when I try to get the dvd iso it only downloads a file that is 261mb instead of the 4.3gig. Anyone know why that is? And I've tried different mirrors and different distros.
  22. Okay, I finally got it. For others, use the link that Reiver provided, however in step 6 of that tutorial, use JLC's example for your repo file. And of course doublecheck your typing before you like i was doing. That and the fact today is my daughters birthday and she is having a sleep over.
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